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Mar 14, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-Outward Remittance-Purchase of Traveler's Cheque-guide

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

☆ A guide for operation
1. Sign a traveler's cheque purchase agreement. You need to produce your identity card, passport and valid visa when purchasing. After you decide on an issuing institution and brand of traveler's cheque, you can determine the currency, amount and how many you want to purchase, and then you sign the purchasing agreement (including the purchaser's name, address, passport number, cheque number, amount, how many cheques you buy, and general amount) and confirm by signing.
  1. 签订旅行支票购买合约。购买时您需要携带本人身份证明、护照、有效签证。在您选定旅行支票的发行机构和品牌后,即可确定购买币种、面额和张数,填写相应的购买合约(包括:购票人姓名、地址、护照号码、支票号码、面值、张数、总金额),并签字确认。

2. Pre-signing. After you get your return slip of the agreement and traveler's cheques, you should sign in each cheque's pre-signing column if it's going to be used by yourself. Traveler's cheque without pre-signing won't be made loss report or compensated if lost.
  2. 进行初签。办理购买手续费后,您即可取得旅行支票销售合约回执和旅行支票。如果是您本人使用,应立刻在柜台对每张支票初签栏进行签名。未初签的旅行支票遗失或被窃,不可挂失,无法补偿。

3. Re-signing when using traveler's cheque to make payment. When using a traveler's cheque to get cash, shop or to transfer it to others, you should re-sign it in the relevant column. The re-signing must be done in the presence of the payee and should be the same as the pre-signature. Re-signing in advance will be deemed as invalid.
  3. 支付使用时进行复签。在使用旅行支票兑换现金、消费或转让旅行支票时,需在旅行支票复签栏进行签字。复签时,必须在收款人在场的情况下进行,且初复签签名应当保持一致,提前复签无效。

4. Loss reporting. It is handled by the local branch of the issuing institution of the traveler's cheque. If you happen to lose your traveler's cheque, please contact the following number immediately (see the list below). Loss reporting and termination of payment will be handled for you through the 24-hour toll-free phone service in many languages, and you will be directed to obtain compensation in a designated institution, with the following documents:
  4. 办理挂失。旅行支票的挂失是由旅行支票的发行公司在当地的分支机构办理的,如果您的旅行支票不慎遗失,请及时拨打当地分支机构的服务电话(见下表),24小时多语种免费挂失电话为您办理挂失止付,并由挂失电话坐席指定您到当地指定机构办理补偿手续。相关手续如下:

(1)The original purchase agreement and your identity card;
(2)Compensation application with amount lost, number of the traveler's cheque lost, whether it has been pre-signed or re-signed before the loss, with your signature on the application.
(3)The compensating institution will ask you to sign another purchase agreement and supply you with a new traveler's cheque, without any charge.

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