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Jul 1, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-AirAsia-Perth 2

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

Whether you're visiting family and friends or just exploring that little bit further, we've included some information to help you get where you're going. Map files are up to 250kb to download.
Perth City Perth central city area, complete with legend including street names, map references for hotels and points of interest.
Perth city walk Perth's central city historic sites and buildings with information for a three hour self-guided walk.
Perth shopping malls Find the shopping arcades within the Perth central city area.
Fremantle city walk See many of Fremantle's most interesting attractions on this three hour self-guided walk.
Inner City suburbs Approximately 5kms radius from central city area.
Subiaco Includes street names and points of interest.
Swan Valley Includes street names, points of interest and an inset map of the town of Guildford.
WA Map Comprehensive map of the state.
From Tourism Western Australia
Subiaco ,包括街道名称及景点。


Hotel accommodation in Perth includes many premises of international standard. Such establishments have the usual five-star accessories; pools, a gym, good restaurants and 24 hour room service. Boutique hotels are smaller establishments which still provide guests with a very high standard of service and decor, but are often more intimate.
Serviced Apartments have facilities for self-catering, long-term stays which usually include your own kitchen equipped with cooking elements such as fridge, hot and cold water, oven, microwave, toaster, crockery and cutlery as well as a dining area. Servicing (cleaning and changing bed/bath linen) may occur daily or weekly. The standard of accommodation available throughout Perth ranges from basic budget apartments to luxury resort-style complexes which may offer amenities such as spa bathrooms, room service and beachfront balconies.
A wide range of budget accommodation is available, from traditional country 'pubs' to backpackers' hostels. Bathroom facilities are often shared and kitchen and common room facilities are usually available.
If you prefer the comforts of home while holidaying you'll find a large range of B&Bs available across Perth. Accommodation ranges in style, including private homes and self-contained cottages and apartments. Breakfast is always included and operators are keen to offer warm, friendly service. Visitors can participate in or simply observe day-to-day seasonal activities on a farm or take in the peacefulness of a country retreat. Many properties offer the chance to meet and interact with farm animals.
More information on Accommodation options. (www.staywa.net.au)
From Tourism Western Australia
住宿选择更多信息。 ( www.staywa.net.au )

A river side city only invokes one thought when it comes to dining and that’s seafood dining! River-side restaurant are a norm for the city and offer a full array of seafood dining delights such as tiger prawns, crayfish and the barramundi fish. Seafood lovers are recommended to try the food galore at Joe’s Fish Shack in Freemantle with an exquisite view of the harbor through full length glass windows. Fresh seafood is a signature style for Joe’s – winning the 2005 and 2004 Gold Plate Awards for Best Free Standing Restaurant in Perth.
Kaili’s Fish Market Café is another delicious stop for seafood – with a menu of fried, grilled and BBQ options to suit every taste bud. Kaili’s also has a seafood market that allows patrons to choose their seafood directly from the stock. They even teach diners how to choose fresh seafood to ensure that customers know what they are getting.
Another authentic Perth cuisine that will keep your tummy happy and your heart satisfied is the tender and flavorful steaks of Char Char Bull. Cuts are selected from the old Murray Grey beef (premium cattle from New South Wales), but that’s not all, one can also choose from a selection lamb or kangaroo gourmet dishes.
Don’t let a name like Jester’s pies fool you, because they are really serious about their hand made pies. With ingredients which are all natural and low in fat, these pies are a guilt free indulgence. One can choose from the Minced Beef, Curry Beef or Lamb and Vegies selection and wash it all down with a Jester’s silky rendition of cappuccino and latte.
Have you heart set out on chowing down on international cuisine? Here are some options to consider while in Perth. Do try Miss Maud’s eclectic Swedish selection to fill the buffet tables and empty stomachs for a Smorgasbord breakfast, lunch or dinner. For a fixed price, enjoy Swedish cuisine of seafood, roast carvery, cold meat platters, soups, salads, desserts and of course coffee. Just drop by the intersection of Pier and Murray Street to find Miss Maud Swedish Hotel. You can also head down to the Northbridge for Greek, Italian or Chinese food.
For more information on dining options, log on to
需要用餐时,在一座临江城市只会有一种想法,就是海鲜大餐!岸边餐厅是这座城市的标志,提供齐全的海鲜美食,如虎虾、小龙虾和澳洲肺鱼等。对海鲜爱好者,建议您去Freemantle的Joe’s Fish Shack餐馆,透过落地窗还可以欣赏港口的优雅景致。生猛海鲜是这里的招牌——赢得了2005和2004年度的金盘奖,珀斯最佳的可泊车餐厅。
Kaili’s Fish Market餐馆是另一个美味海鲜的好去处——油炸、熏制和烧烤的海鲜任您选择。Kaili’s还有海鲜小超市,让顾客自己从货架上选择海鲜。甚至教您如何选择新鲜的海鲜,让顾客明明白白消费。
另一个真正的珀斯美食,绝对会让您心满意足,胃口大开,肉质细嫩、味道浓重的Char Char Bull牛排。肉排精选自历史悠久的Murray Grey小牛(这种牛源自英国新南威尔士州),不过这还不是全部,还有羔羊或袋鼠肉等美味菜肴恭候着您。
您准备好大嚼国际美食了么?在柏斯可是有很多的。一定要尝尝Miss Maud’s的折衷主义的瑞典美食,摆满餐桌、填鼓肚皮,瑞典式的自助早餐、午餐或晚餐。支付一定价格,就可以享受瑞典式的美味海鲜、烧腊carvery、肉类拼盘、汤品、沙拉、甜点,当然还有咖啡了。只需在Pier 和 Murray大街的路口下车,就可以找到Miss Maud瑞典酒店。您也可以去北桥品尝那里的希腊、意大利或中国美食。

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