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Jul 28, 2008

Business English Chinese translation samples--trade 4

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

When could you introduce me to your sister company?

Would you please introduce us to some of the most reliable exporters of Chinese handicrafts?

If you are interested in dealing with us in other products of our company, please inform us of your requirements as well as your banker's name and address.

Because of the rapid development of our business in Asia, we think it's necessary to open a branch at the following address.

We've often expressed our interest in investing in China.

Our abundant resources and stable policy provide foreigners with the advantages they invest here.

Thank you for your manner of business cooperation.

We have been working on expanding our scope of cooperation with China.

We believe in long-term cooperation with China because we view the future as bright.


Words and Phrases
trade prospects/outlook 贸易前景
trade cooperation 贸易合作
technological cooperation 技术合作
business cooperation 业务合作
cooperative relationship 合作关系
the scope of cooperation 合作范围

Additional Words and Phrases
trade fair 贸易展销会
trade show 贸易展览
trade agreement 贸易协议
to establish arrangement 达成协议
to reach an agreement 达成协议
trade terms/clause 贸易条款
trade balance 贸易平衡
to conclude a business transaction 达成贸易交易
to work with 与……共事
business activities 经济活动
business house 商行;商号
trading department/mechanics 贸易机构
trade association 贸易协会
the foreign trade department 对外贸易部门
C.C.P.I.T.( China Council for the Promotion of International Trade)
Commercial Counselor's Office
Chamber of Commerce 商会
trading partnership 经营合伙人
foreign trade personnel 外贸工作者
trading center 贸易中心
trading market 贸易市场
tradesman/trade peoples 商人,零售商

Jul 24, 2008

Business English Chinese translation samples--trade 3

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

We want to develop direct contact with Continental buyers for ourselves.

We see that your firm specializes in Light Industrial Goods, and we are willing to establish business relationship with you.

We are one of the largest importers of Electric Goods in this city, and we wish to establish business relationship with you.

We are willing to enter into business relationship with your company on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

Our two countries have had trade relations for ten years.

We've never had any difficulties with our Chinese partners, and we'd like to make as many new contacts as we can.

We have made a very good start in our business with Japan.

Our company is thinking of expanding its business relationship with China.

We look forward to reactivating our business relationship.

We shall welcome a chance to renew our friendly relationship.

We'll try our best to widen our business relationship with you.

We're writing to you in order to establish business relationship.

The arrangement will contribute to cement our pleasant relationship.

We're willing to restore our business relationship.

It will be advantageous if steps are taken to resume our business relationship on the basis of mutual benefit.

The depressed market results in the stagnation of trade.

We have been doing quite well in our business, we are willing to open an account with you.

Words and Phrases

business association 业务联系,交往
business connection 业务联系
close relationship 密切的关系
closer ties 更密切的关系
to establish(enter into, set up)business relationship 建立业务关系
to continue business relationship 继续业务关系
to improve business relationship 改善业务关系
to promote business relationship 促进业务关系
to speed up business relationship 加快业务关系的发展
to enlarge (widen) business relationship 扩大业务关系
to restore (resume) business relationship 恢复业务关系
to interrupt business relationship 中断业务关系
to cement business relationship 巩固业务关系

Jul 23, 2008

Business English Chinese translation samples--trade 2

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

Can we do a barter trade?

Is it still a direct barter trade?

If you agree to our proposal of a barter trade, we'll give you paper in exchange for your timber.

Shall we sign a triangle trade agreement?

A triangle trade can be carried out among the three of us.

Compensation trade is, in fact, a kind of loan.

We may agree to do processing trade with you.

If you're interested in leasing trade, please let us know.

Words and Phrases

trade by commodities 商品贸易
visible trade 有形贸易
invisible trade 无形贸易
barter trade 易货贸易
bilateral trade 双边贸易
triangle trade 三角贸易
multilateral trade 多边贸易
counter trade 对销贸易;抵偿贸易
counter purchase 互购贸易
buy-back 回购贸易
compensation trade 补偿贸易
processing trade 来料加工贸易
assembling trade 来件装配贸易
leasing trade 租赁贸易
in exchange for 用……交换……
trade agreement 贸易协议

Jul 22, 2008

Business English Chinese translation samples--trade 1

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

They mainly trade with Japanese firms.

For the past five years, we have done a lot of trade with your company.

Our trade is conducted on the basis of equality.

There has been a slowdown in the wool trade with you.

Our foreign trade is continuously expanding.

Trade in leather has gone up (down) 3%.

Trade in general is improving.

Our company mainly trades in arts and crafts.

They are well-known in trade circles.

We trade with people in all countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

To respect the local custom of the buying country is one important aspect of China's foreign policy.

Our purpose is to explore the possibilities of developing trade with you.

Words and Phrases

foreign trade 对外贸易
overseas trade 海外贸易
international trade 国际贸易
to trade with 和……进行贸易
to do business in a moderate way 稳健做生意
to do business in a sincere way 诚恳做生意
to make a deal 做一笔交易
deal 交易,经营,处理,与……交往
to deal in 经营,做生意
to explore the possibilities of 探讨……的可能性
trade circles 贸易界
to handle 经营某商品
to trade in 经营某商品
business scope/frame 经营范围
trading firm/house 贸易行,商行

Jul 20, 2008

Business English Chinese translation samples--import and export

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

commerce, trade, trading 贸易
inland trade, home trade, domestic trade 国内贸易
international trade 国际贸易
foreign trade, external trade 对外贸易,外贸
import, importation 进口
importer 进口商
export, exportation 出口
exporter 出口商
import licence 进口许口证
export licence 出口许口证
commercial transaction 买卖,交易
enquiry 询盘
delivery 交货
order 订货
make a complete entry 正式/完整申报
bad account 坏帐
Bill of Lading 提单
marine bills of lading 海运提单
shipping order 托运单
blank endorsed 空白背书
endorsed 背书
cargo receipt 承运货物收据
condemned goods 有问题的货物
catalogue 商品目录
customs liquidation 清关
customs clearance 结关

Business English Chinese translation samples--trade and partner

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

stocks 存货,库存量
cash sale 现货
purchase 购买,进货
bulk sale 整批销售,趸售
distribution channels 销售渠道
wholesale 批发
retail trade 零售业
hire-purchase 分期付款购买
fluctuate in line with market conditions 随行就市
unfair competition 不合理竞争
dumping 商品倾销
dumping profit margin 倾销差价,倾销幅度
antidumping 反倾销
customs bond 海关担保
chain debts 三角债
freight forwarder 货运代理
trade consultation 贸易磋商
mediation of dispute 商业纠纷调解
partial shipment 分批装运
restraint of trade 贸易管制
RTA (Regional Trade Arrangements) 区域贸易安排
favorable balance of trade 贸易顺差
unfavorable balance of trade 贸易逆差
special preferences 优惠关税(特惠)
bonded warehouse 保税仓库
transit trade 转口贸易

tariff barrier 关税壁垒
tax rebate 出口退税
TBT (Technical Barriers to Trade) 技术性贸易壁垒

trade partner 贸易伙伴
manufacturer 制造商,制造厂
middleman 中间商,经纪人
dealer 经销商
wholesaler 批发商
retailer, tradesman 零售商
merchant 商人,批发商,零售商
concessionaire, licensed dealer 受让人,特许权获得者
consumer 消费者,用户
client, customer 顾客,客户
buyer 买主,买方
carrier 承运人
consignee 收货人

Business English Chinese translation samples--price terms and risks

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

world / international market price 国际市场价格
FOB (free on board) 离岸价
C&F (cost and freight) 成本加运费价
CIF (cost, insurance and freight) 到岸价
freight 运费
wharfage 码头费
landing charges 卸货费
customs duty 关税
port dues 港口税
import surcharge 进口附加税
import variable duties 进口差价税
commission 佣金
return commission 回佣,回扣
price including commission 含佣金价格
net price 净价
wholesale price 批发价
discount / allowance 折扣
retail price 零售价
spot price 现货价格
current price 现行价格 / 时价
indicative price 参考价格
customs valuation 海关估价
price list 价目表
total value 总值

