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Mar 31, 2012

Haleiwa town(哈尔伊瓦城)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.
People travel from all over the world for a taste of country living in historic Haleiwa(哈尔伊瓦) town, located on the North Shore of Oahu. It may be a surfer seeking to ride a wave at any of the numerous world-class surf spots found along the coast, or an art enthusiast wanting to dive into a cultural hub(文化中心).
And nobody's trip to Haleiwa is complete without a stop at Matsumoto(松本)'s or Aoki's for a classic shave ice. But the seemingly quaint(少见的) surf town is actually rich in plantation era history that lives on through its old-fashioned ambiance(氛围). A preserved piece of the past comes together with a colorfully thriving community to make Haleiwa a must-see destination. The picturesque town's main street, filled with early 20th century architecture and nestled(依偎) against the backdrop of majestic Kaena Point(卡伊那), exudes the kind of charm that seems to only exist in movies. "I see a double rainbow almost every weekend," says artist and wax chandler(蜡销售商) Scott Bechtol, who runs The Iwa Gallery in the center of town. His is one of many vibrant galleries(美术馆), all of which display local artists' work. "Appreciating nature and its beauty is a community view that's reflected in the art," says Wyland Gallery Haleiwa's senior art consultant Matt Maletta. This is no surprise, as the area's gorgeous setting is impossible to ignore. Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, or honu, are often found basking(晒太阳) in the sand at beautiful Laniakea Beach (also known as "Turtle Beach"(海龟海滩)). In fact, there are many ways to soak up the outdoors while in Haleiwa, like renting jet skis for the adventure seeker or trying your hand at kayaking and stand up paddle boarding for a day of family fun. Locals and tourists alike also love to escape from the excitement of Waikiki to a haven of quiet boutiques(精品店), surf shops and laid back restaurants.
The host of food trucks scattered about are just as popular, selling favorites like fresh shrimp(虾) from nearby town, Kahuku. And there's one local snack(点心) that Haleiwa residents, especially kids, can't live without — Ken Terukina's pickled mango. The lifelong Haleiwa resident has been selling the refreshingly sweet snack from his house for 15 years and counting (just follow the "pickled mango"(腌芒果) sign at the foot of the stop sign past Anahulu Stream Bridge). There is no place on Oahu quite like distinguished Haleiwa. With a firm grasp on its roots, the friendly town continues to gleam(闪闪发亮) with life and is the perfect place to spend the day.

Mar 29, 2012

A Visit to Germaine's Luau(参加杰曼的夏威夷宴会)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.
No trip to Hawaii would be complete without a Mai Tai, a hula
lesson, a plate full of delicious Kalua pork(烤猪排) and a magnificent sunset on the beach.

Thanks to Germaine’s Luau(杰曼的夏威夷宴会), an Oahu attraction that has delighted visitors for more than three
decades, you can enjoy all of these experiences in a single, unforgettable

This venerable(令人尊重的) luau takes place in Kapolei near Barber’s Point on the southwestern tip of Oahu, about
27 miles from Waikiki. If you’re driving, you’ll want to leave your hotel early to beat rush-hour traffic, or even
spend the day on the North Shore before heading for Kapolei. Germaine’s gates open at 5:15 p.m., so you can claim
the best seats in an outdoor theatre area filled with long picnic tables and
low luau tables surrounded by tatami mats(榻榻米席垫)—perfect for kids!

If you’d rather not drive—or if you’re looking for the full
Germaine’s experience—ask about the free shuttle(飞机) when you make your luau reservations(预订). Germaine’s provides door-to-door service to and from Waikiki
hotels. Traffic and the buses’ meandering routes(蜿蜒曲折的路线) can expand the ride to Kapolei into a two-hour odyssey(探险) (the nighttime ride back is much shorter).
But it’s a comfy(舒适的) trip, and you’ll be surrounded by like-minded luau-goers and
amused by the patter of the tour guide(导游的顺口溜).

Upon arrival, a Germaine’s shutterbug(摄影爱好者) will photograph your group against a lovely natural backdrop of
dusky sky(以昏暗的天空,海滩和大海为自然背景), beach and sea. (Photos may be purchased for $20 at the end of the
evening.) Belly up to the outdoor bar and redeem(买) one of your three complimentary adult beverage tickets for a
Mai-Tai, rum punch, Blue Hawaii, or domestic beer; unlimited soft drinks,
coffee and tea are also available.

