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Jun 26, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-Think London-AEG Europe

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)

David Campbell – President& CEO – AEG Europe

“I’m David Campbell, I’m chief executive of AEG Europe, um, were a sports entertainment and venue company worldwide and I look after the European operations of that company. AEG Europe first got involved in London um, before the games came around, We were actually one of the major corporate supporters for the games. We’ve got experience in the States in terms of Olympics, we run Olympic training facilities and such like there, and our building in London, the O2 will be the..uh Olympic site for basketball and gymnastics so we were a pretty integral part I hope of the bid, and helping attract that year. We got the 2009 World Gymnastics Championships, uh…for London prior to the bid being won. um its great that that happened, It was a phenomenal moment , I will never forget, um when London was announced as the bid winner, and we think really that the best is yet to come when the games come in 2012. London as a city moves East and the Olympic games is really just sort of the uh, the crowning jewel on top of that, so, um I think a great opportunity for London. As a company with its European base in London, um, the Olympics is really important, I think its really going to become the biggest shop window that London has ever seen, and I think what’s really important to us and to all the other business’s in London at the moment, over the next 5 years is to make sure we’ve got that shop filled up with lots of things for people to see, because the eyes will really be on London in 2012, and today in London you can really feel a momentum, you know such that I have never experienced before, a progressive city, whether it be, in the finance industries, in academia. In the entertainment world that we are involved in, more and more people want to come to London.”

David Campbell – 董事长 & CEO – AEG Europe

“我是David Campbell,AEG Europe的首席执行官,我公司是一家跨国的体育娱乐及赛事公司。我负责这家公司的欧洲业务。AEG Europe首先进入伦敦市场,在奥林匹克进入之前,我们实际上是最主要的奥林匹克赞助商之一,我们在美国获得了奥林匹克的相关经验,运行奥林匹克训练场馆,目前在伦敦也开展类似的业务,我们在伦敦的O2将成为奥林匹克篮球和体操场馆,所以我希望我们在这场竞标中是最有力的合法竞争者,为迎接奥林匹克年尽一份努力。在胜出之前,伦敦赢得了2009年世界体操锦标赛承办资格。这简直太棒了,那是个重要的时刻,我终生难忘,当伦敦被宣布为获胜者时,我在想2012年当奥林匹克到来时,那才是更棒的。伦敦正朝着良好方向发展,而奥林匹克运动恰恰是王冠上的珍珠,所以,我认为这是伦敦千载难逢的机遇。作为一家欧洲总部建在伦敦的公司,奥林匹克非常重要,我认为这是有史以来伦敦对外展示的最佳机会,对于我们以及其他在伦敦经营的公司,未来5年都是至关重要的,我们必须确保商店中有足够多吸引人们的商品,因为2012年所有的目光都将聚焦伦敦,而且在目前的伦敦你可以真切感受到它的动力十足,它的积极进取,不论是金融业还是学术界,这些是我从未经历过的。在我们所参与的娱乐业,越来越多的人们正准备进军伦敦。”

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