All Risks 一切险
F.P.A. (Free from Particular Average) 平安险
W.A. / W.P.A (With Average or With Particular Average) 水渍险
War Risk 战争险
F.W.R.D. (Fresh Water Rain Damage) 淡水雨淋险
Risk of Intermixture and Contamination 混杂、玷污险
Risk of Leakage 渗漏险
Risk of Odor 串味险
Risk of Rust 锈蚀险
Shortage Risk 短缺险
T.P.N.D. ( Theft, Pilferage & Non-delivery) 偷窃提货不着险
Strikes Risk 罢工险

Jul 17, 2008

Business English Chinese translation samples--inspection 2

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

inspection 检验
inspect 检验
to inspect A for B 检查A中是否有B
inspector 检验员
inspector of tax 税务稽查员
inspection of commodity 商品检验
reinspect 复验
reinspection 复验
Inspection Certificate 检验证明
Inspection Certificate of Quality 质量检验证书
Inspection Certificate of Quantity 数量检验证书
surveyor 检验行,公证行
Inspection Certificate of Weight 重量检验证书
Inspection Certificate of Origin 产地检验证书
Inspection Certificate of value 价值检验证书
Inspection Certificate of Health 健康检验证书
Sanitary Inspection Certificate 卫生检验证书
Veterinary Inspection Certificate 兽医检验证书
inspection of packing 包装检验
inspection of loading 监装检验
inspection of material 材料检验
inspection of risk 被保险物价的检查
inspection of storage 监装
inspection of voucher 凭证检验
inception of carriage 货车检查
inspection of document 单证检查
inspection of fixed asset 固定资产检查
inspection of incoming merchandise 到货验收
Inspection Certificate on Damaged cargo 验残检验证书
Inspection Certificate on Tank 验船证书
Certificate of Measurement & Weight 货载衡量证书
Authentic Surveyor 公证签定人
inspection on cleanliness 清洁检验
inspection on cleanliness of dry cargo hold 干货舱清洁检验
inspection on cleanliness of tank 油舱清洁检验
inspection and acceptance 验收
inspection before delivery 交货前检验
inspection after construction 施工后检验
inspection during construction 在建工程检验
inspection between process 工序间检验
inspection report 检验报告
inspection tag 检查标签
Inspectorate General of Customs 海关稽查总局
inspection and certificate fee 检验签证费
to issue(a certificate) 发...(证明)
Sworn Measurer 宣誓测量人
Underwriters Laboratory 保险商实验室
Loyd's Surveyor 英国劳氏公证行

Business English Chinese translation samples--to file a claim

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

We've given your claim our careful consideration.
We filed a claim with (against) you for the short weight.
The Chinese representative and Mr.Bake discussed the claim.
We have received your remittance in settlement of our claim.
Claims for incorrect material must be made within 60 days after arrival of the goods.
We have already made a careful investigation of the case.
I want to settle our claim on you for the 100 tons of bleached cotton waste, as per Sales Confirmation No. 1254E.
We are not in a position to entertain your claim.
But we regret our inability to accommodate your claim.
I'll write to our home office to waive our claim immediately.
I'm afraid you should compensate us by 5% of the total amount of the contract.
We regret for the loss you have suffered and agree to compensate you by $500.
I propose we compensate you by 3% of the total value plus inspection fee.
There are some different types of claims.
This is a claim on quality.
This is a claim on short weight.
This is a claim on delayed shipment.
Claim on short weight is caused by packing damage or short loading.
Claim on delayed shipment is that sellers fail to make the delivery according to time schedule.
Claim on quality originates from inferior quality of goods or quality changes.

Jul 16, 2008

Business English Chinese translation samples--inspection

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

Shall we take up the question of inspection today?
As an integral part of the contract, the inspection of goods has its special importance. 作为合同里的一个组成部分,商品检验具有特殊的重要性。
The exporters have the right to inspect the export goods before delivery to the shipping line.

The inspection should be completed within a month after the arrival of the goods.

I'm worried that there might be some disputes over the results of inspection.

Where do you wish to reinspect the goods?

The importers have the right to reinspect the goods after their arrival.

It's very complicated to have the goods reinspected and tested.

What if the results from the inspection and the reinspection do not coincide with each other?

Who issues the inspection certificate in case the quality does not conform to the contract?
The certificate will be issued by China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau or by any of its branches.
As a rule, our certificate is made out in Chinese and English.
Our Inspection Bureau will issue a Veterinary Inspection Certificate to show that the shipment is in conformity with export standards.

We have the best surveyor, China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau. 我们有最好的公证行,即中国进出口商品检验局。
Mr. Black is talking with the Chinese importer about inspecting the goods.

How should we define the inspection rights?
We'll accept the goods only if the results from the two inspections are identical with each other.

Our certificates are made valid by means of the official seal and personal chop of the commissioner.

Our goods must be up to export standards before the Inspection Bureau releases them.
What's the time limit for the reinspection?


Business English Chinese translation samples--transportation 2

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

We arrange shipments to any part of the world.
From what I've heard you're ready well up in shipping work.

What is your specific transport requirement?
It will cause a lot of problems in our transportation.

The two sides finally reached an agreement on the mode of transportation.

Today let's discuss the mode of transportation of the steel we ordered.

How do you usually move your machines?

The goods are now in transit.

Do you do any chartering?

A part of the goods were damaged in transit.

Transport by sea is the most important mode of transportation in the world today.

Please have the goods transported by air.
We don't think it is proper to transport the goods by railway.

You may have some difficulties in arranging railway transportation, I guess.

If the goods are to be transshipped from one means of transportation to another during the course of the entire voyage, it's called "combined transportation".

We think it necessary to move the articles by way of combined transportation.

It's simpler and cheaper for both of us to arrange multimodal combined transportation.

Freight for shipment from Shanghai to Hongkong is to be charged to your account.

The bill of lading should be marked as "freight prepaid".

We'll send you by air a full set of non-negotiable documents immediately after the goods are loaded.

When the goods have been loaded, you can get the B/L signed by the master of the vessel.

We'll send you two sets of the Shipped, Clean Bill of Lading.


Business English Chinese translation samples--shipment 2

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

The shipment has arrived in good condition.
I hope you'll be entirely satisfied with this initial shipment.

Please exercise better care with future shipments.

Can last shipment be duplicated?

We'll send vessels to pick up the cargo at Huangpu.

We can get preferential duty rates when we ship to the U.S.A.

Can our order of 100 cars be shipped as soon as possible?
The order No. 105 is so urgently required that we have to ask you to speed up shipment.

Could you possibly effect shipment more promptly?

If shipment were effected from Hong Kong, we could receive the goods much earlier. 如果在香港交货,我们可以更早些收到货物。

Could you do something to advance your shipment?
I'm sorry to tell you that we are unable to give you a definite date of shipment for the time being.

After shipment, it will be altogether four to five weeks before the goods can reach our retailers.
We assure you that shipment will be made no later than the first half of April.
We'd better have a brief talk about the loading port.

We are always willing to choose the big ports as the loading ports.

Shall we have a talk on the port of discharge this afternoon?

He exchanged views on the choice of the unloading port with Mr. Smith.

Sometimes, we have to make a transshipment because there is no suitable loading port in the producing country.

In case of transshipment, we have to pay extra transportation charges.
Partial shipment is allowed.

We must have the goods here in September for reshipment.

Business English Chinese translation samples--insurance

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

what is the insurance premium?
Mr. Zhang met Mr. William in the office of the People' Insurance Company of China.张先生在中国人民保险公司的办公室接待了威廉先生。
This information office provides clients with information on cargo insurance.

The underwriters are responsible for the claim as far as it is within the scope of cover.只要是在保险责任范围内,保险公司就应负责赔偿。
The extent of insurance is stipulated in the basic policy form and in the various risk clauses.

Please fill in the application form.

What risks is the People's Insurance Company of China able to cover?

May I ask what exactly insurance covers according to your usual C.I.F terms?

It’s important for you to read the "fine print" in any insurance policy so that you know what kind of coverage you are buying.

The rates quoted by us are very moderate. Of course, the premium varies with the range of insurance.

