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Mar 18, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-Auto-transfer-Operation Guide

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

☆ Operation Guide
I. At ICBC business offices: Apply at ICBC business office with your Elite Club Account Card (or Peony Money Link Card•e-age, Peony Money Link Card).
  ☆ 操作指南
  1. 营业网点:您携带本人理财金账户卡(或牡丹灵通卡e时代、牡丹灵通卡)到工行营业网点即可办理。

II. Through Internet Banking:
(I) Auto-transfer – Recurring
1. Choose Internet Banking "Customer Service – Personalized Setting", select "Sign Finance Agreement" (Customer must sign this agreement first before signing up Finance Agreement under ICBC butler services item. Sign this agreement once only, no need to repeatedly sign.) .
2. Choose Internet Banking "Personal Finance – Finance Service".
3. Select "Recurring Transfer".
4. Set "Payment Account".
5. Set "Receiving Account".
6. Set "Transfer Cycle" in days or months.
7. Set "Frequency" (Transfer interval).
8. Set "Transfer Amount".
9. Set "End Date".
  2. 网上银行:
  (1) 固定周期型自动转账。
  a) 进入网上银行“客户服务-个性化定制”栏目选择“签订理财协议”;
  b) 进入网上银行“个人理财-理财服务”栏目;
  c) 选择“预约周期转账服务”;
  d) 设定“付款账户”;
  e) 设定“收款账户”;
  f) 设定“转账周期”为日或月;
  g) 设定“周期频率数”(即转账间隔);
  h) 设定“转账金额”;
  i) 设定“终止日期”。

(II) Auto-transfer – Balance top-up
1. Choose Internet Banking "Personal Finance – Finance Service".
2. "Schedule Transfer".
3. Payment Account".
4. Set "Payment Condition": Select "When balance in receiving account less than", set accordingly "Transfer Control Amount" and "Top-up Amount", "Top-up Amount" is the target amount that customer wishes to reach.
5. Select "Receiving Account", set "Application Number" as "Current".
6. Set "End Date".
  (2) 余额补足型自动转账。
  a) 进入网上银行“个人理财-理财服务”栏目;
  b) 选择“协定金额转账服务”;
  c) 设定“付款账户”;
  d) 设定“付款条件”:选择“当收款账户余额小于”,根据需要设定“转账 控制金额”与“补足金额”;“补足金额”为客户希望其账户达到的目标金额;
  e) 选择“收款账户”,将“应用号”设定为“活期”;
  f) 设定“终止日期”。

(III) Auto-Transfer – Trigger.
1. Choose Internet Banking "Personal Finance – Finance Service".
2. Select "Schedule Transfer".
3. Set "Payment Account".
4. Set "Payment Condition": Select "When balance in payment account more than", set accordingly "Transfer Control Amount", select transfer mode accordingly "Retain" or "Transfer to receiving account a fixed sum of " amount.
5. Select "Receiving Account", In "Application Number." select the respective deposit type, select deposit period and re-deposit period
6. Set "End Date".
  (3) 起点触发型自动转账。
  a) 进入网上银行“个人理财-理财服务”栏目;
  b) 选择“协定金额转账服务”;
  c) 设定“付款账户”;
  d) 设定“付款条件”:选择“当付款账户余额大于”,根据需要设定“转账控制金额”;在转账方式中根据需要选择“保留”或“向收款账户固定转出”金额;
  e) 选择“收款账户”,将“应用号”中选择相应存款种类,根据需要选择存期及约转存期;
  f) 设定“终止日期”。

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