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Apr 10, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-OrionPP-FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website translation)


-The Difference between OPP SW-66 and OPP PW-67

- is a batteries operated wrapping machine. It operates on two (2) heavy duty, 12 Volts, car batteries, up to 12 hours between the charges. SW-66 does not operate on alternate current. In case of a requirement of 24/7 continued operation, we recommend having 2 additional spare batteries that are charged when the machine operates on the charged batteries.
- We recommend this machine:
a)To the very busy airport or places;
b) To the airports or places where access to the electrical current is limited or interruption in availability of electricity is a possibility.
- The machine has a space for two (2) rolls of film that can be changed without leaving the place or carrying spare roll outside of the machine;
- The machine has heavy duty casters for easy moving around the airport or the place of operation.

- is a current operated machine that requires easy access to the current outlet. It is available in 220-240 V, 50 Hz or 115-120 V, 60 Hz (no additional charge).
- We recommend this machine:
a)To the airports or places where access to the electrical current is easy.
b)To the airports or places where the machine operates in one designated space or in more spaces but with easy access to the current outlet.
- The machine has space for two (2) rolls of film that can be changed without leaving the place or carrying spare roll outside of the machine;
- The machine has heavy duty casters for easy moving around the airport or the place of operation.

- Speed of wrapping:
The speed of the wrapping depends on many factors such as:
a) Number of wraps;
b) Size and shape of the luggage;
c) Experience of the operator.
We consider that 2 full baggage wrapping per minute is possible to attain but not if the luggage is large and/or of unusual shape; the number of RPM is up to 25 which means you can wrap one baggage 25 times per minute.

- Counters and wrap cycle selector:
Both machines include four Mode Wrap Selectors with Foot Switch for Continued Operation with Incorporated Digital Counter for Each Cycle or Revolution.
Standard Three position Wrap Cycle Selector Switch can be set so the machine wraps automatically baggage at 3 wraps (revolutions), 4 wraps (revolutions) and 3 and 3 wraps (revolutions). The 3&3 works in the following manner: 3 wraps and stop and after the baggage (parcel) is turned on the other side another 3 wraps.
The Machines have standard Foot Switch for continued operation.
All positions have electronic counters inside the touch pad panel so daily activity (number of baggage or packages wrapped) can easily be counted.

- Cash register:
We do not provide cash register due to various requirements in different parts of the word. Any preferred and acceptable type of cash register can be easily installed on top of the machine by the user. The monitoring of the baggage wrapped is done through the wrap counters (see above) so the amount of money collected is easy to verify.
Moving of the machine:
All machines have heavy duty castors for easy moving from place to place.

- Color:
Silver-grey (with stainless steel covered table) is a standard colour but other colours (extra charge) can be offered on request.

- Noise level:
Depends not so much on the machine, but on the film quality and atmospheric conditions. We expect it to be lower than 60 db.

- Power consumption:
OPP PW-67 consumes around 1000 Watts when operating. It switches off automatically at the end of the cycle and uses some 2-5 Watts of electricity. OPP SW-66 consumes around 200-400 Watts only when charging the batteries.

- Power input:
It is your option as to the current used. 115-120/1/60 20 amp or 220-240V/1/50 10 amps.

- Film:
- The machines are prepared for use of 20" and 30" (50.8 cm and 76 cm), standard core, rolls of film. Inside the machine there is a hinge that can be easily adjusted to change the film from 20” to 30” and vice-versa. In both machines interchangeable use of film is standard without additional charge.
- The machines use high quality stretch film, preferably one side cling (stretchable to 280%). The use of film varies upon the dimensions of the luggage wrapped and number of wraps (minimum 2 recommended).
- Where available we recommend 30" - 76 cm film either 21 or 23 microns. It speeds up the wrapping of the baggage and allows easier wrap of the large loads. It also cost between 10 and 20% less per wrap than wrapping with 20" - 50.8 cm film. If no 30" film is available 20" - 21 or 23 microns will work as well as the wider film.
- From the experience of our customers one roll of film (30”) wraps between 500 - 750 average sized suitcases and it costs between 10 -20 cents US for a complete wrap. The prices of film depend on the oil prices since the film is made from oil - currently around 60-70 USD per roll of 1650 m, 30”, stretchable to 4620 m.
- We can provide machines with lower stretch (e.g. 200%). However, the lower stretch means higher costs of wrapping. From our calculation machines with 200% stretch will cost ~ 2,500 USD per year MORE in extra costs of film in medium use operations as compared to 260%!

-Delivery delays:
The lead time is between 4 - 12 weeks, unless we have the machine(s) in stock.

No special skills are needed to operate the machine.

-The terms of payment:
50% at the order and 50% before shipment, upon our advice that the machines are ready. You can inspect the machine(s) before shipment, in Montreal.
You can pay by Irrevocable Confirmed Letter of Credit drawn to an acceptable Canadian Bank in which case a 5.5% surcharge for bank fees is added.


-OPP SW-66 和 OPP PW-67的区别


-包装机中可以放置两卷薄膜,在更换时无需离开操作地点,也无需在包装机外保存备用薄膜。 -包装机有高载重脚轮,可以在机场内随意移动,或更换操作地点。

-以交流电为动力,需要靠近交流电插座。有220-240V, 50 Hz或115-120V, 60 Hz(不加收费用)两款 。

2、包装机需要在固定地点工作,或者虽然工作地点不固定,但是每个地点都有交流电插座的机场或场所。 -包装机中可以放置两卷薄膜,在更换时无需离开操作地点,也无需在包装机外保存备用薄膜; -包装机有高载重脚轮,可以在机场内随意移动,或更换操作地点。




这两种机器都包括4种包装模式可供选择,脚踏式启动连续运行,内置圈数计数器。 有3种标准模式可供选择,包装机自动包裹行李3圈、4圈或者3圈和3圈。3&3的工作模式如下:





OPP PW-67运行时消耗约1000瓦特。在包裹结束后自动关闭,消耗约2-5瓦特。OPP SW-66在充电时消耗约200-400瓦特。

对于交流电源,在于您的选择。115-120/1/60 20 amp 或者220-240V/1/50 10 amps.

-两款包装机都可以使用20"和3 0" ( 5 0.8厘米和7 6厘米) ,标准轴的薄膜。机器内有一个铰链,很容易调整使用不同规格的薄膜,从20 "至30 ",或者相反。
-两种机器都使用高品质的拉伸膜,最好是单面粘贴(可延伸至2 80% )。使用量因行李尺寸和包裹圈数(建议最少2圈)而不同。
-我们推荐使用30" - 76厘米薄膜,21或23微米。这种薄膜可以加快行李包装速度,并可以包装大件行李。每次包装,还能够比20" -50.8厘米薄膜降低成本10%至20%。如果没有30"的薄膜,20" -21的2 3微米的薄膜,也和宽幅薄膜一样好。
-从我们的客户经验得知,1卷薄膜(30")可以包装500-750平均大小的行李,一个完整包装的费用介于10-20美分。薄膜价格在很大程度上依赖于石油价格,因为薄膜主要是用石油生产-目前每卷1650米30"的薄膜价格是6 0-70美元,拉伸后为4620米。



订货时交50%,在我们通知您机器已经准备就绪后,发货之前交50%。您可以在蒙特利尔,机器发运前检查。 您也可以采用向某家加拿大银行开具的不可撤销保兑信用证付款,在这种情况下额外收取5.5%的银行手续费。

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