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Apr 10, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-UHINTL-NEW DEVELOPMENT

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website translation)


D1 Synthetic Anthocyanins for use as Dyes or Colorants
"Development of synthetic anthocyanins and their derivatives has been taken up. Natural anthocyanins are well known for their properties as colorants, but the extremely high cost of extraction has prevented any significant commercialization in this field. Already organo-mineral colorants have been developed that combine the richness of organic colorants and the convenience of mineral colorants (insolubility and photo stability). Industrial Applications Organo-mineral colorants can be effectively used for cosmetics. A method for producing synthetic anthocyanins in large quantities can be provided at a cost that is significantly less expensive than products obtained by extraction."

D2 Flavors & Fragrances market in the USA
US flavor and fragrance demand will reach $4.6 billion in 2009. Gains will be supported by consumer interest in more complex and authentic tastes and smells, and by the need to mask unappealing flavors and aromas in active ingredients. Environmental fragrance goods will be the fastest growing market while food will remain the largest.

D3 Organic Chemical Intermediates
Organic chemistry has had a major impact on our lives over the past few years. A wide variety of substances from medicines to plastics and synthetic fibres have been developed to make life more comfortable.

Organic chemical intermediates have played an important role in this development because they are key components in the synthesis of other products. Essentially man-made, their chemical compositions can be engineered towards specific applications.

Because of this, there is a commercially successful sub-industry based around the production of speciality chemical intermediates for the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for other smaller scale applications.


众所周知,天然花青素作为着色剂具有许多优良品质,但是高昂的提取费用,阻止了它在这一领域的商业化进程。有机-矿物质着色剂已经研制成功,它具备有机着色剂的丰富性和矿物质着色剂的方便性( 不溶性和光稳定姓) 。工业应用 
有机-矿物质着色剂用于化妆品,效果非常好。 一种批量生产合成花青素的方法,与通过提取获取花青素的方法相比,节约了大量成本 。

D2 美国的香料和芳香剂市场

有机化学在过去的几年里,对我们的生活影响重大。 各种各样的产品,从药品、塑料到合成纤维,使我们的生活更加舒适。 有机化学中间体在其中发挥了重要作用,因为它们是合成其他产品的主要原料。 它们基本上是人工合成的,因此其化学成分可以调整,以满足特殊应用的需要。 正因为如此,一个专门为农药、医药行业以及其他规模较小行业生产特殊化学中间体的细分产业,获得了商业上的成功。

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