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Jul 1, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-AirAsia-Perth 3

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

A dazzling array of attractions offer a unique experience to make your visit complete. There is something for everyone. Perth has so many things to see and do that we hope you've allowed enough time to see it all!
The best selection of day and evening cruises on the Swan River with Captain Cook Cruises. Enjoy one of their famous wine cruises, complete with entertainment, to vineyards in the Swan Valley – or a scenic or luncheon cruise from either Perth or Fremantle.
Meet and feed the inhabitants of one of the largest private collections of native animals in Australia at the Caversham Wildlife Park, with koalas, kangaroos, quokkas, emus, camels, dingoes and more located in Swan Valley, only half an hour away from the city.
Perth's most iconic visitor attraction, King Park offers a truly unique experience with natural bushland, tranquil park areas, native birds and stunning panoramic views of the city and Swan River. It is home to the showcase retail space for local contemporary craft and design, Aspects of Kings Park, and the treetop Lotterywest Federation Walkway.
More information on Attractions in Perth
From Tourism Western Australia
国王公园是珀斯的标志性景观,能够为您提供一种真正独特的体验,天然的灌木丛、绿荫环抱的静谧、多姿多彩的本土鸟类,还可以欣赏城市和天鹅河的壮美全景。这里有当代本土工艺品和服装的展销会,是Aspects of Kings Park组织的发祥地,还有树梢之上的Lotterywest联邦小径。

Urban Charm
A city which infuses natural beauty and modern architecture; a wonderful and different way to see Perth is through a bird’s eye view. That’s right, how better to see the city that on a helicopter ride. Charter a helicopter from Heli West and be on your way to a whirlwind ride around Perth. Another option for seeing the city is by hiking to the pinnacle of King’s Park. Although the trail goes up a steep incline, the spectacular view of Swan River and the city from the top will make it worth your while.
Parks and Gardens
If you enjoy having picnics and BBQs in parks, then the Burswood Park is worthy of a visit. The park provides a striking venue for chilling outdoors or even for jogging, cycling, birdwatching and even for a romantic evening stroll. For those intending to set up a BBQ pit, it’s useful to note that gas is free for all guests. A mere 3 minutes away from Perth, Burswood Park is a tranquil place to unwind and just watch the day go by.
Whiteman Park a bushland reserve in Swan Valley is another destination suited for the whole family. The paved trails, picnic sites and playgrounds allow the whole family to enjoy the outdoors in a secure environment.
Perth Mint
Ever wondered how pure gold bars are made? If you’d like to get an insight on this process visit the Perth Mint. The world’s oldest operating mint is also the manufacturer of the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympics Victory Medals. One can get a customized medallion made here, with a personal message engraved on it.
River Cruise
Captain Cook’s Cruise is a fantastic experience for anyone who likes being on a boat - enjoying the fluidity and peaceful rhythms of Swan River. There is a cruise for everyone – full day cruises, half day cruises, wine cruises and even scenic cruises. The cruise packages include buffet lunch or dinner on board the vessel.

城市之中自然美景与现代建筑融为一体;欣赏珀斯最精彩、最特别的方式是鸟瞰。对,还有什么比乘坐直升机欣赏这座城市更好的。从Heli West租用一架直升机,踏上珀斯天空的盘旋之旅。还可以徒步前往国王公园的顶峰。虽然山路陡峭难行,但是壮观的天鹅河和城市景色抵得上所有的辛劳。

It is believed that Aborigines lived in Perth up until the 1800s, when they were joined by westerners who started to settle in the area. The Aborigines have their own cultural practices, of which they believe that forces and powers that created the world are their creative ancestors.
To learn more about their fascinating culture, visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia which is laden with exclusive Aborigine paintings, sculptures and crafts. Aborigine tribes can also be noticed in and around Perth performing on their didgeridoos and hollow log drums.
The Hyde Park is also a great place to experience the ethnic Western Australian culture and try your hand at pottery, weaving and painting.
One of Perth’s most recognizable historical landmarks is the Old Mill. Situated at the bank of the Swan River, the mill seized its operations in 1859 and was subsequently preserved as a National Trust property in 1992. Visit the mill and travel back in time!
老磨坊是珀斯最具标志性的历史古迹。坐落在天鹅河畔,在1859年就停止工作了,1992年的时候被National Trust托管。拜访老磨坊,体味它的古老!

