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Apr 10, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-UHINTL-SUCCESS STORIES

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website translation)


1. Leading manufacturer of Perfumes & Cosmetics partners with UHINTL
We provide the finest in consumer-preferred flavor and fragrance products with an emphasis on quality, innovation, and creativity. As a result, a leading manufacturer of Perfumes & Cosmetics has started sourcing large quantities of MA from us.

2. Supplier of Intermediates to a large manufacturing company
A large manufacturing company has replaced a European MNC with UHINTL as it's preferred supplier of intermediates. This has been possible due to our quest to meet the most discerning needs and requirements of our customers and ability to deliver consistently with absolutely no compromise on quality.

3. Our Food Colors find favour with a leading European company
A leading European company producing Food Colors has now outsourced to UHINTL for Food Colors because of our ability to deliver high quality consistently. Our portfolio boasts a full range of natural and synthetic colors and we are able to offer the best advice for meeting a client's product requirements.

4. UHINTL emerges as the market leader in the Asian Market
Keeping up with the group's strategy - "Quality is the best way of eliminating competition", we have been successful in capturing a substantial share of the market for supply of dyes for cotton and intermediates especially in Taiwan and China.
The Dyes are mostly used for Batik printing. Brilliant shades & high fastness property put these dyes much above the other dyes for cotton available in the market.

5. Supply & packaging of Leather Dyes outsourced to us
Capability to supply high quality Dyes for Leather consistently has helped our company achieve a breakthrough with the largest company in Leather Dyes.
Since a long time now, we have been supplying & packaging Dyes for this company.

6. Our Pigments make inroads into Road Making Paints
For Road Making Paints, focus is on choosing materials that meet stringent standards for quality, durability, smoothness, and cost. The Pigments have to be long lasting and should be able to produce brillaint markings
We supply pigments regularly to a Japanese MNC for application in Road Making Paints.

7. The world's largest producer of Agrochemicals buys from UHINTL
We are suppliers of intermediates in quantities exceeding 200 MT to this company which is into producing top quality crop protection agro-based products such as Fungicides, Pesticides including fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and rodenticides.

8. Huge demand for UHINTL Pigments in the Middle East
A leading manufacturer of Paints sources speciality pigments having brilliant shades. Nitro Cellulose based Ink is a favourite with a lot of Ink manufacturers. Our high performance pigments with aggressive pricing and guaranteed quality save production cost.

10. UK opens it's doors to quality intermediates from us
We have been exporting regularly to leading UK manufacturers for their requirement of Quality Intermediates for Dyes and Pigments.

11. Leather Finishing Dye developed in record time
A special black Dye for leather finishing was developed for a client within 25 days against sample provided by them. The Dye has been quite a success in the international market.


我们提供最优质的消费者认可的香料和芳香剂产品,注重产品的质量、革新和创造性。 因此,一家大型的香水及化妆品制造企业,已经开始从我们这里采购大量的原料。


这家欧洲公司同样生产食品色素,现在将这部分业务外包给我们,因为我们有能力始终提供高质量的产品。 我们拥有天然和合成色素的全产品线,能够在满足客户产品要求方面,提供最好的建议。

我们的染料大多用于蜡染印花。 强烈的明暗对比&极高的色牢度使我们的染料在各种棉花的印染方面独具优势。




一家极具影响力的颜料制造厂商,需要采购明暗对比度极高的特殊颜料。而硝基纤维素油墨是一种受到普遍欢迎的产品。 我们的高性能颜料,价格低廉、质量可靠,为其节省了大量生产成本。



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