W.P.A coverage is too narrow for a shipment of this nature, please extend the coverage to include TPND.

What kind of insurance are you able to provide for my consignment?

Insurance brokers will quote rates for all types of cargo and risks.

You should study not only the benefits but also the terms and limitations of an insurance agreement that appears best suited to your needs.

Not every breakage is a particular average.

The coverage is W.P.A. plus Risk of Breakage.

Then "all marine risks" means less than "all risks".

In the insurance business, the term "average" simply means "loss" in most cases.

Health insurance is merely a mean by which people pool money to guard against the sudden economic consequences of sickness or injury.


Jul 15, 2008

Business English Chinese translation samples--packing

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

The next thing I'd like to bring up for discussion is packing.
We'd like to hear what you say concerning the matter of packing.

Please make an offer indicating the packing.

Your opinions on packing will be passed on to our manufacturers.

Packing also effects the reputation of our products.

A packing that catches the eye will help us push the sales.

I'm sure the new packing will give your clients satisfaction.

Different articles require different packing.

Packing charge is about 3% of the total cost of the goods.

Normally, packing charge is included in the contract price.

The crux of packing lies in protecting the goods from moisture.

The machines must be well protected against dampness, moisture, rust and shock. 机器包装必须防湿、防潮、防锈、防震。
It is necessary to improve the packaging.
The unique design of the packing will help you promote the sale of drugs.

The packing must be strong enough to withstand rough handling.

The packing are in good (bad) order.

Our packing will be on a par with that of the Japanese.

We have especially reinforced our packing in order to minimize the extent of any possible damage to the goods.

We agree to use cartons for outer packing.

The piece goods are to be wrapped in kraft paper, and then packed in wooden cases.

We use metal angles at each corner of the carton.

Each case is lined with foam plastics in order to protect the goods against press.

The canned goods are to be packed in cartons with double straps.

Please mark the cases (boxes, bags, casks, etc) as per the drawing given.

On the outer packing, please mark wording, "Handle with Care".


Business English Chinese translation samples--prices

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

Business is closed at this price.
Your price is acceptable (unacceptable).
Your price is convincing (not convincing).

Your price is competitive (not competitive).

The goods are (not) competitively priced.

Price is turning high(low).

Price is high(low).

Price is rising (falling).

价格上涨(下跌) 。
Price is looking up.

Price has skyrocketed.

Price has risen in a spiral.

The Japanese yen is strengthening.
The U.S. Dollar is weakening.

Since the prices of the raw materials have been raised, I'm afraid that we have to adjust the prices of our products accordingly.

Price is hovering between $5 and $8.
Price is easy off.

DM210 is equivalent to 400 RMB.

C.I.F. is the price term normally adopted by you, right?

In case F.O.B. is used, risks and charges are to be passed over to the buyers once the cargo is put on board the ship.

Your price is quoted C&F Xingang at DM200 per washer, right?
I can give you a definite answer on the price terms.

Don't you wish to employ RMB of ours? US Dollars might be adopted.

Are you afraid of losing money due to exchange rate fluctuations?


Business English Chinese translation samples--enquires

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

Heavy enquiries witness the quality of our products.
As soon as the price picks up, enquiries will revive.

Enquiries for carpets are getting more numerous.

Enquiries are so large that we can only allot you 200 cases.

Enquiries are dwindling.

Generally speaking, inquiries are made by the buyers.

Mr. Baker is sent to Beijing to make an inquiry at China National Textiles Corporation.

We regret that the goods you inquire about are not available.
To make an inquiry about our oranges, a representative of the Japanese company paid us a visit.

We cannot take care of your enquiry at present.

Your enquiry is too vague to enable us to reply you.

Now that we've already made an inquiry about your articles, will you please reply as soon as possible?

In the import and export business, we often make inquiries at foreign suppliers.

Can you give me an indication of price?

Please let us know your lowest possible prices for the relevant goods.

If your prices are favorable, I can place the order right away.

When can I have your firm C.I.F. prices, Mr. Li?

We'd like to know what you can offer as well as your sales conditions.

How long does it usually take you to make delivery?

Could you make prompt delivery?

Would you accept delivery spread over a period of time?

Business English Chinese translation samples--bills

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)


托运单(BOOKING NOTE)托运单俗称“下货纸”,是托运人根据贸易合同和信用证条款内容填制的,向承运人或其代理办理货物托运的单证。承运人根据托运单内容,并结合船舶的航线、挂靠港、船期和舱位等条件考虑,认为合适后,即接受托运。 
装货单(SHIPPING ORDER)装货单是接受了托运人提出装运申请的船公司,签发给托运人,凭以命令船长将承运的货物装船的单据。装货单既可用作装船依据,又是货主凭以向海关办理出口货物申报手续的主要单据之一,所以装货单又称“关单”,对托运人而言,装货单是办妥货物托运的证明。对船公司或其代理而言,装货单是通知船方接受装运该批货物的指示文件。 
收货单(MATES RECEIPT)受货单又称大副收据,是船舶收到货物的收据及货物已经装船的凭证。船上大副根据理货人员在理货单上所签注的日期、件数及舱位,并与装货单进行核对后,签署大副收据。托运人凭大副签署过的大副收据,向承运人或其代理人换取已装船提单。 
海运提单(BILL OF LADING)提单是一种货物所有权凭证。提单持有人可据以提取货物,也可凭此向银行押汇,还可在载货船舶到达目的港交货之前进行转让。
装货清单(LODING LIST)装货清单是承运人根据装货单留底,将全船待装货物按目的港和货物性质归类,依航次、靠港顺序排列编制的装货单汇总清单,其内容包括装货单编号、货名、件数、包装形式、毛重、估计尺码及特种货物对装运的要求或注意事项的说明等。装货清单是船上大副编制配载计划的主要依据,又是供现场理货人员进行理货,港方安排驳运,进出库场以及承运人掌握情况的业务单据。
货物积载图(CARGO PLAN)货物积载图是按货物实际装舱情况编制的舱图。它是船方进行货物运输、保管和卸货工作的参考资料,也是卸港据以理货、安排泊位、货物进舱的文件。
提货单(DELIVERY ORDER)提货单是收货人凭正本提单或副本提单随同有效的担保向承运人或其代理人换取的、可向港口装卸部门提取货物的凭证。
附:提单种类已装船提单 SHIPPED OR BOARD B/L 指承运人向托运人签发的货物已经装船的提单。
收货待运提单或待运提单 RECEIVED FOR SHIPPING B/L 指承运人虽已收到货物但尚未装船时签发的提单。
直达提单 DIRECT B/L 指货物自装货港装船后,中途不经换船直接驶到卸货港卸货而签发的提单。
联运提单或称转船提单 THROUGH B/L 指承运人在装货港签发的中途得以转船运输而至目的港的提单。
多式联运提单 MT B/L 指货物由海上、内河、铁路、公路、航空等两种或多种运输方式进行联合运输而签的适用于全程运输的提单。
班轮提单 LINER B/L 班轮是在一定的航线上按照公布的时间表,在规定的港口间连续从事货运的船舶。班轮可分定线定期和定线不定期两种。
租船合同提单 CHARTER PARTY B/L 一般指用租船承运租船人的全部货物,船东签给租船人的提单,或者并非全部装运租船人的货物,而由船东或租船人所签发的提单。
记名提单 STRAIGHT B/L 只有提单上指名的收货人可以提货的提单,一般不具备流通性。
不记名提单 BLANK B/L或OPEN B/L 提单内没有任何收货人或ORDER 字样,即提单的任何持有人都有权提货。