As the sun begins to set, an emcee(主持人) introduces the “Royal Court” while a five-piece band plays island standards. Dancers clad in
regal crimson(华丽的深红色) and yellow
take the stage in a ceremony(典礼) that provides a brief introduction to ancient Hawaiian protocol(礼仪). Several good-humored volunteers from the
audience are invited to show off their best hula moves in a riotous “contest.”(欢腾的竞赛) Then, it’s time for the feast!

Germaine’s claims to be one of the few
commercial luaus in Hawaii that cooks a pig each day in its traditional imu pit(浅灶坑), located just behind its outdoor bar. At
about 6:15 each evening, as the crowd watches hungrily, two men clad in bright
lava-lavas are charged with opening and unwrapping the imu and retrieving the
Kalua pork. Tender, smoky, and succulent(味美), the shredded pork is simply delectable.

The buffet tables are laden with standard
luau fare like lomi-lomi salmon(鲑鱼), chicken long rice, fried mahi, and poi(山芋). Don’t be afraid of the poi! Try it as a
condiment with the salmon or Kalua pork. Fried chicken, teriyaki(红烧的) beef, steamed rice, dinner rolls, and a
quartet of salads (green, macaroni(意大利通心粉), coleslaw(卷心菜沙拉), and three-bean) are also available, and the dessert tables feature
treats like fresh pineapple(凤梨), haupia (coconut pudding), and chocolate cake.

At about 7, the stage show recommences(重新开始). Dancers representing(代表) Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa(萨摩亚群岛) and Tahiti(塔希提) provide spectacular and colorful
entertainment, often accompanied by ipu and uli uli (gourd drums and rattles).
Highlights include a dramatic Samoan fire-knife dance, a sensual Tahitian
couples’ hula, and a Maori dance with glowing “poi balls,” as well as several
opportunities for audience participation (and a door prize drawing, too!)

Mar 24, 2012

National Park Service(美国国家公园管理局简介)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

Since 1916, the American people have entrusted the National Park Service with the care of their national parks. With the help of volunteers and park partners, we are proud to safeguard these nearly 400 places and to share their stories with more than 275 million visitors every year. But our work doesn't stop there.

We are proud that tribes(部族), local governments, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individual citizens ask for our help in revitalizing their communities, preserving local history, celebrating local heritage(传统), and creating close to home opportunities for kids and families to get outside, be active, and have fun.

Taking care of the national parks and helping Americans take care of their communities is a job we love, and we need - and welcome - your help and support.

What We Do
National Park Service by the Numbers*
$48,000,000,000 incentivized(物质激励) in private historic preservation investment
11,700,000,000 visitors
$5,409,252,508 in preservation and outdoor recreation grants(津贴) awarded
$2,750,000,000 annual budget
121,603,193 objects in museum collections(藏品)
97,417,260 volunteer hours
84,000,000 acres of land
4,502,644 acres of oceans, lakes, reservoirs
Our Employees
More than 20,000 strong, the uncommon men and women of the National Park Service share a common trait: a passion for caring for the nation's special places and sharing their stories.

How We Are Organized
The National Park Service is a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Interior(美国内政部) and is led by a Director nominated by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

The Director(局长) is supported by senior executives(高级主管) who manage national programs, policy, and budget in the Washington, DC, headquarters and seven regional directors responsible for national park management and program implementation. Collectively, these executives make up our National Leadership Council.

Crystals at CityCenter(水晶休闲购物中心-拉斯维加斯)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

Crystals is a magnificent gathering place that welcomes guests on a journey through couture(设计师服装店), cuisine and entertainment as they enjoy the interactive atmosphere set within an abstract(抽象派) 21st century park. The unprecedented collection of renowned retailers, including Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co, Roberto Cavalli(罗伯特·卡沃利)and TOM FORD(汤姆·福特), paired with one-of-kind galleries from artists such as Dale Chihuly and signature restaurants from Wolfgang Puck and celebrity restaurateur(名人餐馆老板) Eva Longoria redefine the traditional shopping experience.

Mar 23, 2012

Mandarin Oriental(文华东方简介)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

Over 10,000 rooms. 27 countries. And numerous awards. Find out everything you need to know about one of the world's most prestigious(久负盛名) hotel groups.

