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Apr 23, 2008

Financial statements sample-ACCOUNTING POLICIES(会计政策) AND PROCEDURES(会计程序/方法)3

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial statement translation)

Minority Interest(少数股东权益/少数股权) — Minority interest represents(表现/占有) the 40% of OCLC PICA Group B.V. owned by Stichting Pica and 40% of Strata Preservation N.V. owned by Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the National Library of the Netherlands(荷兰国家图书馆). On July 13, 2006, OCLC PICA Group B.V. declared a dividend(宣告股息) of 250,000 Euros ($318,500 paid November 21, 2006) allocated to OCLC and Stichting Pica based on their respective holdings(各自股权份额). Minority interest in OCLC PICA Group B.V. was reduced accordingly for $126,900.

Use of Estimates(估计) — The preparation of these consolidated financial statements in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America requires, in certain instances(在某些情况), the use of estimates. Actual results(实际结果/实际效果) could differ from these estimates.

Depreciation(折旧) and Amortization(摊销) — Depreciation is provided using straight-line(直线折旧法) and accelerated(加速折旧法) methods at rates based on the estimated useful lives (使用期/使用年限)of the equipment and improvements (3 to 20 years) and buildings (30 to 40 years). Costs incurred and premiums(溢价) received in connection with the issuance of revenue bonds(收入债券发行) are amortized(分期清偿) and accreted(累加/增值/附带处理), respectively, using the effective interest method(实际利率法) over the terms(期间) of the respective bonds.

Software and Goodwill(商誉) — The cost of purchased software is capitalized and amortized using the straight-line method(直线法) over the estimated economic useful lives(经济寿命) (3 to 15 years). OCLC capitalizes the costs associated with purchased databases(数据库), enhancements(功能改进/提高), and certain internal use software costs once certain criteria are met. These costs are amortized using the straight-line method (3 to 15 years). At each balance sheet date(资产负债表日), management compares the carrying value(结存价值) of capitalized software to the net realizable value(净变现价值) of the software, and the carrying value in excess of future discounted cash flows(按现值计算的现金流量) is expensed(开销) currently. Goodwill(商誉), which represents the excess of purchase price over the fair value(公允价值) of assets acquired, is amortized using the straight-line method (1 to 15 years). Net book value (净账面价值)of goodwill was $10,503,300 and $12,614,800 at June 30, 2007 and 2006, respectively.

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