清洁提单 CLEAN B/L 货物交运时,表面情况良好,承运人签发提单时未加任何货损、包装不良或其他有碍结汇的批注。
不清洁提单 FOUL B/L 货物交运时,其包装及表面状态出现不坚固完整等情况,船方可以批注,即为不清洁提单。
最底运费提单或称起码提单 MINMUM B/L 运费未到运价本规定的最低额,而按规定的最低运费计收。
并提单 OMNIBUS B/L 或COMBINED B/L 不同批数的货物合并在一份提单上,或不同批数的相同的液体货装在一个油舱内,签发几份提单时,前者叫并提单,后者叫拼装提单。
分提单 SAPARATE B/L 一批货物,即同一装货单的货物,可根据托运人的要求分列2套或2套以上的提单。
过期提单 STALE B/L 出口商向银行交单结汇的日期与装船开航的日期距离过久,以致无法于船到目的地以前送达目的港收货人的提单,银行一般不接受这种提单。
倒签提单 ANTE-DATED B/L 承运人应托运人的要求在货物装船后,提单签发的日期早于实际装船完毕日期的提单。
预借提单 ADVANCED B/L 因信用证规定装运期和结汇期到期而货物因故未能及时装船,但已在承运人掌握之下或已开始装船,由托运人出具保函要求承运人预借的提单。
舱面提单或称甲板货提单 ON DECK B/L 指货物装载于船舶露天甲板,并注明“甲板上”字样的提单。
货运提单 HOUSE B/L 由货运代理人签发的提单。货运提单往往是货物从内陆运出并运至内陆时签发的。这种提单从技术上和严格的法律意义上说,是缺乏提单效力的。

Business English Chinese translation samples--Shipment

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

(1)FCA (Free Carrier) 货交承运人
(2)FAS (Free Alongside Ship) 装运港船边交货
(3)FOB (Free on Board) 装运港船上交货
(4)CFR (Cost and Freight) 成本加运费
(5)CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) 成本、保险费加运费
(6)CPT (Carriage Paid To) 运费付至目的地
(7)CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To) 运费、保险费付至目的地
(8)DAF (Delivered At Frontier) 边境交货
(9)DES (Delivered Ex Ship) 目的港船上交货
(10)DEQ (Delivered Ex Quay) 目的港码头交货
(11)DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) 未完税交货
(12)DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) 完税后交货
(1)ORC (Origin Receive Charges) 本地收货费用
(2)THC (Terminal Handling Charges) 码头操作费
(3)BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) 燃油附加费
(4)CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) 货币贬值附加费
(5)YAS (Yard Surcharges)码头附加费
(6)EPS (Equipment Position Surcharges) 设备位置附加费
(7)DDC (Destination Delivery Charges) 目的港交货费
(8)PSS (Peak Season Surcharges) 旺季附加费
(9)PCS (Port Congestion Surcharge) 港口拥挤附加费
(10)DOC (Document charges) 文件费
(11)O/F (Ocean Freight) 海运费
(12)B/L (Bill of Lading) 海运提单
(13)MB/L(Master Bill of Lading) 船东单
(14)MTD (Multimodal Transport Document) 多式联运单据
(15)L/C (Letter of Credit) 信用证
(16)C/O (Certificate of Origin) 产地证
(17)S/C (Sales Confirmation)销售确认书(Sales Contract) 销售合同
(18)S/O (Shipping Order)装货指示书(装货指南)
(19)W/T (Weight Ton)重量吨(即货物收费以重量计费)
(20)M/T (Measurement Ton)尺码吨(即货物收费以尺码计费)
(21)W/M(Weight or Measurement ton)即以重量吨或者尺码吨中从高收费
(22)CY (Container Yard) 集装箱(货柜)堆场
(23)FCL (Full Container Load) 整箱货
(24)LCL (Less than Container Load) 拼箱货(散货)
(25)CFS (Container Freight Station) 集装箱货运站
(26)TEU (Twenty-feet Equivalent Units) 20英尺换算单位(用来计算货柜量的多少)
(27)A/W (All Water)全水路(主要指由美国西岸中转至东岸或内陆点的货物的运输方式)
(28)MLB(Mini Land Bridge) 迷你大陆桥(主要指由美国西岸中转至东岸或内陆点的货物的运输方式)
(29)NVOCC(Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) 无船承运人

Business English Chinese translation samples-- transportation

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

货物 goods/ freight /cargo
运输 transportation/ transit /conveyance
运送 to transport /to carry/ to convey
运输业 transportation business /forwarding business/ carrying trade (转口贸易)
运输代理人 a forwarding agent
承运人 a freight agent/ a carrier
船务代理人 a shipping agent
陆上运输 transportation by land
海上运输 transportation by sea
货物运输 goods traffic /freight traffic /carriage of freights /carriage of goods
货轮 cargo boat /freighter /cargo steamer /cargo carrier
火车 goods-train/ freight-train
卡车 goods-van /goods wagon/ freight car /truck
货运办公室 goods-office /freight-department
运费率 freight/ freight rates /goods rate
运费 carriage charges /shipping expenses/ express charges
车费 cartage /portage
运费预付 carriage prepaid /carriage paid
运费到付 carriage forward /freight collect
运费免除免费 carriage free
协定运费 conference freight /freight rate
运费清单 freight account
托运单 way-bill invoice
运送契约 contract for carriage
装运 shipment /loading
装上货轮 to ship /to load /to take on a ship
装运费 shipping charges/ shipping commission
装运单载货单 shipping invoice
装运单据 shipping documents
大副收据 mate's receipt
装船单 shipping order
提货单 delivery order
装船通知 shipping advice
包裹收据 parcel receipt

Jul 14, 2008

Business English Chinese translation samples--signs

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

1、Business Hours 营业时间
  2、Office Hours 办公时间
  3、Entrance 入口
  4、Exit 出口
  5、Push 推
  6、Pull 拉
  7、Shut 此路不通
  8、On 打开(放)
  9、Off 关
  10、Open 营业
  11、Pause 暂停
  12、Stop 关闭
  13、Closed 下班
  14、Menu 菜单
  15、Fragile 易碎
  16、This Side Up 此面向上
  17、Introductions 说明
  18、One Street 单行道
  19、Keep Right/Left 靠左/右
  20、Buses Only 只准公共汽车通过
  21、Wet Paint 油漆未干
  22、Danger 危险
  23、Lost and Found 失物招领处
  24、Give Way 快车先行,注意避让
  25、Safety First 安全第一
  26、Filling Station 加油站
  27、No Smoking 禁止吸烟
  28、No Photos 请勿拍照
  29、No Visitors 游人止步
  30、No Entry 禁止入内
  31、No Admittance 闲人免进
  32、No Honking 禁止鸣喇叭
  33、Parking 停车处
  34、Toll Free 免费通行
  35、F.F. 快进
  36、Rew. 倒带
  37、EMS (邮政)特快专递
  38、Insert Here 此处插入
  39、Open Here 此处开启
  40、Split Here 此处撕开
  41、Mechanical Help 车辆修理
  42、"AA"Film 十四岁以下禁看电影
  43、Do Not Pass 禁止超车
  44、No U Turn 禁止掉头
  45、U Turn Ok 可以U形转弯,可以掉头
  46、No Cycling in the School校内禁止骑车
  47、SOS 紧急求救信号
  48、Hands Wanted 招聘
  49、Staff Only 本处职工专用
  50、No Litter 勿乱扔杂物
  51、Hands Off 请勿用手摸
  52、Keep Silence 保持安静
  53、On Sale 削价出售
  54、No Bills 不准张贴
  55、Not for Sale 恕不出售,非卖品
  56、Pub 酒店
  57、Cafe 咖啡馆,小餐馆
  58、Bar 酒巴
  59、Laundry 洗衣店
  60、Travel Agency 旅行社
  61、In Shade 置于阴凉处
  62、Keep in Dark Place 避光保存
  63、Poison 有毒/毒品
  64、Guard against Damp 防潮
  65、Beware of Pickpocket 谨防扒手
  66、Complaint Box 意见箱
  67、For Use Only in Case of Fire 灭火专用
  68、Bakery 面包店
  69、Keep Dry 保持干燥
  70、Information 问讯处
  71、No Passing 禁止通行
  72、No Angling 不准垂钓
  73、Shooting Prohibited 禁止打猎
  74、Seat by Number 对号入座
  75、Protect Public Property 爱护公共财物
  76、Ticket Office(or :Booking Office)售票处
  77、Visitors Please Register 来宾登记
  78、Wipe Your Shoes And Boots请擦去鞋上的泥土
  79、Men "s/Gentlemen/Gents" Room 男厕所
  80、Women "s/Ladies/Ladies" Room女厕所
  81、Occupied (厕所)有人
  82、Vacant (厕所)无人
  83、Commit No Nuisance 禁止小便
  84、Net(Weight) 净重
  85、MAN:25032002 生产日期:2002年3月25日
  86、EXP:25032002 失效期:2002年3月25日
  87、Admission Free免费入场
  88、Bike Park(ing) 自行车存车处
  89、Children and Women First 妇女、儿童优先
  90、Save Food 节约粮食
  91、Save Energy 节约能源
  92、Handle with Care 小心轻放
  93、Dogs Not Allowed 禁止携犬入内
  94、Keep Away From Fire 切勿近火
  95、Reduced Speed Now 减速行驶
  96、Road Up. Detour 马路施工,请绕行
  97、Keep Top Side Up 请勿倒立
  98、Take Care Not to Leave Things Behind 当心不要丢失东西
  99、Luggage Depository 行李存放处

Business English Chinese translation samples--office

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

The process through which information gets spread unofficially throughout the company. Can be word of mouth, email, or even a hand-written piece of paper. In most companies, news, rumors, gossip and information can spread to hundreds or thousands of employees in a very short time.