Award-winning? Yes. Luxurious? Absolutely. Committed to exceptional service? Always.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is an international hotel investment and management group with deluxe and first class hotels, resorts and residences in sought-after(广受欢迎的) destinations around the world. The Group now operates, or has under development, 42 hotels representing over 10,000 rooms in 27 countries, with 18 hotels in Asia, 12 in The Americas and 12 in Europe and the Middle East. In addition, the Group operates, or has under development(筹办中的), 13 Residences(住宅、公寓) at Mandarin Oriental connected to its properties. The Group has equity interests in a number of its properties and net assets worth approximately USD 2.7 billion as at 31st December 2011.

The portfolio includes our original flagship(旗舰) properties, the acclaimed Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong and Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok. Our other deluxe hotels are located in prime destinations worldwide, from London and New York, to San Francisco and Singapore.

Our aim is to be recognized widely as the best global luxury hotel group, providing 21st century luxury with oriental charm in each of its hotels. This will be achieved by investing in the Group’s exceptional facilities and its people, while maximizing profitability and long-term shareholder value. The strategy of the Group is to open the hotels currently under development, while continuing to seek further selective(精选的) opportunities for expansion around the world.

The Group regularly receives international recognition and awards for quality management and legendary service hospitality.


By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

It began with a prominent location, was designed by world-renowned architects, and continues to evolve(发展) every day.

The world's premier(顶级的) developer and operator of luxury resorts, MGM Resorts International™, brings you Vdara Hotel & Spa at CityCenter, a non-gaming(禁赌), smoke-free(禁烟), eco-friendly, all-suite boutique retreat(全套房静居之所) ideally situated between ARIA Resort & Casino™ and Bellagio® on the Las Vegas Strip. Access all the gaming, dining, shopping, and nightlife CityCenter has to offer or...escape from it all.

AAA Four Diamond Award and Forbes Four-Star Award-winning Vdara Hotel & Spa offers contemporary interior spaces with modern amenities and services, a rooftop pool & lounge, spa & salon(理容美容), and intimate meeting space all wrapped up in an atmosphere bound to surpass every expectation.

Mar 22, 2012

Hawaii’s climates(夏威夷的气候)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

The Hawaiian Islands exist because of a hot spot beneath the earth’s slow-moving Pacific Plate, which has been spewing lava(喷涌的熔岩) and creating islands for 70 million years. Today, the state of Hawaii contains eight main islands, only six of which are populated.

Measure for measure(以牙还牙), the Hawaiian islands are as diverse as it gets. Their flora and fauna(动植物群) are a textbook case of Darwinian evolution(达尔文进化论). Time and time again, single migratory(迁徙的) species blossomed into dozens of variations, as isolated individuals adapted to arid coastal deserts(干燥的沿海沙漠), rain forests and snow-capped subarctic mountaintops. As a result, the majority of Hawaiian plants and animals are endemic(特有的), and nearly as often, endangered(濒危的).

All the islands have similar climates: southwestern coasts are sunny, dry and lined with sandy beaches, while the northeastern sides have lush rain forests, cascading waterfalls and pounding surf. Hawaii enjoys warm weather year-round, with coastal temperatures averaging a high of 83°F (28°C) and a low of 68°F (20°C). Summer and fall are the driest seasons, winter the wettest.

Mar 21, 2012

The Hawai‘i Fire Department(消防部门)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

The Hawai‘i Fire Department(消防部门) announces the starting of our Fire Explorer Program. Orientation(目标) will be held on Friday, March 16, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. in the Fire Department Training Room located above Central Fire Station in Hilo. All 9th – 12th graders are invited to come with a parent or guardian(监护人) to this 1 hour meeting to learn how to become an explorer. Individual candidates are encouraged to attend, as information such as requirements, program objectives and outlines(要点) will be discussed.

The Explorer Program is for both girls and boys and falls under the Boy Scouts(侦查员) of America Learning for Life program. Explorer Programs are sponsored(赞助) by agencies in the community.

The purpose of the Hawai‘i Fire Department Explorer Program is to provide experiences to participants(参加者), preparing them to become responsible, caring adults. Participants will have an opportunity to share in experiences that may help to develop themselves and a relationship to the community. In the process, participants will learn about Firefighting(消防栓) and Emergency Medical Services that the Hawai‘i Fire Department provides(供应) for the community.

