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Mar 10, 2012

Welcome to Hawaii(夏威夷欢迎你)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

White sandy beaches, palms ( 棕榈树), swayed (摇摆, 摇动) by the light ocean breeze (微风), crystal clear (极其透明的,非常清澈的) water, and lush (葱翠,繁茂的) tropical blooming (热带开花植 物). Endless summer days bathed in sunshine. Is this your idea of paradise (天堂)? Welcome to Hawaii! Whether you're looking to relax, practice sports or travel and explore, Hawaii has a lot to offer. On these wonderful islands there is an opportunity to spend time with great pleasure for everyone: good waves (波浪, 海浪) all around the year for surfers, constant winds for windsurfers (帆板运动员) and diverse underwaters(水下的) picturesque (如画的) world for divers(潜水员) and beauty of tropics(热带地区) for nature lovers.
Oahu is the third largest and the most developed. Like other islands of Hawaii, Oahu is the tip ( 尖端) of an underwater mountain. The island is roughly shaped like an elephant's head. Oahu is not the largest, but the main island of Hawaii. It is the most populated island and hosts five million visitors a year. Honolulu (檀香山), the capital of Hawaii(夏威夷州的首府), is situated here on Oahu. Honolulu boasts (包含) about 80% of the population of Hawaii. Honolulu plays role of business, commercial and cultural center of Hawaii. Oahu Hawaii tourism is centred almost exclusively around Waikiki Beach (怀基基海滩). Over 90% of Oahu hotels are located here. Waikiki is famous for the best surfing waves on Oahu Island. The majority of the island's attractions are concentrated ( 集中) around this urban area. Hawaii is also famous for the most challenging and scenic golf courses(高尔夫球场) (there are about 36 of them on Oahu Hawaii Island). Stretching into Rainforest Mountains, through the island's central plateau (高原) and along golden beaches, Oahu's courses provide splendid (壮丽的, 辉煌的) scenery and some of the most challenging holes in the nation.
Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian Island chain (夏威夷群岛). The nickname of Maui is "The Valley Island" because the island is formed by two parallel(平行的) and now dormant volcanoes (休眠火山) with a valley between them. The western section of Maui Hawaii is situated the world's largest volcano, Haleakala(哈里阿卡拉) (10,029 feet). As the middle island of Hawaii, Maui was the center of Hawaiian royalty (皇室). Through the years, it has also served as a base for Christian missionaries(传教士), a port of call for whaling vessels, and the site of Hawaii's most productive sugar cane (甘蔗) and pineapple(菠萝) plantations( 种植园). Nowadays Maui is the most developed of the Hawaiian Islands. It has everything for perfect vacation: accommodation (膳宿) for every taste, from budget hotels(经济型旅馆) to luxurious (豪华的) resorts (度假胜地), gorgeous (宜人的;爽快的) beaches, nightlife and entertainment.
Enchanting (迷人的,醉人的) beauty of cascading (成瀑布落下) emerald (翠绿色的) mountains, uncrowded sandy beaches and spectacular (引人入胜的, 壮观的) waterfalls --that is Kauai Hawaii. Kauai is so richly green and flourishing that it's nicknamed "The Garden Island". Nearly half the island is a protected conservation area (保留地区), and much of the rest is rural(农村). Kauai is considered to be the Hawaii's oldest island. It was formed by volcanic activity (火山运动) more than 5 million years ago. Kauai's central volcanic peak, Mount Waialeale(威美亚峡谷), is the wettest place on earth. Thanks to moisture-laden winds (潮湿的风) that strike Mount Waialeale, the area surrounding the peak is often deluged (淹, 浸) by upwards of 480 inches of rain per year. The lush natural environment and the breath-taking scenery makes Kauai Hawaii a favorite island with photographers and filmmakers. Over the years, such well-known works as "South Pacific," (电影《南太平洋》) "Raiders of the Lost Ark," (电影《夺宝奇兵》) "Jurassic Park," (电影《侏罗纪公园》) and "Outbreak" (电影《恐怖地带》) have been filmed here. Roughly circular (圆形的) in shape, Kauai is 550 square miles in area and 32 miles in diameter (n. 直径). Though Kauai's climate is tropical (热带的), it actually consists of many distinct (清楚的, 明显的) microclimates (小气候), including sunny dry areas, lush river valleys, temperate (气候温和的) foothills and high mountain rain forests.
Big Island Hawaii 夏威夷大岛 Its official name is the Island of Hawaii, but you rarely hear this. Commonly it is called the Big Island, because it's nearly twice the size of all the other Hawaiian islands combined结合). The Big Island of Hawaii has other unofficial names: some call it the "Orchid Isle" (兰花岛) due to the 100,00 plus species of orchids grown there. Sometime it is named "Volcano Island", because at the heart of the Big Island there are two towering (高耸的) volcanic peaks. Geographically the Big Island of Hawaii is the most diverse island of the archipelago (群岛) with eleven of the 14 known climate zones in the world: from desert lavascapes (沙漠岩石景观) to tropical rain forests (热带雨 林), from beaches to snow-capped mountains. The highest point of the Big Island Hawaii is Mauna Kea (that means "White mountain") at 13,796 ft above sea level and home to the world's largest astronomical observatory (气象台), with telescopes (望远镜) operated by astronomers (天文学家) from eleven countries of the world.
Molokai Hawaii 莫洛凯岛 Peaceful and rural, Molokai is called "the most Hawaiian Island". If you're looking for natural beauty, rainforests and deserted beaches, outdoor adventures and eco (生态、环境的) tourism, travel to Molokai Hawaii is a perfect choice for you. Life here is slow and relaxed. There is so little automobile traffic, that there's not a single traffic light. There are no buildings taller than a coconut tree. Although it is just only 9 miles away from Maui, Molokai is years apart from other major Hawaiian islands in terms of modern development. Visiting Molokai, you feel stepping many years back in time. The island was formed by a series of three volcanoes. According to the experts, first settlements appeared on Molokai about 650 A.D.. Those first settlers most likely originated from the Marquises [(英国等的)侯爵], with later migrations(移民), in double hulled canoes (独木舟), from Tahiti(塔希提岛) and other areas in the South Pacific. Residents here are very friendly and honest.

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