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Apr 15, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-Blackrow Engineering Co. Ltd.

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services)

An Introduction

The company recognises that continuing success - and customer satisfaction – depends on the provision of high standards of workmanship in all disciplines, and its quality and training policies are all geared to meeting these standards.

Clients reap the benefit of the vast experience attained by Blackrow’s workforce which, combined with a progressive outlook, brings repeat business from companies in industries ranging from pharmaceutical and agriculture to chemical and petrochemical.

Flexibility between trades and inter-company co-operation on site are built into the company’s structure and Blackrow enjoys a reputation for total reliability.
With Fabrication, sheet metalwork, pipework, welding, mechanical fitting, site services and factory installation among it’s services, Blackrow Engineering offers the complete solution to today’s engineering requirements, and plays a major part in ensuring the smooth running of local, national and multi-national organisations.




Blackrow的组织结构具备跨行业经营的灵活性,而且适合于现场公司间的协作,我们享有极高的声望,值得信赖。 Blackrow工程有限公司的服务范围包括制造、金属板材、管道、焊接、机械调试、现场服务和工业工程安装等等,为满足目前各种工程需要提供完整的解决方案,在确保地方、全国和跨国企业的平稳运行方面,扮演了重要角色。

4 31,000 sq. ft. Factory
4 24 ft. Eaves Height
4 Sawing to 450mm
4 M.I.G Welding
4 T.I.G Welding
4 Manual Arc Welding
4 Spot Welding
4 10 Tonne Mobile crane
4 7 Tonne Fork Lift Truck
4 2 Tonne Fork Lift Truck
4 Large Blasting Cabinet
4 CAD Design
4 150 Tonne Press Brake
4 85 Tonne Punching

4 31,000平方米英尺的工厂
4 24英尺高的举架
4 锯的切割能力450毫米
4 M.I.G焊接
4 T.I.G焊接
4 手工电弧焊
4 点焊
4 10吨移动式起重机
4 7吨叉车
4 2吨叉车
4 大型抛丸工作间
4 CAD设计
4 150吨折弯机
4 85吨冲床

Service Available
4 Full Factory Installation
4 Line or Machine Installation
4 Dismantle and Remove
4 Shut Down Cover
4 Breakdown Cover
4 Equipment Removal / Reinstallation
4 Turnkey Projects
4 Principle Contractor Status
4 CDM Management
4 Service Contracts

4 工业工程整体安装
4 生产线或机器安装
4 拆卸和移除
4 关闭保护
4 故障保护
4 设备移除/重新安装
4 交钥匙工程
4 主承包商角色
4 CDM管理
4 服务合同

Types of Pipe Work Undertaken
4 Coded Pipe Welders
4 High Pressure / Low Pressure Water
4 Oil Hot / Cold
4 Dairy Tube Work
4 Refrigeration
4 Steam High / Low pressure
4 Compressed Air
4 Domestic
4 Hydraulic
4 Gas
4 Instrument
4 Railings and Barriers
4 Underground or Surface

4 编程管道焊接
4 高压/低压水管
4 热/冷油管
4 乳制品管道
4 制冷管
4 高/低压蒸汽管
4 压缩空气管
4 家居管道
4 液体管
4 气体管
4 机械管道
4 栏杆和栅栏
4 地下或地表管道

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