The Explorer Program has five areas of emphasis that work together to develop the participant as a whole:
• Career Opportunities
• Service Learning
• Leadership Experience
• Life Skills
• Character Education (品质教育)

Mar 20, 2012

About HTA(关于HTA)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.
Established in 1998, the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA)(夏威夷旅游专家) is the lead state agency for tourism. Among its responsibilities(责任), the HTA’s is charged with: (1) Setting tourism policy and direction with the goal of contributing to the ongoing, sustainable growth(持续稳定的发展) of Hawaii’s economy (2) Developing and implementing(执行) the State’s tourism marketing plan and efforts (3) Managing programs and activities to sustain a healthy visitor industry (4) Developing and implementing the Hawaii Tourism Strategic Plan(战略计划) (5) Coordinating (协调)tourism-related research, planning, promotional(促销的) and outreach activities with the public and private sectors.
The HTA is responsible for the development, management and coordination of various plans to help ensure a sustainable tourism economy and achieve the state’s vision for tourism to:
Honor Hawaii’s people and heritage(遗产);Value and perpetuate Hawaii’s natural resources;Engender mutual respect among all stakeholders(利益相关者);Support a vital and sustainable economy; and,Provide a unique, memorable and enriching visitor experience.
The HTA adheres to(坚持) various policies to guide the work of the organization. Throughout the year and particularly during the legislative session(立法会), HTA also remains active in public policy development through our engagement with state leaders, committee chairs(委员会主席) and administration personnel and advocacy(支持) for measures to strengthen and support the HTA, industry and state.
Board of Directors and Committees
The HTA is headed by a policy-making board of directors, which consists of 2 public, voting members representing each of Hawaii’s four (4) counties.
Operations and Staff
The HTA is administratively attached to the State Department of Business, Economic Development& Tourism also referred to as DBEDT. The HTA’s President and chief executive officer reports directly to the HTA Board of Directors and is responsible for assisting the Board in its responsibility to execute the mandate(授权) of Chapter 201B of the Hawaii Revised Statues.
HTA Events
The HTA puts on various events throughout the year to engage with tourism stakeholders and collaborate on various issues to benefit Hawaii’s tourism economy.
For more information about RFPs, please contact the respective county offices or HTA staff for the specific program you’re interested in. To access one of the currently listed RFPs, click on the appropriate link and you’ll be able to download all documents in PDF format. Be patient, this may take a little time.

Mar 19, 2012

Waimea Valley General admission(威美亚峡谷的普通入场券)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.
This 1,875-acre valley is filled with natural wonders, from 35 botanical gardens(植物园) with 5,000 kinds of plants to dozens of archeological sites(古迹) and a gorgeous(华丽的) 45-foot waterfall. (Pack your swimsuit and towel!) You can even take hula lesson or make a lei(花环).
At Waimea Valley, on Oahu’s rural North Shore, visitors can experience Hawaiian culture in a spectacular natural environment. Waimea Valley is a living puuhonua, or a place of peace and safety. It’s also one of Oahu’s last partially intact ahupuaa, or land divisions, that extend from the mountains to the sea.
A paved path(铺石小路) winds through 35 themed(主题) botanical gardens, featuring more than 200 plant families, including rare plants found only on the Hawaiian Islands and some with flowers as big as a basketball! The 45-tall Waimea Falls are the focal point of the park, and visitors are invited to swim in the pool below—so bring a swimsuit and towel! Here’s a look at some of the other scenic goings on at beautiful Waimea Valley:

Ancient Hawaiian Archaeological Sites: 78 sites of interest have been identified here, highlighting religious shrines(圣坛), housing sites, agricultural terraces(梯田), and ancient fishponds(养鱼池).
Wildlife: Native and endangered birds call Waimea Valley home, including the alae ula, and all five species of o opu, a native freshwater fish that can be found in the Kamananui Stream. Please note that due to the fragile(脆弱的) wildlife of the park, no domestic animals may be brought to Waimea Valley, with the exception of service dogs. li>
Cultural Activities: Take part in rich cultural pastimes as you spend your day at Waimea Valley (call ahead to see what’s on the schedule for the day), and have fun with such activities as Lei making, Kapa demonstrations(游行), Hula lessons, Hawaiian games, crafts, music and storytelling with Kūpuna! li>
Artisanal Offerings and Cuisine: See and purchase the work of North Shore artists and Hawaiian artisans showcasing their locally-made products, and dine at the on-site concessionaries(减价) which feature local and fresh ingredients(组成部分)! li>
Fans of the TV show Lost might recognize Waimea Valley’s waterfalls as the place where Kate found the briefcase in the show’s first season. Don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent(驱虫剂)…while the landscape is lush, the bugs can be fierce.
Waimea Valley contains rich history and was referred to as the Valley of the Priests for more than 700 years. The connection between native plants and culture is emphasized(重点), and the park strives to leave all visitors to the Valley with a greater appreciation and respect for Hawaiian history, culture and tradition.