Brown-nosing/kissing up/sucking up
Being overly friendly with the boss, or upper management, or anybody with some power or control, with the intent of getting favors from them, such as promotions, raises, bonuses, etc. In many cases, it is possible that there are other employees who merit these advantages more than the brown-noser.

Malicious talk that undermines someone's reputation or unfairly criticizes someone's work when they're not around.
Loose talk to disclose something, often of questionable veracity, that is better kept to oneself. Can involve talking about an individual, a group, or company issues. Can be business-related or personal.

Similar to gossip, but usually more based on some factual element or half-truth.
Rumor mongering
Spreading a rumor with malicious intent.

Gossip, rumors, information-spreading, etc. that takes place among employees of the same rank.
Group of employees who stick together bound by common beliefs, interests, and/or personalities. They are usually resistant to allowing outsiders in who they feel are different from them.

Kiss a lot of frogs
Colloquial term used to describe an upwardly ambitious and aggressive person who wants to climb the ladder by having questionable relationships.

Involves something damaging to the company or staff that was previously hidden and comes to light.  

Business English Chinese translation samples--job

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

► I'm impressed with your background. You're hired.
► 你的背景令我印象深刻,你被聘用了。

► You can begin employment next Monday.
► 你下周一就可以来上班了。

► We're very happy to have you. Welcome aboard!
► 恭喜,你被录用了。欢迎加入我们的行列。
► You have the job. Welcome to ABC Incorporated.
► 你被录用了,欢迎来ABC公司。

► When can you start/begin?
► 你什么时候能来上班?

► Your medical test is scheduled for next Wednesday at 10:00 at the clinic on the 2nd floor.
► 你的体检被安排在下周三上午十点,地点是二楼的诊所。
► You can breathe a sigh of relief. Your drug test came back negative.
► 松口气吧,你的药检呈阴性。

► You will undergo an orientation process on your first day.
► 第一天来上班时会有人领你熟悉新的环境。


► You have shown no improvement over last year. I have no choice but to fire you.
► 去年一整年你的工作都毫无起色,我别无选择,你被解雇了。

► Did you hear about Kenny? He was canned for insubordination.
► 你听说Kenny的事儿了吗?他因为顶撞上司被开除了。

► I feel so sorry for her. She just got her pink slip.
► 我真为她难过,她刚收到解雇通知书。
► These are difficult economic times. The company has to lay off some staff.
► 现在经济不景气,公司只能裁减一些员工。

► His wife is being transferred overseas, so he had to quit his job.
► 他的妻子被调往海外工作了,所以他只能辞职。
► Mike's work was constantly below standard, so he finally got the axe/got the sack.
► Mike的工作质量总是达不到要求,所以他最终被炒了鱿鱼。

Business English Chinese translation samples--booking

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

1.I'd like to book a double room for Tuesday next week.

2.What's the price difference?

3.A double room with a front view is 140 dollars per night, one with a rear view is 115 dollars per night.

4.I think I'll take the one with a front view then.

5.How long will you be staying?

6.We'll be leaving Sunday morning.

7.And we look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.

8.I'd like to book a single room with bath from the after-noon of October 4 to the morning of October 10.

9.We do have a single room available for those dates.

10.What is the rate, please?

11.The current rate is $ 50 per night.

12.What services come with that?

13.That sounds not bad at all. I'll take it.

14.By the way, I'd like a quiet room away from the street if that is possible.

Jul 11, 2008

Business glossary-salary or wage

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- resume translation)

Pay check
An official form issued by a company which can be cashed at designated financial institutions.

Pay stub
Basically a receipt for record-keeping. Identifies all of the items and amounts used in calculating the final amount of the pay check.

Pay period
The time covered between pay checks. Can be daily (rare), weekly, monthly, bi-weekly (every 2 weeks), or bi-monthly (twice a month, usually in the middle and end of the month).

Pay rate
An agreed amount that the company pays per unit of time worked or unit of work done.
The base employee income for a specified period, based on pay rate. Can be:
Salary (a fixed amount, daily/weekly/monthly, which is adjusted based on number of days worked/not worked)
Wage (an hourly rate adjusted for the number of hours worked)
Piece (a certain amount for each unit of work done)
The gross income can also be adjusted for items such as commissions and bonuses.

Money earned on a regular basis based on previous sales made.

Money paid by the company for various reasons, such as meeting objectives, productivity incentives, special events (e.g. Xmas), etc.

Deductions are amounts retained by the company from your gross amount. They are also commonly referred to as deductions at source. Some of the more common deductions are:
Income tax (federal, state(U.S.) or provincial(Canada), municipal in some locations)
Pension (employee contributions for retirement. A common plan in the United States is the 401K plan).
Medical (to pay for medical insurance. This is more common in America. In Canada, every citizen is already covered by a global plan called Medicare, so the company plan most commonly found there is for dental care, which isn't covered by Medicare)
Charity (donations made to a charity of the employee's choice)

The amount left after all deductions have been made from the gross income. This is what you finally get to put in your pocket!

Adjustment of pay rate, usually based on performance, cost of living, or promotion.

Direct deposit
Electronic transfer of your net amount to a bank.

Business glossary-post2

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- resume translation)

movie star: 电影明星
musician: 音乐家
nun: 尼姑
nurse: 护士
office clerk: 职员
office staff: 上班族
operator: 接线员
parachutist: 跳伞人.
pharmacist: 药剂师
photographer: 摄影师
pilot: 飞行员
planner: 计划员
policeman: 警察
postal clerk: 邮政人员
postman: 邮差
President: 总统
priest: 牧师
professor: 教授
real estate agent: 房地产经纪人
receptionist: 接待员
repairman: 修理工人
reporter: 记者
sailor: 船员,水手
salesman/salespeople/salesperson: 售货员
scientist: 科学家
seamstress: 女装裁缝师
secretary: 秘书
singer: 歌手
soldiery: 士兵,军人
statistician: 统计员
surveyor: 测量技师(测量员)
tailor: 裁缝师
taxi driver: 计程车司机
teacher: 教师
technician: 技术人员(技师)
tour guide: 导游
traffic warden: 交通管理员.
translator: 翻译(笔译)
TV producer: 电视制作人
typist: 打字员
vet: 兽医
veterinarian: 兽医
waiter: 侍者(服务生)
waitress: 女侍者(服务生)
welder: 焊接工
writer: 作家

