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Apr 11, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-standard chartered bank(scb)-

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

Standard chartered bank
Security - General Principles

1. Introduction
All Bank employees must be aware of and understand all Group Security policies and procedures relevant to their job.
Security awareness includes the following areas:

  • Basic workplace security
  • Perimeter security
  • keeping unauthorized persons out of SCB premises
  • Conditional use of staff identity card for access to SCB offices and premises
  • Emergency procedures and drills
  • Dealing with confidential information and documents
  • Reporting incidents, suspicious activities and unauthorized persons
  • Bomb threat handling
  • Security threat handling

Group Security’s ‘Manual of Personal & Business Protection’ outlines the Bank’s security policy and standards. The Manual can be found on SCyBernet, under Group – Corporate Real Estate Services – Group Security.

Each country has a dedicated ‘Country Security Manager’, responsible for advising on and enforcing security standards within the Firm. The Country Security Manager sits within local CRES and also reports through the Regional Security Manager to the Group Head of Security.

2. General Security Housekeeping

2.1 Maintaining the security of our premises is the responsibility of all staff. By following the guidelines below, you can make SCB a more secure environment:

  • Do not allow unauthorised individuals to tailgate behind you into our offices. If you are in any doubt about whether a person who is following you into an office, is a member of staff, please ask the person to show you their access card. If they are not access cardholders, assist them to contact the person they are visiting.
  • Keep the perimeter doors to our offices closed. If you see a door that has been left open and unsupervised, please close it.
  • Keep your access card on your person and take sensible measures to prevent its loss.
  • Report the loss of your card immediately to your Country Security Manager.
  • Do not lend your card to any person.
  • Ensure that your visitors and vendors are supervised at all times while visiting or working in our offices.
  • Lock up all valuables and confidential documents when you are not using them. Do not leave your drawer keys or cabinet keys where they can be easily found.
  • Maintain a ‘clear desk’ to minimize the risk of theft or loss of confidential information
  • Report incidents, suspicious activities or the presence of suspicious persons within our premises immediately to your immediate line manager or the Country Security Manager

1. 简介

  • 工作场所的基本安全
  • 周边安全 – 不允许未获批准的人员进入渣打银行的办公楼
  • 有条件使用进入本行办公室及办公楼的员工身份卡
  • 应急程序与应急训练
  • 处理机密信息与文件
  • 报告突发事件、可疑活动及未获批准的人
  • 炸弹威胁处理
  • 安全威胁处理

集团安全部制定的《个人及企业安全手册》阐明了我行的安全政策及标准。该手册可在SCyBernet上找到,位于集团 – 公司不动产服务– 集团安全项下。


2. 常规安全管理

2.1 维护办公楼的安全是每个职员的责任。遵照以下要求,会使渣打银行更加安全:

  • 不要允许未获批准的人尾随你进入办公室。如果你不确信跟随你进入办公室的人是否为本行员工,请要求其出示身份卡。如果他们没有身份卡,请帮助他们联系需要拜访的人。
  • 请随时关闭办公室的门。如果看到一扇门未关且无人在内,请将它关上。
  • 请随身携带身份卡,并采取必要的保护措施以防丢失。
  • 如果身份卡丢失,请立即向你的“国别安全经理”报告。
  • 不要将身份卡转借他人。
  • 你的客人及供应商来访或者在我们办公室工作期间,请随时留意其动向。
  • 如果你不再使用某些贵重物品或者机密文件,请将其锁好。不要将抽屉或柜门钥匙放在容易被发现的地方。
  • 随时清理你的桌面,降低机密文件被盗或丢失的危险。
  • 立即向直线经理或者国别安全经理报告突发事件、可疑活动或办公楼里出现的可疑人员。

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