Mar 18, 2012

About USCEA-美中国际合作交流促进会(简称美中促进会)简介

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

US-China Exchange Association (USCEA) is a multinational and nonprofit organization, headquartered in New Jersey, USA. As the core member of US-China Economic Cooperation Organization (UCECO), USCEA maintains an enduring partnership with US Department of Commerce(美国商务部), US National League of Cities(美国城市协会), and many other government agencies and business organizations.


The mission of USCEA is to build a pragmatic and efficient platform for US-China business exchanges and develop various international exchange programs and activities to promote mutually beneficial, win-win(双赢) cooperation between US-China local governments and companies.


USCEA consists of a Senior Council that is composed of US government officials, business leaders, economists and other professionals, and other groups. Its daily operations are run by the Secretariat(秘书处) of USCEA. USCEA has offices in Washington D.C., ChicagoLos Angeles, and San Francisco. Its Chinese offices include Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, among others.


USCEA has more than 300 partner organizations in both China and the U.S., primarily federal/central governmental agencies such as U.S. Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce of China; local municipalities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, New York City, Los Angeles and Orlando; and national organizations such as U.S. National League of Cities (NLC), U.S. Chamber of Commerce(美国商会), China Council for the Promotion of International Trade(中国贸促会), and China Association of SMEs(中小企业协会). USCEA also maintains cooperative relationship with many well-known universities such as Columbia University, Stanford University, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Peking University, and Zhejiang University.

Primary Events and Activities

·Proposals of US-China business cooperation for U.S. and Chinese governments;

·US-China Business Matchmaking Conferences(合作洽谈会);

·US-China Business Cooperation Forums;

·US-China Entrepreneurs Summit(企业家峰会);

·US-China City Cooperation Program with US NLC;

·US-China 1000 SME Partnership Program;

·Mutual visits by U.S. and Chinese government officials and corporate executives;

·Publication of Special Issue(专刊) of U.S.-China Business Cooperation;

·Annual release of the Top Ten News on US-China Business Cooperation.


USCEA has member companies in both USA and China, including manufacturers and trading companies. By 2007, USCEA has more than 5000 corporate members. USCEA provides its members with many value added services including, but limited to, international business matchmaking, access to the international capital market, overseas purchasing, briefing on business leads(合作意向) in the global market, and visa.

About ARIA(阿丽雅赌场酒店简介)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

·Designed by the world-renowned firm Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

·4,004 guest rooms, including 568 suites(套房)

·An exhilarating(令人愉悦的) casino floor designed to provide intimate gaming spaces

·300,000 square feet of meeting and pre-function space(会议和前厅空间)

·Three primary pools with 50 cabanas(包房), one adults-only pool retreat

·16 restaurants and 10 bars and lounges, including a nightclub

·80,000-square-foot, two-level spa and salon with 62 individual spa treatment rooms; 55 salon stations(美容席位)

·Full-service salon, barbershop(美发厅), deluxe fitness room, group exercise studio, meditation and relaxation rooms, separate men's and women's spa with eucalyptus(桉树油) steam rooms and red wood saunas

·1,800-seat theater housing Viva ELVIS™, a tribute to the life and musical legacy of Elvis Presley from Cirque du Soleil®

·ARIA has received LEED® Gold Certification(金牌认证) from the U.S. Green Building Council

·ARIA Resort & Casino has also received the highest level of recognition, 5 Green Keys, from the Green Key Eco-Rating Program, the largest international program evaluating sustainable hotel operations. Environmental sustainability, or going green, is about conserving today to protect tomorrow.

About CityCenter Las Vegas(拉斯中心简介)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

An energetic community of world-class dining, sophisticated gaming, indulgent spas, seductive bars and mesmerizing(令人迷醉的) nightlife, CityCenter is home to the 4,004 room, AAA Five Diamond Award-winning destination, ARIA Resort & Casino(阿丽雅赌场酒店), as well as Forbes Four-Star / AAA Four Diamond award-winning Vdara Hotel & Spa(维达拉SPA酒店), Forbes Five-Star / AAA Five Diamond award winning Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas(文华东方), and Crystals retail and entertainment district(水晶零售休闲区). It is a place of beautifully landscaped common spaces, high-tech meeting spaces, brilliant residences and hotel rooms, modern art, spectacular architecture, and Viva ELVIS(常见的“”是商标符号,不一定注册) by Cirque du Soleil®(这个®是表示注册商标), a rockin' blend of dance, music and acrobatics that pays tribute to the life and music of Elvis Presley(猫王).