Business glossary-post1

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- resume translation)

accountant: 会计
actor: 男演员
actress: 女演员
airline representative: 地勤人员
anchor: 新闻主播
announcer: 广播员
architect: 建筑师
artist: 艺术家
associate professor: 副教授
astronaut: 宇航员
attendant: 服务员
auditor: 审计员
auto mechanic: 汽车技工
baker: 烘培师
barber: 理发师(男)
baseball player: 棒球选手
bell boy: 门童
bellhop: 旅馆的行李员
binman: 清洁工,垃圾工
blacksmith: 铁匠
boxer: 拳击手
broker(agent): 经纪人
budgeteer: 预算编制者(预算员)
bus driver: 公车(巴士)司机
butcher: 屠夫,肉商
buyer: 采购员
carpenter: 木匠
cartoonist: 漫画家
cashier: 出纳员
chef: 厨师
chemist: 化学师
clerk: 店员
clown: 小丑
cobbler: 制(补)鞋匠
computer programmer: 程序员
construction worker: 建筑工人
cook: 厨师
cowboy: 牛仔
customs officer: 海关官员
dancer: 舞者
dentist: 牙科医生
designer: 设计师
desk clerk: 接待员
detective: 侦探
doctor: 医生
door-to-door salesman: 推销员(直销员)
driver: 司机
dustman: 清洁工
editor: 编辑
electrician: 电工
engineer: 工程师
farmer: 农夫
fashion designer: 时装设计师
fireman (firefighter): 消防员
fisherman: 渔夫
florist: 花商
flyer: 飞行员
Foreign minister: 外交部长
gardener: 花匠(园丁)
gas station attendant: 加油工
geologist: 地质学家
guard: 警卫
guide: 导游
hairdresser: 理发师,美容师(女)
housekeeper: 管家
housewife: 家庭主妇
interpreter: 口译员
janitor: 清洁工(看门人)
journalist: 记者
judge: 法官
lawyer: 律师
librarian: 图书管理员
life guard: 救生员
magician: 魔术师
masseur: 男按摩师
masseuse: 女按摩师
mathematician: 数学家
mechanic: 机械师,机修工
miner: 矿工
model: 模特儿
monk: 和尚,教士
movie director: 导演

Jul 8, 2008

My hometown—Harbin(China)--Harbin Summer Music Concert(哈夏音乐会、哈尔滨之夏音乐会)

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- your agent in Harbin)

Harbin Summer Music Concert ('Concert' for short) is a national concert festival, which is held on August 6th every two years for a period of 10~11 days. During the concert, multiple evenings, concert, race and activities are held. The artists come from all over the world. The 'Harbin Summer Music Month', which was then renamed as 'Harbin Summer Music Concert', was held in August 1958. The first formal Concert was held on August 5th, 1961 in Harbin Youth Palace(青年宫), and kept on every year until 1966 when the Cultural Revolution started in China. In 1979, the Concert was recovered and from 1994, it has been held every two years. In 2008, the 29th Harbin Summer Music Concert(第29届哈夏音乐会) will be held on August 6th.

My hometown—Harbin(China)--Winter culture(冰雪文化)

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- your agent in Harbin)

Harbin is one of the sources of ice and snow culture(冰雪文化发祥地) in the world. Geographically, it is located in Northeast China under the direct influence of the cold winter wind from Siberia(西伯利亚). The average temperature in summer is 21.2 degrees Celsius, −16.8 degrees Celsius in winter. It can be as cold as −38.1 degrees Celsius in winter.

The annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival has been held since 1985. Although the official start date is January 5th each year, in practice, many of the sculptures can be seen before. While there are ice sculptures throughout the city, there are two main exhibition areas(展区): Enormous snow sculptures at Sun Island(太阳岛) (a recreational area on the opposite side of the Songhua River from the city) and the separate "Ice and Snow World"(冰雪大世界) that operates each night. Ice and Snow World features illuminated full size buildings made from blocks of ice. Winter activities in the festival include Yabuli Alpine Skiing(亚布力高山滑雪), winter-swimming(冬泳) in Songhua River, and the ice-lantern exhibition(冰灯展览) in Zhaolin Garden(兆麟公园). Snow carving and ice and snow recreations are world famous.

The "Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival" (哈尔滨国际冰雪节)is one of the world's four largest ice and snow festivals, along with Japan's Sapporo Snow Festival, Canada's Quebec City Winter Carnival, and Norway's Ski Festival.

Every November, the city of Harbin sends teams of ice artisans to the United States to promote their unique art form. It takes more than 100 artisans to create ICE!, the annual display of indoor Christmas-themed ice carvings in Nashville, Tennessee; Kissimmee, Florida; and Grapevine, Texas.

The third Winter Asian Games took place in Harbin in 1996. The city of Harbin bid for hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics(2010年冬季奥运会). The Alpine skiing events would have taken place in the Yabuli ski resort(亚布力滑雪胜地). In the frame of this campaign to assert its role on the world scene(世界舞台), Harbin will also be the host city of the 2009 Winter Universiade(2009年世界大学生冬季运动会). Harbin plans to spend US$ 1.5 billion in construction and renovation of its sport infrastructure(运动基础设施) for this Universiade. Harbin is bidding for the 2012 Winter Youth Olympics(2012年青年冬奥会.

My hometown—Harbin(China)--Architecture(建筑)

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- your agent in Harbin)

Called the Oriental St. Petersburg, Harbin is one of China's most beautiful cities. The city is well-known for its unique, Russian and European-influenced architecture.

Zhong Yang Street (Central Street, also known as Kitaiskaia St.), one of the main business streets in Harbin, is a perfect remnant of the bustling international business activities(国际商务活动) at the turn of the 20th century. The 1.4-km long street is a veritable museum of European architectural style: Baroque(巴洛克式) and Byzantine(拜占庭式)facades, little Russian bakeries(面包店), French fashion houses, American eateries(餐馆), and Japanese restaurants.

The Russian Orthodox church(东正教), St. Sophia Cathedral(索非亚大教堂), is also located in this central district of Daoli(道里区). St. Sophia took nine years to build and was completed in 1932. It has now been made into a museum as a showcase of the multi-cultural architecture of Harbin. Many citizens believe that the Orthodox church damaged the local feng shui(风水), so they donated money to build a Chinese monastery in 1921, the Ji Le Temple(极乐寺). There were more than 15 Russian Orthodox churches and two cemeteries in Harbin until 1949. Mao's Communist Revolution, and the subsequent Cultural Revolution(文化大革命), saw many of them destroyed. Now, about 10 churches remain, while services are held only in one.

My hometown--Harbin(China)--Introduction

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- your agent in Harbin)

Before you visit a city, it is always useful to know something about it.

Harbin (simplified Chinese: 哈尔滨; traditional Chinese: 哈爾濱; pinyin: Hāěrbīn; Wade-Giles: Ha-erh-pin) is a sub-provincial city and the capital of the Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China(中国东北). It lies on the southern bank of the Songhua River(松花江). Harbin is ranked as the tenth largest city in China(中国第十大城市), serving as a key political, economic(经济), scientific(科技), cultural and communications center(通讯中心) of Northeastern China.Harbin is originally a Manchu(满族) word meaning 'a place for drying fishing nets'. Harbin bears the nicknames 'The Pearl on the swan's neck' (天鹅项下的珍珠) because the shape of Heilongjiang resembles a swan, and 'Oriental Moscow'(东方莫斯科) or 'Oriental Paris'(东方小巴黎) for the architecture in the city. Harbin is also known as 'Ice City'(冰城) for its long and cold winter.

Harbin was the birthplace(诞生地) of Jin (1115-1234) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties(金朝和清朝), the latter of which had a very considerable influence on modern Chinese history. At the end of the 19th century, Russia built the terminus(终点站)of the Middle East Railway(中东铁路) here. Later, more than 160,000 foreigners from 33 countries migrated to Harbin, promoting the development of a capitalist economy(资本主义经济) in the city. The economy and culture of Harbin achieved unprecedented prosperity at that time and the city gradually grew into a famous international commercial port(商埠). Assimilating(吸收、融会) external culture, Harbin created its unique and exotic cityscape(都市风景). The majestic St. Sofia Orthodox Church(圣索非亚东正教堂) and Zhongyang Dajie(中央大街) each built in a European style have the effect of bringing you into an 'eastern Moscow'. Even though you are sure to be attracted by various exotic buildings, the Dragon Tower(龙塔) which embodies the wisdom of the Chinese people is a must on your journey.

