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Jul 1, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-AirAsia-Perth 1

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

Australia > Perth

At A Glance
Perth, located on the western tip of Australia, is the state capital for Australia’s largest state. It exudes a natural charm for visitors who crave for an outdoor escapade.
Think clear blue skies, bridges over canals and breath-taking natural panoramas and you’ll be able to imagine Perth. This is the destination of your choice if you are looking for a holiday in a city where activities, both indoor and outdoor, are abundant.
A city with a lakefront, Perth is built on the Swan River. The river was named in 1797 by a Dutch explorer who noticed many black swans on the gentle water. The river makes a picturesque view – its skyscrapers, catamarans, open restaurants and river sidewalk is silhouetted by clear blue skies.
Being the sunniest city in Australia, the weather is pleasant all year round at this temperate destination. Temperatures can reach a high of 32 degrees or a low of 14 degrees (during winter), making it a perfect place for outdoor ventures.
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Moving Around
Tourist Bus
There are so many options to get around the city! As a visitor, you can hop on to the Tourist bus and take a tour around Perth on a double-decker bus. The tourist bus will take visitors to all major areas within Perth, including King’s Park. Tickets are valid for two consecutive days and can be purchased from tourist and information kiosks around the city.
Intercity Busses
The transportation system within Perth is known as the Transperth, which starts and ends at the Wellington Street Bus Station and the City Busport on Mount Bay Road. Busses and coach services start at 6am and go on until 11:30pm. Tickets can be purchased from ticket kiosks or when you board the bus.
Visitors will find the unique bus routes in Perth amusing and easy to remember as popular destinations are found within the Circle Route; whereby busses traveling anti-clockwise are known to be on Route 99 and clockwise as Route 98.
Well planned bus routes are further enhanced by the Transperth’s Free Transit Zone where passengers can use the bus services free of charge. The free service-bus takes the passenger to all major shopping areas ranging from West and East Perth and Northbridge.
Ferries can be seen going up and down Swan River and also to destinations such as Rottnest Island, Northport, Victoria Quay and Hillarys from the barrack Street Jetty and Mends Street Jetty. Services start as early as 6:45 am and end at about 7:15 pm. What’s more exciting, in spring, whale watching cruises operate from Hillary’s - an electrifying option for nature lovers and whale enthusiast alike.
To drive in Australia, an international driver’s license or Australian driver’s license in needed. A standard license will give driver’s access to a 12-seater vehicle or a scooters up to 50cc. Car rental services are an easy to find as most of them are available online.
Just look for the illuminated light that says ‘Vacant’ on top of taxis, to hail one down. A large fleet of taxis zoom by the streets of Perth on a daily basis. The metered taxis are easy to find, especially around hotels and shopping areas.
珀斯市内交通系统被称作Transperth,起始点位于Wellington大街的巴士站和Mount Bay大街的City Busport。公交巴士及旅游巴士服务从早上6时开始,直到晚上11时30分。车票可以在售票亭,或登上巴士后购买。
游客会发现珀斯的巴士路线非常独特、有趣、令人难忘,循环路线经过了许多受欢迎的景点;在那里逆时针方向的被称作99路,顺时针的被称作98路 。
渡轮在天鹅河上往来穿梭,从barrack大街码头和 Mends大街码头出发,前往Rottnest 岛、 北港、Victoria港和 Hillarys等地。服务从早上6点45分开始,直到下午7点15分左右。春天更令人兴奋的是从Hillary出发的观鲸游船——对于喜爱大自然的人和鲸鱼爱好者们都是绝佳的选择。

Information for Visitor
Perth is located in the south western corner of Australia. Latitude 31 degrees 57 min South, longitude 115 degrees 51 min East. Population 1,445,078 metro Perth (State total: 1,959,088) as at the 2006 census.

Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with warm to hot summers and cool, wet winters. Summer temperatures average between 29° and 32° during the day and between 16° and 18° at night. However, it is not unusual for summer temperatures to reach 35° for three or four days in a row, especially in February. The afternoon sea breeze (known as 'the Fremantle Doctor') offers relief to coastal towns during the summer. The highest daily maximum temperatures recorded in Perth are around 44°. The average winter temperature is 18° during the day and around 8° at night - although it occasionally snows down south, Perth almost never falls below 0° at night. It is said that Perth has the climate California thinks it has! With an annual average of eight hours’ sun per day, Perth is Australia’s sunniest capital. Perth averages only two or three days of rainfall in summer, with up to 19 days of rain in July, our wettest month.

珀斯位于澳大利亚的西南角。南纬31度57分,东经115度51分。人口1,445,078,珀斯大都市(州人口:1,959,088 ),根据2006年人口普查数据。
珀斯是地中海气候,夏季温暖或炎热,冬季凉爽潮湿。夏季平均气温,白天是29 °至32 °之间和夜晚是16 °至18 °之间。然而,夏季连续三、四天气温达到35 °,也不稀罕,尤其是在2月份。夏季,午后的海风(被称为“弗里曼特尔医生” )会为海滨城镇带来些许凉意。珀斯日最高气温记录是44 °左右。冬季白天平均温度是18 °,夜晚是8 °左右——虽然南部偶尔会下雪,但是珀斯夜间气温几乎从来没有低于0 °。据说珀斯的气候非常近似美国的加州!年平均日照8小时,因此珀斯是澳大利亚阳光最充足的首府。夏季,珀斯平均只有两、三天的降雨,7月降雨最多可达19天,是我们最潮湿的月份。

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