M life(关于M生活)MGM Resorts International

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

The rewards program that gives you the power to earn benefits for virtually every dollar you spend. That means you'll be rewarded for enjoying hotel, dining, entertainment, and spa experiences, along with your slot and table play.

The personalized, tailored fit of M life means you get rewards that are more specific to you and the things you love to do. Enjoy special access and privileges (room discounts, priority access to dining and entertainment, unique "Moments") that are yours as an M life member. Benefits are determined by your Tier Level(会员级别) - Sapphire(蓝宝), Pearl, Gold, Platinum, or NOIR(黑金/黑钻).

And because you can earn and enjoy rewards at 15 renowned destinations, incredible possibility comes with amazing flexibility, too.

WHALE WATCHING (Seasonal between December 15 - April 15)观鲸(12月中旬到4月中旬)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

Each year, from late December through April, humpback whales(座头鲸) migrate to the warm waters of Hawaii to calve(生产), mate and rear their young. The shallow waters surrounding Maui are known as the "cradle(摇篮) of the humpback" due to the fact that a large number of humpbacks are raised in this area. Calves are born weighing in at around 3000 pounds and grow at a rate of 200 pounds a day during the first few weeks of life. The adults have been known to reach 45 feet in length and may weigh up to 40 tons. The humpback whale has been protected from whaling in U.S. waters since 1966 and is presently listed as an endangered species(濒危物种). Education is our most effective tool in saving this species from extinction. Viewing these majestic creatures from our whale watching boats is not only one of the most exciting things you will ever do, but narration by our naturalists will enlighten you to the life of the humpback whales.Highlights:Four Winds II combines a whale watch with a snorkel excursion(潜水游) every afternoon during whale season. Not only will you be able to view the activity of the humpback (like awesome breaches(可怕的破坏), peck and tail slaps and more!), but you'll spend a lazy afternoon snorkeling and water sliding while our crew grills(烧烤) up the best burgers and chicken on Maui and serves you your choice of beverages(饮料). This is one of the best trips of it's kind!

Mar 17, 2012

What is a diversity initiative?(何为多样化战略?)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

A "diversity initiative" is an organizations strategic response to diversity. The initiative looks at the internal and external needs of the organization in the area of diversity and responds with a strategically aligned(协调的) approach.

Initiatives can have a short or long-term focus, as well as very specific goals and objectives. It should also be easily measurable and tied to the organization's overall business strategy. In terms of implementing the initiative, the entire organization - from the top down(从上到下) - should be held accountable for implementation and the overall success.

What does it entail?(其首要条件?)
Usually organizations begin with a statement by top management that the initiative is an organizational priority. The initiative must have visible support from top management(管理层) in order to be effective; it should also have long-term organizational viability(生存能力) and sustainability.

According to a 2001 Society for Human Resource Management/Fortune survey, the majority of the 121 US HR professionals who responded said that diversity initiatives affect their organizations’ bottom lines(底线) in several positive ways including:

·improved corporate culture(企业文化)
·improved recruitment of new employees
·improved client relations
·improved productivity

A Vision(愿景)
After the evidence of top management support, the organization may then want to develop a vision for diversity. It is a good idea to include various people from different departments in the development of the vision statement. This process helps to ensure buy-in(接受,买入) and reduce resistance(阻力).

A Plan(计划)
Once the vision has been developed, the organization should then develop a diversity plan. The plan outlines the goals and objectives for diversity. Many employers see fit to appoint a diversity committee, comprised of a wide variety of people and perspectives(观点,视角), to help implement the plan. The plan may call for training on diversity, enhancing recruiting efforts to attract and retain underrepresented groups(未被充分代表的群体), or looking at succession(继任) planning, among other issues.

How can I get my organization to start a diversity initiative?
Build a business case(案例) for a diversity initiative. Look at business priorities and the changing demographics of your area. Review the need to increase, maintain and sustain customer relationships with diverse populations. You may also want to examine your recruiting efforts to determine whether your company is taking advantage of diverse populations. In essence, you would have to construct a strong argument(论证) based on business necessity. Your case would likely include what your agency has lost by not taking advantage of diversity and what it would gain by diversifying its employee pool.