Jul 7, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-CRYSTALLIZEDTM-newsletter

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

5 Wedding World Tour
After a successful launch of the wedding initiative by CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements at Hôtel de la Monnaie in Paris in January 2008, the crystal wedding spectacular continues with a series of rollout events taking place around the globe.
2008年1月,CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements 在巴黎的Hôtel de la Monnaie酒店成功地举办了一次婚礼活动,之后一系列水晶婚礼用品首展活动在全世界陆续推出。

London was the kick-off of a global roll-out campaign including appearances of the exhibition in places like Dubai, Barcelona, Tokyo, China, India and the US.

The first event – displaying the glittering collection of unique wedding-related showpieces created by world-renown designers and recorded in a beautiful coffee-table book – took place in London in April in the recently opened retail store Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ Cosmos & Lounge on Great Marlborough Street.
4月,首次活动在位于伦敦Great Marlborough 大街的一家新零售店Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ Cosmos & Lounge举行,展出了独特的婚礼相关系列展品,展品熠熠生辉、美不胜收,由享誉世界的设计大师们设计,并记录在一本精美的休闲图书上。

After a cocktail evening that included participating designers and international press, a one-month exhibition was then unveiled to wow store customers.

6 Shining Interiors
CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements is pleased to announce positive growth in the interiors and home textiles segment over the last few years. Crystal elements are now clearly positioned as an important creative material when it comes to luxurious home décor, with developments revealing a significant trend towards glimmer and shine. Naturally this trend is also reflected in the recently launched Interior and Home Textiles Collection by CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements.
CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements非常高兴能够告诉大家,在过去的几年中室内装饰和家居纺织品市场增长迅猛。谈及豪华家居装饰时,水晶元素显然被列为重要的创意材料,各方面的发展均显示出人们追求炫亮闪耀的趋势。这种趋势也很自然地反映在CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements最近推出的室内和家居纺织品精选(Interior and Home Textiles Collection)中。

Meanwhile, yet a further highly innovative use of crystal was shown at the IMM Cologne furniture fair in January this year. In a joint venture between BASF, Glunz and Swarovski, brilliant colors have been incorporated into MDF board and decorated with crystals by Swarovski. The addition of bright color and sparkling crystal to a very versatile material opens up exciting new possibilities for interior and furniture designers.
今年1月份,IMM Cologne家具博览会上展示了更富创意的水晶应用。在BASF、Glunz 和 Swarovski组建的合资企业中,中密度纤维板融入了鲜亮的颜色,而且用Swarovski的水晶做装饰。为一种用途广泛的材料添加鲜亮的色彩,点缀光闪闪的水晶,给室内和家具设计师们打开了一扇大门,带来了激动人心的创造可能性。

7 Where brand, lifestyle and consumers meet

The newly opened Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ Cosmos and Lounge store in London, opens the door on a whole new creative universe, putting CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements into the hands of end consumers for the first time. It also offers an ideal way of communicating CRYSTALLIZED™ brand and lifestyle concepts to those same consumers in a hip, fun, emotionally engaging way, with monthly happenings and events showing collaborations with designers across many different fields.
在伦敦新开张的Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED™ Cosmos and Lounge商店,展示了一个全新的创意世界,第一次让终端消费者接触到CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements。它为向消费者传递CRYSTALLIZED™品牌和生活理念提供了一种理想的方式,时尚、有趣而且充满情感诉求。商店每月都会举办数次活动,展示与各个领域设计师们的合作作品。

The store opened with an accessories exhibition, showing selected pieces from the Crystal Loves Leather and Crystal Temptation Shoes projects. Then came a showcase for fashion collaborations and live streaming of fashion shows timed to coincide with London Fashion Week, as well as a display of jewellery pieces from the Central Saint Martins School of Design. The CRYSTALLIZED™ Wedding Project was launched in the UK, with an exhibition of glittering bridal creations shown at an exclusive press and designer cocktail event and then open to the public. Coming months will see shows of music collaborations, Runway Rocks and sports and casual wear initiatives.
商店开业时举办了一次配饰展,展出“水晶爱皮革”(Crystal Loves Leather)和“水晶诱惑鞋子”(Crystal Temptation Shoes)项目中的精选作品。然后是时尚合作作品橱窗展、时装展实况转播,都特意安排在伦敦时装周期间,同时展示了来自Central Saint Martins School of Design的珠宝作品。CRYSTALLIZED™婚礼项目启动于伦敦,一份独家媒体和设计师鸡尾酒会上展示了光彩熠熠的婚礼创意产品,之后推向公众。接下来数月中,将举办音乐合作、Runway Rocks、体育及休闲服饰展示等活动。

Exhibited designs can be either one-off show pieces, or part of a commercial collection. Each exhibition is accompanied by communications material for the customer to take away, as well as information on where any commercial pieces are available.
For more details please visit: www.crystallized.com/cosmos

English Chinese translation sample-CRYSTALLIZEDTM-introduction 1

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

Newsletter May 2008
1 All New Collection
CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements is delighted to announce the new edition of the Elements Collection catalogue, redesigned to make it more user friendly than ever before. The Collection package consists of the catalogue itself, a summary of the Collection and a USB stick and CD ROM with different files for online use.
CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements很高兴宣布我们的新版Elements Collection目录面世,它经过重新设计,更加便于使用。精选组合包括目录本身、精选产品概要以及记忆棒、CD ROM,还有在线使用的各种文档。

Alongside improved picture quality, new introduction pages for each product group, detailed contents pages, clear indexing and end of chapter summaries, the publication also offers fold-out colour charts, basic information in 10 languages and a synopsis of the “CRYSTALLIZEDTM– Swarovski Elements brand spirit”, the essence of what the world of CRYSTALLIZED™ is all about.
除了图片画质提高、每一产品组合的新介绍页、详尽的内容页、清晰的索引以及每节末概要,新版中还有彩色插图、10种语言提供的基本信息以及“CRYSTALLIZEDTM– Swarovski Elements 品牌精神”概览,即CRYSTALLIZED™世界的精华所在。

Most importantly, the 600-page Collection now features all products in a single catalogue. It includes all innovations launched since May 2006, together with new color combinations, cuts and sizes – totaling some 10,500 variations in crystal stones as well as a wide variety of semi-finished products.

The very latest innovations are marked with a ‘New!’ sign – look out especially for optimized cuts in the revamped Magnet Fastener assortment also due to be launched as Fancy Stones; the Octagon Pendant, now available in 14 mm and/or with two holes; and the Briolette and Butterfly Beads available in 12 mm.
最新产品带有‘New!’标记——特别要留意改进后的磁扣件系列(Magnet Fastener)的精细切割,该系列也将作为奇异宝石系列(Fancy Stones)推出;八角挂坠(Octagon Pendant)现有14 mm规格和/或双孔设计;还有12 mm规格的圆钻(Briolette)和蝶珠(Butterfly Beads)。

2 Footwear News Shoe Star Design Contest
CRYSTALLIZEDTM is co-sponsoring an exciting initiative in shoe design alongside Nine West, in a competition launched last November by Footwear News and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Seven finalists were selected from a pool of entrants within accessories design at the institute, and then set a series of design challenges that eliminate one contestant per challenge.
2、Footwear News鞋品明星设计大赛
去年9月份Footwear News和Fashion Institute of Technology在纽约举办了一次鞋品设计大赛,CRYSTALLIZEDTM 与Nine West一起赞助了这次精彩的活动。从学院配饰设计方面的众多参赛选手中选出了7位决赛选手,然后再进行一系列设计挑战赛,每次挑战淘汰一位选手。

The latest, ‘Red Carpet Challenge’, required each of the four remaining participants to design a red carpet shoe for a celebrity, intended to accessorize a simple black dress and incorporating CRYSTALLIZED™
– Swarovski Elements. Each contestant produced a sketch and a sample of their shoe design, and the difficult task of judging their creations fell to Sex in the City stylist Patricia Field.
最新的一项“红地毯挑战”,要求剩下的4位选手每人为某位名人设计一双踏上红地毯时穿的鞋子,要利用CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements,并与一件简洁的黑色长裙搭配。每位选手提交了鞋子设计草图和样品,然后由Sex in the City的设计师Patricia Field对这些创意进行评判,这是一件苦差事。