Perth is home to so many different events, you can plan your holiday around one or many, or just see what’s on when you get here. Whether you fancy a play, live music or supporting one of our sporting teams, the events listing below is sure to have something for you.
One of the highlights is the Kings Park Wildflower Festival. The 2008 Kings Park Festival will be held over the month of September, and include spectacular displays of Western Australian wildflowers in bloom in the Botanic Garden and across the Park. There will also be gardening and art workshops, free family fun days, jazz in the Botanic Garden.
From Tourism Western Australia
国王公园野花节是一个亮点。 2008年国王公园节将于9月份举行,包括壮观的西澳大利亚州野花展览,到时候五彩缤纷的野花将在植物园和整个公园绽放。此外还有园艺和艺术工作坊,免费家庭同乐日,以及植物园的爵士乐演奏等等。

There are a number of shopping malls around Perth but the most famous of them are located along Murray and Hay Street. Both malls are pedestrian only malls and offer a wide variety of specialty stores. Myers and Ahens on the other hand, are chain department stores found all around Perth.
For souvenirs, drop by the Fremantle Market set within a beautiful historical Victorian building; there are about 150 stalls selling a wide range of products from prints, pottery and antiques. If you get hungry, fresh produce can also be found at the market for a quick, healthy snack. The market was built during the time of the gold rush, where communities were prosperous and that has reflected in the elaborate design of the market.
珀斯有许多购物中心,但是最有名的都位于Murray 和 Hay大街。两个购物中心都只允许步行,各种专业店鳞次栉比。Myers 和 Ahens则不同,它们是连锁百货公司,遍布整个珀斯。

At night, the streets of Northbridge bordered by William, James, Aberdeen and Parker Streets come alive with music and color as droves flock to pumping bars, clubs and pubs. Enjoy cool jazz and blues at the Universal Bar or bop to live tunes over a handcrafted beer at the Brass Monkey. Dress in your most stylish garb and join Perth fashionistas amongst the chic oriental stylings at upmarket Geisha Bar.
On Friday evenings, Perth's central business district morphs into party central as workers and late-night shoppers let their hair down.
In Fremantle, Little Creatures, Sail and Anchor and The Norfolk are mega-popular watering holes where people flock for a laidback beer and a bite.
Over on bustling Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley, Must Winebar, The Queens Hotel and The Brisbane Hotel attract capacity crowds with their gourmet pub grub, funky vibe and extensive wine and beer lists.
Beaufort Street is also home to the cocktail capital of Western Australian - multi award-winning Luxe Bar.
More information on Perth and its vibrant Nightlife.

北桥区被William、 James、 Aberdeen和 Parker大街围绕,入夜时分音乐奏响、霓虹闪耀,人们成群结队涌向酒吧、夜总会和小酒馆,夜开始活泼起来。在Universal 酒吧享受很酷的爵士乐和蓝调,或者在Brass Monkey手拿一杯自酿啤酒随着音乐的曼妙轻舞。穿上您最前卫的时装,成为珀斯时尚一族,在高档艺妓酒吧品味别致的东方韵调。
在弗里曼特尔,Little Creatures,、Sail and Anchor 以及 The Norfolk都是饮酒的绝佳去处,人们蜂拥而至,或狂饮,或小酌。
在Mount Lawley人潮如织的 Beaufort大街上, Must Winebar酒吧、皇后酒店和 Brisbane 宾馆吸引着有消费能力的人群,提供令人垂涎的酒食、时尚另类的氛围和数不尽的葡萄酒、啤酒。
这里还有被称为西澳大利亚州鸡尾酒之都的、屡获殊荣的Luxe酒吧。 、关于珀斯及其活力四射夜生活的更多资料。

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