By answering these questions, you will help your agency make an informed(信息充分) decision about starting and succeeding with a diversity initiative.

About MGM Resorts International(国际酒店度假村集团简介)

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MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM) is one of the world's leading global hospitality companies, operating a peerless(无与伦比) portfolio of destination resort brands, including Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay(曼德勒海湾)and The Mirage. The Company has significant holdings(投资,私有财产) in gaming, hospitality and entertainment, owns and operates 15 properties located in Nevada, Mississippi and Michigan, and has 50% investments in four other properties in Nevada, Illinois and Macau. One of those investments is CityCenter(拉斯中心), an unprecedented urban resort destination on the Las Vegas Strip featuring its centerpiece ARIA Resort & Casino(咏叹调赌场酒店). Leveraging MGM Resorts' unmatched amenities, the M life(M生活) loyalty program delivers one-of-a-kind experiences, insider privileges(专属待遇) and personalized rewards for guests at the Company's renowned properties nationwide.

Through its hospitality management subsidiary, the Company holds a growing number of development and management agreements for casino and non-casino resort projects around the world. MGM Resorts International supports responsible gaming(规范赌博) and has implemented the American Gaming Association's Code of Conduct(经营守则) for Responsible Gaming at its gaming properties. The Company has been honored with numerous awards and recognitions for its industry-leading Diversity Initiative(多样化战略), its community philanthropy programs and the Company's commitment to sustainable development and operations.

Mar 10, 2012

Welcome to Hawaii(夏威夷欢迎你)

