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Jul 4, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-ICT-introduction 2

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

Competitive Advantage of our software, BAS identity, development
We consider ourselves unique because of our strong present within the Small and Medium Enterprise of the APAC group, of which Indonesia is the coordinating country for the SME center network movement/expansion. ICT is the exclusive system integrator for the SME-Center in Indonesia having proven its track IT record in Indonesia having successfully completed several important ICT projects.

我们软件的竞争优势、BAS identity 和发展
我们认为自己有独特的优势,因为我们在APAC中小企业联盟(Small and Medium Enterprise of the APAC )群体中的稳固地位,在该组织中印尼是SME-Center网络运转/扩张的协作成员。ICT是印尼SME-Center唯一的系统集成商,其在印尼的IT业绩是有目共睹的,印尼已经成功实施了数个重要的ICT项目。

Our contribution to the Indonesian governmental institution such as the Indonesian National Police (POLRI) in the fingerprint identification department also places in good stead with the general security arena after having done the system integration work with their AFIS.


Currently, ICT has been requested by the Indonesia and Malaysian authorities to design and implement the border control and security management system (BCSM) based on combination of smartcard and biometrics.

目前印尼和马来西亚当局要求ICT设计并实施边境控制和安全管理系统(BCSM) ,该系统基于智能卡和生物测定技术。

Our long-term strategic direction
Our strategic plan is to expand the SME-Center network within the APEC regions with member countries and gradually introduce our proven technologies to our SME center members. Our main office in Indonesia positions ICT in an advantageous opportunity to serve and maintain the local customers. We have been working together with our Indonesian representative and will continue to work to build good relationship in Indonesia and expand beyond

我们的战略计划是在APEC地区(包括其成员国家)扩展SME-Center网络,逐步向我们的SME center成员推出我们的成熟技术。我们位于印尼的办事处为 ICT 赢得有利时机,服务并维系当地的客户。我们一直同我们的印尼代表一道工作,而且会继续在印尼建立良好关系并扩张业务。

We will concentrate on our present effort, i.e., building our export revenue by increasing our sales in the areas of security customized software design, system integration, consultancy and project management.


Software development assistance
In the past ICT had sought the assistance form CSIRO but currently our team of developers are capable of handling the development after years of hands-on experience. We are currently talking to NICTA with the view of learning more on the Australian SME market in order to expand the small and medium enterprise members to cooperate with other members within the APEC group.
过去ICT 向CSIRO寻求帮助,但是目前我们的开发团队在得到数年第一手经验之后有能力自主研发。我们目前正在与NICTA对话,希望了解更多关于澳洲SME市场的信息,以便推动中小企业成员同APEC组织的其他成员协作。

Expectations of the attending the CISIS and expected outcome
We expect to meet large numbers of software companies participating in different fields and hope to also meet hardware suppliers whom we can cooperate with. Hardware manufacturers such as smartcards, smartcard readers, fingerprint scanners and other related security hardware vendors.


ICT is very keen to meet and discuss with the Chinese counterparts with the possibility of strategic alliance or even joint venture partnership to maximize/complete our complementary skills in implementing IT security, mainly biometrics and smartcards solutions project for the SME-APEC countries
ICT非常希望接洽中国的同类厂商,商讨战略合作的可能性,或者建立联合投资关系,提高或完善我们在信息安全方面的现有技术,主要是为SME-APEC 国家提供生物测定及智能卡解决方案的项目。

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