The students received a complete presentation of both Swarovski as a company and the stunning range of CRYSTALLIZED™
- Swarovski Elements, together with a hands-on demonstration of application techniques. The beautiful designs they came up with clearly demonstrate both their own burgeoning creative talent and the wide-ranging creative possibilities of CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements.
学生们听取了一次完整的介绍,既了解了Swarovski这家公司,也了解了CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements丰富多样的产品系列,以及生动的应用技法真人演示。精美设计不仅展示了学生们朝气蓬勃的创造才能,也展示了CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements带来的异彩纷呈的创造可能性。

With the launch of our CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements brand came a new media advertising strategy targeting both B2B and B2C customers. The thinking is that while B2B ads will increase the recognition and acceptance of the new brand, B2C ads represent an additional benefit for CRYSTALLIZED™ customers by creating a ‘pull’ effect at the consumer level.
我们启动CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements品牌的同时,还实施了一项新的媒体广告策略,既针对B2B 也针对B2C客户。我们认为,B2B广告可以提高新品牌的认知度和接受度,而B2C广告可以为CRYSTALLIZED™客户增加额外的利益,能够在消费者层面创造一种 “拉动”效应。

Both campaigns use the key visual shot by world-renowned fashion photographer Nick Knight to emphasize the emotional properties of CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, causing everybody to fall in “love at first light”.
两项活动都使用了全球知名的时尚摄影师Nick Knight的视觉效果强烈的作品,旨在强调CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements的情感元素,让每个人都对它“一见钟情”。

The B2B ad campaign re-launched worldwide in Autumn/Winter 07/08, with ads appearing in publications such as WWD, Textilwirtschaft, Vogue Gioello, Collezioni, Fashion Daily News and Journal de Textile. The campaign was then extended into the B2C arena, with ads appearing worldwide in high-end fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Instyle, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan.
For more information go to
B2B广告活动于07/08的秋季/冬季在世界范围内重新启动,广告刊登于各种出版物,如WWD、Textilwirtschaft、Vogue Gioello、Collezioni、Fashion Daily News 以及 Journal de Textile等等。活动还扩展进入了B2C领域,广告刊登在全球的高端时尚杂志上,如Vogue、Elle、Instyle、Marie Claire 和 Cosmopolitan。

4 Iconic Electronics
In one of its latest initiatives designed to encourage up-coming creative talent, CRYSTALLIZEDTM has been working on an exciting collaboration with bright young sparks at the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. Swarovski charged the students with re-thinking consumer electronic design, using CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements to fire their imagination.
CRYSTALLIZEDTM最近举办的一系列活动之一旨在向新晋创意人才提供激励,已同密歇根州久负盛名的Cranbrook Academy of Art的年轻设计人才展开精彩合作。Swarovski让学生们重新思考消费类电子产品的设计,运用CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements激发他们的想象力

While technologies such as games consoles, mobiles phones and PDAs are commonplace, their designs are not always well integrated with their cultural surroundings. Instead, a tech-fetish aesthetic can override the sensual comfort of the domestic spaces these objects are destined to inhabit. Crystal elements offer a glittering counterpoint to this high-tech slickness.

Students at the academy turned to the worlds of fashion and art for inspiration. The resulting pieces, from crystal-bedecked speakers and a sparkling games console, to a mobile phone that doubles as a crystal-encrusted bracelet, successfully and seamlessly combine functionality with decorative design.


English Chinese translation sample-The Leading Hotels of the World-promotion material

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

Left Side:
A desk remains cluttered. A mind does not. Her quest led her here.
Whether yours is a journey of self-discovery or one to discover a part of the world you have never seen, The Leading Hotels of the World is clearly the right place to start. For booking information, please call The Platinum Card Service at: Hong Kong 2277 2233, Singapore 1800 392 1177, Malaysia 1800 88 0886, India 1800 180 1255, Taiwan 0800 055 500.
不论您的旅程是为了找到自我还是寻觅新奇的世界, The Leading Hotels of the World 都是您最恰当的起点。查询预订信息,请拨打白金卡服务热线:香港2277 2233、新加坡 1800 392 1177、马来西亚1800 88 0886、印度1800 180 1255、台湾 0800 055 500。

Every quest has a beginning.

Right Side:
Begin your quest at one of these Leading Hotels of the World.
在Leading Hotels of the World的一家旅馆开始您的寻觅吧。

The Taj West EndBangalore, IndiaSet on 20 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, this century-old hotel is a fine tribute to the Garden City of Bangalore.
The Taj West End

The Alex Hotel, New York, New York, U.S.A.In the heart of midtown Manhattan, located within walking distance of several cultural attractions, The Alex offers contemporary and sophisticated accommodations.
The Alex Hotel,纽约市,纽约州,美国。位于曼哈顿中心区,毗邻许多著名的文化景点,The Alex为您提供现代先进的住宿条件。

Hotel Granduca, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.Be transported to old-world Italy when visiting Hotel Granduca, Houston’s extraordinary new hotel in the Uptown/Galleria area.
Hotel Granduca,休斯敦,德克萨斯州,美国。当您步入Hotel Granduca,会有一种回到古意大利的感觉,它是休斯敦住宅区/商业区最别致新潮的旅馆。

The Taj Mahal HotelNew Delhi, IndiaThe preferred choice of world travelers and New Delhi’s most distinguished address, The Taj Mahal Hotel presents a rich blend of mogul architecture and rare artifacts.
The Taj Mahal Hotel
全世界游客最心仪的选择,新德里最著名的地方,The Taj Mahal Hotel混合了显赫的建筑艺术和珍稀的古董文物。

The Leading Hotels of the World is the fist stop on your personal journey.
The Leading Hotels of the World是您旅行中最重要的一站。

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The Leading Hotels of the World为美国运通卡会员特别提供“您来选择服务套餐”。在参与活动的旅馆中,能够得到15%的信用,用于驻留期间所选择的服务或舒适用品。预订或咨询请访问
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Every quest has a beginning.
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Jul 4, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-CustomWare-introduction

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

CustomWare is a technology services company, founded in Australia 2001 and has since expanded with offices in Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand with future expansion into other markets planned for 2008-2010. CustomWare has provided services both remotely and onsite for over 200 customers in over 20 countries worldwide, including China, and continues to grow year on year.

CustomWare is focused on delivering services to customers worldwide in the following areas:
· Integration
Specialist skills in connecting systems and businesses together using various technologies including Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
· Collaboration
Expertise in developing and deploying software to allow organizations to communicate effectively using wiki’s, portals and other web-based technology

When companies grow, partner with or acquire other companies they have a number of systems or teams that need to be connected together. At CustomWare we know integration and collaboration inside and out. We use this knowledge to provide solutions to some of the world's leading companies. They choose us because we know the pitfalls and have the experience to perform reliably. We are the glue that ensures integration is transparent to our customers, their partners and their customers and teams are able to communicate with each other.


Products and Services Application
Our Integration and Collaboration services include:
- Architecture
- Project Consulting
- Education
- Mentoring
- Software Development & Support

- 结构
- 项目咨询
- 培训
- 指导
- 软件研发& 支持

CustomWare has experience in a wide variety of integration and collaboration technology, including, but not limited to:
- Adobe
- Atlassian
- Cast Iron
- Java
- Microsoft .NET
- Microsoft SharePoint
- Open Source
- Oracle
- webMethods

- Adobe
- Atlassian
- Cast Iron
- Java
- Microsoft .NET
- Microsoft SharePoint
- Open Source
- Oracle
- webMethods

Targeted Market Segment(s)
CustomWare works with clients with integration and collaboration needs in all sectors including
- Banking, Finance and Insurance
- Technology and Software
- Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
- Government
- Education and Research
- Telecom
- Supply Chain
- Manufacturing
- 银行、金融和保险
- 技术和软件
- 制药和生物技术
- 政府
- 教育和科研
- 电信
- 供应链
- 制造

End User/Customer Profiles
A select list of our customers is located at
http://www.customware.net/clients and includes many multi-national firms. CustomWare has been involved in projects that have been deployed in many countries and languages including Chinese, Korean & Japanese