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White sandy beaches, palms ( 棕榈树), swayed (摇摆, 摇动) by the light ocean breeze (微风), crystal clear (极其透明的,非常清澈的) water, and lush (葱翠,繁茂的) tropical blooming (热带开花植 物). Endless summer days bathed in sunshine. Is this your idea of paradise (天堂)? Welcome to Hawaii! Whether you're looking to relax, practice sports or travel and explore, Hawaii has a lot to offer. On these wonderful islands there is an opportunity to spend time with great pleasure for everyone: good waves (波浪, 海浪) all around the year for surfers, constant winds for windsurfers (帆板运动员) and diverse underwaters(水下的) picturesque (如画的) world for divers(潜水员) and beauty of tropics(热带地区) for nature lovers.
Oahu is the third largest and the most developed. Like other islands of Hawaii, Oahu is the tip ( 尖端) of an underwater mountain. The island is roughly shaped like an elephant's head. Oahu is not the largest, but the main island of Hawaii. It is the most populated island and hosts five million visitors a year. Honolulu (檀香山), the capital of Hawaii(夏威夷州的首府), is situated here on Oahu. Honolulu boasts (包含) about 80% of the population of Hawaii. Honolulu plays role of business, commercial and cultural center of Hawaii. Oahu Hawaii tourism is centred almost exclusively around Waikiki Beach (怀基基海滩). Over 90% of Oahu hotels are located here. Waikiki is famous for the best surfing waves on Oahu Island. The majority of the island's attractions are concentrated ( 集中) around this urban area. Hawaii is also famous for the most challenging and scenic golf courses(高尔夫球场) (there are about 36 of them on Oahu Hawaii Island). Stretching into Rainforest Mountains, through the island's central plateau (高原) and along golden beaches, Oahu's courses provide splendid (壮丽的, 辉煌的) scenery and some of the most challenging holes in the nation.
Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian Island chain (夏威夷群岛). The nickname of Maui is "The Valley Island" because the island is formed by two parallel(平行的) and now dormant volcanoes (休眠火山) with a valley between them. The western section of Maui Hawaii is situated the world's largest volcano, Haleakala(哈里阿卡拉) (10,029 feet). As the middle island of Hawaii, Maui was the center of Hawaiian royalty (皇室). Through the years, it has also served as a base for Christian missionaries(传教士), a port of call for whaling vessels, and the site of Hawaii's most productive sugar cane (甘蔗) and pineapple(菠萝) plantations( 种植园). Nowadays Maui is the most developed of the Hawaiian Islands. It has everything for perfect vacation: accommodation (膳宿) for every taste, from budget hotels(经济型旅馆) to luxurious (豪华的) resorts (度假胜地), gorgeous (宜人的;爽快的) beaches, nightlife and entertainment.
Enchanting (迷人的,醉人的) beauty of cascading (成瀑布落下) emerald (翠绿色的) mountains, uncrowded sandy beaches and spectacular (引人入胜的, 壮观的) waterfalls --that is Kauai Hawaii. Kauai is so richly green and flourishing that it's nicknamed "The Garden Island". Nearly half the island is a protected conservation area (保留地区), and much of the rest is rural(农村). Kauai is considered to be the Hawaii's oldest island. It was formed by volcanic activity (火山运动) more than 5 million years ago. Kauai's central volcanic peak, Mount Waialeale(威美亚峡谷), is the wettest place on earth. Thanks to moisture-laden winds (潮湿的风) that strike Mount Waialeale, the area surrounding the peak is often deluged (淹, 浸) by upwards of 480 inches of rain per year. The lush natural environment and the breath-taking scenery makes Kauai Hawaii a favorite island with photographers and filmmakers. Over the years, such well-known works as "South Pacific," (电影《南太平洋》) "Raiders of the Lost Ark," (电影《夺宝奇兵》) "Jurassic Park," (电影《侏罗纪公园》) and "Outbreak" (电影《恐怖地带》) have been filmed here. Roughly circular (圆形的) in shape, Kauai is 550 square miles in area and 32 miles in diameter (n. 直径). Though Kauai's climate is tropical (热带的), it actually consists of many distinct (清楚的, 明显的) microclimates (小气候), including sunny dry areas, lush river valleys, temperate (气候温和的) foothills and high mountain rain forests.
Big Island Hawaii 夏威夷大岛 Its official name is the Island of Hawaii, but you rarely hear this. Commonly it is called the Big Island, because it's nearly twice the size of all the other Hawaiian islands combined结合). The Big Island of Hawaii has other unofficial names: some call it the "Orchid Isle" (兰花岛) due to the 100,00 plus species of orchids grown there. Sometime it is named "Volcano Island", because at the heart of the Big Island there are two towering (高耸的) volcanic peaks. Geographically the Big Island of Hawaii is the most diverse island of the archipelago (群岛) with eleven of the 14 known climate zones in the world: from desert lavascapes (沙漠岩石景观) to tropical rain forests (热带雨 林), from beaches to snow-capped mountains. The highest point of the Big Island Hawaii is Mauna Kea (that means "White mountain") at 13,796 ft above sea level and home to the world's largest astronomical observatory (气象台), with telescopes (望远镜) operated by astronomers (天文学家) from eleven countries of the world.
Molokai Hawaii 莫洛凯岛 Peaceful and rural, Molokai is called "the most Hawaiian Island". If you're looking for natural beauty, rainforests and deserted beaches, outdoor adventures and eco (生态、环境的) tourism, travel to Molokai Hawaii is a perfect choice for you. Life here is slow and relaxed. There is so little automobile traffic, that there's not a single traffic light. There are no buildings taller than a coconut tree. Although it is just only 9 miles away from Maui, Molokai is years apart from other major Hawaiian islands in terms of modern development. Visiting Molokai, you feel stepping many years back in time. The island was formed by a series of three volcanoes. According to the experts, first settlements appeared on Molokai about 650 A.D.. Those first settlers most likely originated from the Marquises [(英国等的)侯爵], with later migrations(移民), in double hulled canoes (独木舟), from Tahiti(塔希提岛) and other areas in the South Pacific. Residents here are very friendly and honest.

Niagara Falls 尼亚加拉瀑布

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Niagra falls, one of the wonders of the world, right on the border with Canada and some twenty miles north of Buffalo(布法罗,美国纽约州西部 一城市), USA, is a must to see!! At 56 metres (180 ft), the American Falls is slightly higher than its Canadian counterpart. Its crestline (瀑布最高处的宽 度) is 320 metres (1075 ft) . The American Falls look spectacular at night, when it is lit with various combinations of coloured lights. Over the last century the American Falls has undergone a dramatic face lift due to natural forces of erosion (腐蚀, 侵蚀). The natural bedrock ([矿]岩床) is composed of (包括,包含) soft shale (页岩) and limestone ( 石灰石). Over the years the continual flow of the water causes large sections of the bedrock to fall and remain at the base of the cataracts (大瀑布). It is estimated that 75,000 gallons of water flow over the American Falls each second, amounting to only 10% of Niagara's total waterflow. No one has ever dared to conquer the American Falls in a barrel (桶). All daredevil (鲁莽大胆的) activities have always concentrated on the Canadian Horseshoe Falls (加拿大马蹄瀑布) because it has a larger waterflow and fewer rocks at its basins (底部).