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Jul 7, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-CRYSTALLIZEDTM-introduction 1

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

Newsletter May 2008
1 All New Collection
CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements is delighted to announce the new edition of the Elements Collection catalogue, redesigned to make it more user friendly than ever before. The Collection package consists of the catalogue itself, a summary of the Collection and a USB stick and CD ROM with different files for online use.
CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements很高兴宣布我们的新版Elements Collection目录面世,它经过重新设计,更加便于使用。精选组合包括目录本身、精选产品概要以及记忆棒、CD ROM,还有在线使用的各种文档。

Alongside improved picture quality, new introduction pages for each product group, detailed contents pages, clear indexing and end of chapter summaries, the publication also offers fold-out colour charts, basic information in 10 languages and a synopsis of the “CRYSTALLIZEDTM– Swarovski Elements brand spirit”, the essence of what the world of CRYSTALLIZED™ is all about.
除了图片画质提高、每一产品组合的新介绍页、详尽的内容页、清晰的索引以及每节末概要,新版中还有彩色插图、10种语言提供的基本信息以及“CRYSTALLIZEDTM– Swarovski Elements 品牌精神”概览,即CRYSTALLIZED™世界的精华所在。

Most importantly, the 600-page Collection now features all products in a single catalogue. It includes all innovations launched since May 2006, together with new color combinations, cuts and sizes – totaling some 10,500 variations in crystal stones as well as a wide variety of semi-finished products.

The very latest innovations are marked with a ‘New!’ sign – look out especially for optimized cuts in the revamped Magnet Fastener assortment also due to be launched as Fancy Stones; the Octagon Pendant, now available in 14 mm and/or with two holes; and the Briolette and Butterfly Beads available in 12 mm.
最新产品带有‘New!’标记——特别要留意改进后的磁扣件系列(Magnet Fastener)的精细切割,该系列也将作为奇异宝石系列(Fancy Stones)推出;八角挂坠(Octagon Pendant)现有14 mm规格和/或双孔设计;还有12 mm规格的圆钻(Briolette)和蝶珠(Butterfly Beads)。

2 Footwear News Shoe Star Design Contest
CRYSTALLIZEDTM is co-sponsoring an exciting initiative in shoe design alongside Nine West, in a competition launched last November by Footwear News and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Seven finalists were selected from a pool of entrants within accessories design at the institute, and then set a series of design challenges that eliminate one contestant per challenge.
2、Footwear News鞋品明星设计大赛
去年9月份Footwear News和Fashion Institute of Technology在纽约举办了一次鞋品设计大赛,CRYSTALLIZEDTM 与Nine West一起赞助了这次精彩的活动。从学院配饰设计方面的众多参赛选手中选出了7位决赛选手,然后再进行一系列设计挑战赛,每次挑战淘汰一位选手。

The latest, ‘Red Carpet Challenge’, required each of the four remaining participants to design a red carpet shoe for a celebrity, intended to accessorize a simple black dress and incorporating CRYSTALLIZED™
– Swarovski Elements. Each contestant produced a sketch and a sample of their shoe design, and the difficult task of judging their creations fell to Sex in the City stylist Patricia Field.
最新的一项“红地毯挑战”,要求剩下的4位选手每人为某位名人设计一双踏上红地毯时穿的鞋子,要利用CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements,并与一件简洁的黑色长裙搭配。每位选手提交了鞋子设计草图和样品,然后由Sex in the City的设计师Patricia Field对这些创意进行评判,这是一件苦差事。

The students received a complete presentation of both Swarovski as a company and the stunning range of CRYSTALLIZED™
- Swarovski Elements, together with a hands-on demonstration of application techniques. The beautiful designs they came up with clearly demonstrate both their own burgeoning creative talent and the wide-ranging creative possibilities of CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements.
学生们听取了一次完整的介绍,既了解了Swarovski这家公司,也了解了CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements丰富多样的产品系列,以及生动的应用技法真人演示。精美设计不仅展示了学生们朝气蓬勃的创造才能,也展示了CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements带来的异彩纷呈的创造可能性。

With the launch of our CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements brand came a new media advertising strategy targeting both B2B and B2C customers. The thinking is that while B2B ads will increase the recognition and acceptance of the new brand, B2C ads represent an additional benefit for CRYSTALLIZED™ customers by creating a ‘pull’ effect at the consumer level.
我们启动CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements品牌的同时,还实施了一项新的媒体广告策略,既针对B2B 也针对B2C客户。我们认为,B2B广告可以提高新品牌的认知度和接受度,而B2C广告可以为CRYSTALLIZED™客户增加额外的利益,能够在消费者层面创造一种 “拉动”效应。

Both campaigns use the key visual shot by world-renowned fashion photographer Nick Knight to emphasize the emotional properties of CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements, causing everybody to fall in “love at first light”.
两项活动都使用了全球知名的时尚摄影师Nick Knight的视觉效果强烈的作品,旨在强调CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements的情感元素,让每个人都对它“一见钟情”。

The B2B ad campaign re-launched worldwide in Autumn/Winter 07/08, with ads appearing in publications such as WWD, Textilwirtschaft, Vogue Gioello, Collezioni, Fashion Daily News and Journal de Textile. The campaign was then extended into the B2C arena, with ads appearing worldwide in high-end fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Instyle, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan.
For more information go to
B2B广告活动于07/08的秋季/冬季在世界范围内重新启动,广告刊登于各种出版物,如WWD、Textilwirtschaft、Vogue Gioello、Collezioni、Fashion Daily News 以及 Journal de Textile等等。活动还扩展进入了B2C领域,广告刊登在全球的高端时尚杂志上,如Vogue、Elle、Instyle、Marie Claire 和 Cosmopolitan。

4 Iconic Electronics
In one of its latest initiatives designed to encourage up-coming creative talent, CRYSTALLIZEDTM has been working on an exciting collaboration with bright young sparks at the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. Swarovski charged the students with re-thinking consumer electronic design, using CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements to fire their imagination.
CRYSTALLIZEDTM最近举办的一系列活动之一旨在向新晋创意人才提供激励,已同密歇根州久负盛名的Cranbrook Academy of Art的年轻设计人才展开精彩合作。Swarovski让学生们重新思考消费类电子产品的设计,运用CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements激发他们的想象力

While technologies such as games consoles, mobiles phones and PDAs are commonplace, their designs are not always well integrated with their cultural surroundings. Instead, a tech-fetish aesthetic can override the sensual comfort of the domestic spaces these objects are destined to inhabit. Crystal elements offer a glittering counterpoint to this high-tech slickness.

Students at the academy turned to the worlds of fashion and art for inspiration. The resulting pieces, from crystal-bedecked speakers and a sparkling games console, to a mobile phone that doubles as a crystal-encrusted bracelet, successfully and seamlessly combine functionality with decorative design.


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