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Jul 7, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-The Leading Hotels of the World-promotion material

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

Left Side:
A desk remains cluttered. A mind does not. Her quest led her here.
Whether yours is a journey of self-discovery or one to discover a part of the world you have never seen, The Leading Hotels of the World is clearly the right place to start. For booking information, please call The Platinum Card Service at: Hong Kong 2277 2233, Singapore 1800 392 1177, Malaysia 1800 88 0886, India 1800 180 1255, Taiwan 0800 055 500.
不论您的旅程是为了找到自我还是寻觅新奇的世界, The Leading Hotels of the World 都是您最恰当的起点。查询预订信息,请拨打白金卡服务热线:香港2277 2233、新加坡 1800 392 1177、马来西亚1800 88 0886、印度1800 180 1255、台湾 0800 055 500。

Every quest has a beginning.

Right Side:
Begin your quest at one of these Leading Hotels of the World.
在Leading Hotels of the World的一家旅馆开始您的寻觅吧。

The Taj West EndBangalore, IndiaSet on 20 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, this century-old hotel is a fine tribute to the Garden City of Bangalore.
The Taj West End

The Alex Hotel, New York, New York, U.S.A.In the heart of midtown Manhattan, located within walking distance of several cultural attractions, The Alex offers contemporary and sophisticated accommodations.
The Alex Hotel,纽约市,纽约州,美国。位于曼哈顿中心区,毗邻许多著名的文化景点,The Alex为您提供现代先进的住宿条件。

Hotel Granduca, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.Be transported to old-world Italy when visiting Hotel Granduca, Houston’s extraordinary new hotel in the Uptown/Galleria area.
Hotel Granduca,休斯敦,德克萨斯州,美国。当您步入Hotel Granduca,会有一种回到古意大利的感觉,它是休斯敦住宅区/商业区最别致新潮的旅馆。

The Taj Mahal HotelNew Delhi, IndiaThe preferred choice of world travelers and New Delhi’s most distinguished address, The Taj Mahal Hotel presents a rich blend of mogul architecture and rare artifacts.
The Taj Mahal Hotel
全世界游客最心仪的选择,新德里最著名的地方,The Taj Mahal Hotel混合了显赫的建筑艺术和珍稀的古董文物。

The Leading Hotels of the World is the fist stop on your personal journey.
The Leading Hotels of the World是您旅行中最重要的一站。

SPECIAL OFFER EXCLUSIVELY FOR AMERICAN EXPRESS CARDMEMBERSThe Leading Hotels of the World has put together a special You Choose Package for American Express Cardmembers. At participating Leading Hotels, receive 15% credit to be used for selected services and amenities during your stay. To make a reservation or for more information, please visit www.lhw.com/youchoose or call The Platinum Card Service at: Hong Kong 2277 2233, Singapore 1800 392 1177, Malaysia 1800 88 0886, India 1800 180 1255, Taiwan 0800 055 500.
The Leading Hotels of the World为美国运通卡会员特别提供“您来选择服务套餐”。在参与活动的旅馆中,能够得到15%的信用,用于驻留期间所选择的服务或舒适用品。预订或咨询请访问
www.lhw.com/youchoose,或者拨打白金卡服务热线:香港 2277 2233、新加坡 1800 392 1177、马来西亚 1800 88 0886、印度1800 180 1255、台湾 0800 055 500。

Every quest has a beginning.
This exclusive offer is available to American Expresss Cardmembers through 31/12/08. Only available when you book The Leading Hotels of the World You Choose Package. 15% credit is calculated by multiplying room rate by number of nights. When making reservations, identify yourself as an American Express Cardmember or travel agent and refer to code L19. Payment must be made with your American Express Card. Advance reservations are required. This offer does not apply to existing reservations and cannot be combined with group or other offers. Offer valid at participating hotels. Subject to availability. Restrictions may apply.

此次对美国运通卡会员的特殊优惠一直到2008年12月31日。只有预订了The Leading Hotels of the World 的“您来选择服务套餐”,才可以享受。用房间价格乘以住宿天数来计算15%的信用。预订时请表明自己是美国运通卡会员或者旅游代理,并提及L19条款。只能使用美国运通卡支付。必须提前预订。此次优惠不适用于已经做出的预订,也不可以同团体及其他优惠同时享受。优惠仅限于参加活动的旅馆。受供给情况限制。而且可能有限制条款。

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