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Jun 27, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-AirAsia-gold coast1

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website localization)


Australia > Gold Coast
At A Glance
WELCOME TO THE GOLD COAST - One Destination, Many Experiences!Australia’s Gold Coast is a unique city, and one of the world’s best holiday destinations.It has everything that is great about Australia, all in one easy to reach location. A spectacular coastline, World Heritage listed rainforest, exciting city centre, theme parks, shopping, restaurants and year round Events and Activities.An interesting city with friendly people and excellent weather; travelers can freely enjoy all the city sights and experiences. Many shops, restaurants and attractions are open late into the night, so there is always something to do. A glimpse of what Gold Coast has to offer:300 days of sunshine each yearAn average of 25° Celsius70 km of unspoilt coastline and beachesAustralia’s theme park capital100 hectares of World Heritage rainforest40 championship golf coursesAbove all, the Gold Coast presents a perfect family holiday destination where everyone can freely explore and experience the very best authentic Australian experiences that we are renowned for.
For more information, please visit:Gold Coast Tourism Official Sitehttp://www.verygc.com

欢迎您来到黄金海岸——1个目的地,多种体验!澳洲的黄金海岸是一座独特的城市,世界上最好的度假胜地之一。集澳大利亚所有魅力于一身,在这里一览无余。壮观的海岸线、被列入世界遗产的雨林、令人兴奋的市中心、主题公园、购物、餐饮及全年的各种特色活动。活泼有趣的城市,友好的人们和宜人的天气;游客可以自由享受所有城市景观和独特体验。许多商店、餐馆和景点都开放到深夜,所以总会有合适的事情去做。黄金海岸一瞥:每年300天阳光灿烂的日子 平均气温25 ° 70公里从未受污染的海岸线和海滩澳大利亚主题公园100公顷列为世界遗产的热带雨林40洞锦标赛高尔夫球场总之,黄金海岸是一个适宜家庭的完美度假胜地,每个人都可以自由探索和体验世界闻名的澳洲人的真实生活。如需详细资讯,请访问: 黄金海岸旅游官方网站http://www.verygc.com

Moving Around
Gold Coast has a wide range of public and private transport choices ranging from cars and bikes to buses, rail and monorail on land, to the unique ferries and water taxis on water ways.The Gold Coast bus services include high frequency bus routes along the Gold Coast Highway to Theme Parks, Shopping Centres and Rail Links. Buses run 24-hours a day, but are more frequent during daytime. While all the main tourist attractions are serviced by bus, taxis are the better option if time is of the essence, or you are traveling at night.Taxis will take you wherever you want to go, but car rental prices are also very affordable and the Gold Coast road system is easy to navigate and well sign-posted, so finding your way around is very easy and safe.
More information on how to travel around Australia’s Gold Coast.

For decades, Australia’s Gold Coast has excelled in the business of providing a home away from home. Today the Gold Coast provides a choice of accommodation that ranges from the luxurious to the conservative so as to cater to all preferences and budgets.Accommodation on the Gold Coast is more than just a place to stay and can easily be one of the most memorable features of your holiday, especially with international hotels dotting the coast, offering spectacular views of the famous beaches and boulevards. The hinterland is ripe with eco-resorts, fashionable lodges, country farm stays and remarkable rainforest getaways, all just a 30-minute drive from the beach.Families will find an oasis of friendly accommodation suited to their needs, with many accommodation facilities particularly in the city’s southern regions offering kids’ clubs and child-minding services.Focused on delivering an experience rather than just a place to stay, many of the Gold Coast’s hotels and resorts offer sporting or spa retreats with world-class golf courses and spas delivering a mixture of classic indulgence packages and delightfully Australian treatments. Turn your holiday accommodation into an experience in history, luxury or adventure.
More information on Accommodation options on Australia’s Gold Coast.
几十年来,澳大利亚黄金海岸在为游客提供宾至如归的服务方面,表现非常出色。今天黄金海岸的住宿选择更加丰富多样,从豪华到传统无所不包,适合游客所有偏好和预算情况。黄金海岸的住宿场所不仅仅是一个短暂停留的场所,而是您假期中最难忘的一部分,特别是临海的国际化酒店,可以看到著名海滩和林荫大道的壮丽美景。内陆的生态度假村、时尚林间小屋、乡村农场以及热带雨林度假都十分成熟,离海岸只需30分钟车程。出行的家庭会感觉到这里的亲切友好,可以满足他们的各种需要,服务设施完备特别是在城市南部地区,如儿童俱乐部和托幼所等。 很多黄金海岸的酒店和度假胜地,致力于提供一种体验,而不仅仅是住宿场所。运动或水疗设施齐备,包括世界一流的高尔夫球场和温泉,系列休闲享受活动及宜人的澳洲疗法都非常经典。您的假日住宿将成为对历史、奢华或冒险的一次体验。

With more than 500 restaurants and cafés, a wine region of international acclaim and a diverse range of local produce exported across the world, the Gold Coast can serve a unique dining experience for anyone, offering diners the best of both modern Australian cuisine and culinary sensations from more than 100 countries.Sample local soft-shell crabs, Wagyu beef or exotic Australian meats such as crocodile and kangaroo or enjoy home-made Italian pasta and spicy Greek barbequed octopus. The Gold Coast offers an endless variety of Australian and international cuisine in striking settings. You could enjoy breakfast overlooking the world’s most extensive sub-tropical rainforest or dinner above the Gold Coast cityscape as it is reflected onto the Pacific Ocean.Whether you are searching for a romantic dinner for two or a fun family experience that turns dining into an adventure, the Gold Coast serves it with a friendly smile. See below for a list of Halal certified restaurants in the Gold Coast

With more attractions than any other destination in the southern hemisphere, the Gold Coast features the fastest, the longest, the highest and the most exciting thrill rides in Australia. You could spend days exploring worlds of heart-racing rides, encounters with native Australian animal wildlife, splash around in specially created water theme parks or step outside the theme parks and uncover a number of truly unique attractions.Experience this great Australian city in distinctly memorable ways. In Australia’s theme park capital, you could swim with a dolphin, walk with a tiger, kiss Marilyn Monroe or spend the evening with a real Australian stockman. Travelers of all ages and interests will encounter an array of exhilarating worlds and attractions not offered anywhere else in the country.Or take a closer look and explore new ways to enjoy a celebrated city that will make your Gold Coast holiday unforgettable. This city has it all!
More information on Attractions on Australia’s Gold Coast.

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