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Mar 20, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-Spend on Card

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

Spend on Card
☆ Introduction
A kind of settlement. Customer use Elite Club Account, Peony Money Link Card•e-age, Peony Money Link Card, Peony International Card, Peony quasi Credit Card, Peony Credit Card and other Co-brand Card while consuming. Amount will be deducted from the bank card.
  ☆ 服务简介

☆ Features
I. SMS Statement: If applied through Internet Banking "ICBC Messenging – Balance Change Reminding Service", a short message will be received real time after using card to pay. Balance in the account is known once changed.
II. Safe and fast. No need to carry large amount of cash around. Money is safely kept in the account.
  ☆ 服务特色
  1. 短信账单服务。如您通过网上银行办理了“工行信使——余额变动提醒服务”,在刷卡消费后将可实时收到短信通知,账户一动便知晓。
  2. 安全快捷。无需携带大量现金,确保资金安全。

III. No handling fee. No fee has to pay when using card to pay.
IV. Many value-added services. From time to time, ICBC launch prize-winning promotions and loyalty redemption activities. consuming using card can bring many surprises.
  3. 免手续费。客户在刷卡消费时,无需支付任何手续费。
  4. 增值服务多。工行不定期开展刷卡消费有奖促销和积分兑奖活动,为您刷卡消费带来意外惊喜。

☆ Operation Guide
I. Pay by card: Give your bank card to cashier, enter password.
II. Enquiry: Check the details through Internet Banking and Telephone Banking. ICBC provide monthly statement to customer of credit card and Elite Club Account card showing all the transactions.
  ☆ 操作指南
  1. 刷卡:您向收银员提供银行卡并输入密码即可。
  2. 查询:您可以通过网上银行和电话银行方便地查询刷卡消费明细,对持有信用卡和理财金账户卡的客户,工行还将每月为您提供对账单,让您对账务情况一目了然。

☆ Helpful Tips
I. Check carefully if the amount in the purchase slip is the same as spending amount. Check if in doubt. Feedback to ICBC if there is a question.
II. Do not let others watch behind while entering password.
  ☆ 温馨提示
  1. 请您注意核对签购单上的金额与您的消费金额的一致性,如有疑问应及时提出、及时查询账务,发现问题请及时向银行反馈;
  2. 输入密码时请不要让旁人看见您的密码;

III. Make sure the signature on the purchase slip is the same as the one signed at the back of the card.
IV. Purchase slip is the proof of paying by card, keep it in a safe place.
  3. 请确保您在签购单上的签名与卡面背后的签名一致;
  4. 签购单是您刷卡消费的证明,请您妥善保管。

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