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Mar 18, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-Agency Duty Refund for Consumption Abroad

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

Agency Duty Refund for Consumption Abroad
☆ Introduction
If you are inconvenient to apply for tax refund while shopping overseas, ICBC " Agency Duty Refund for Consumption Abroad " can help you!

ICBC is the only agent of Global Refund in China. Global Refund is a world renowned tax refund organization. Sales tax paid while shopping overseas at one of 170,000 shops labeled with Global Refund TAX FREE SHOPPING in 21 countries can be refunded at ICBC business offices within a validity period with tax rebate cheque stamped by customs of the country, your own ID document, passport and shopping receipt.
  工商银行是世界著名退税机构——Global Refund(环球退税公司)在中国唯一的指定代理。若您在境外21个国家17万家有Global Refund TAX FREE SHOPPING标志的指定商店购物消费时所支付的消费税,可凭加盖该国海关图章的退税支票、本人身份证明、护照、购物收据在有效退税期内,在我行网点办理现金退税。

☆ Features
Shopping happily! Easy to refund.
No worries of getting the refund when shopping at over 170,000 shops labeled with Global Refund TAX FREE SHOPPING in 21 countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Argentina, Czechoslovakia. ICBC will process the refund when you return to China. No more difficulties in getting back the refund due to language barrier or the shortage of time.
  您在奥地利、比利时、丹麦、芬兰、法国、德国、英国、希腊、荷兰、冰岛、爱尔兰、意大利、卢森堡、挪威、葡萄牙、西班牙、瑞典、瑞士、新加坡、阿根廷、捷克等21个国家的17万多家有Global Refund “TAX FREE SHOPPING”标志的商店尽情消费,无须担心支付的额外税负因语言沟通或时间仓促而难于退还。回国后您在我行办理退税,没有任何时间和语言不便。

☆ Operation Guide
1. Ask for a(Global Refund Cheque)and shopping receipt from the shop labeled with Global Refund TAX FREE SHOPPING after shopping.
2. At departure, present the merchandize, shopping receipt and Global Refund Cheque at the customs. Request customs to stamp on the Global Refund Cheque (Note: No refund if not stamped!!).
  第一步:您在有TAX FREE SHOPPING 标志的商店购物后,需向店方索要有TAX FREE SHOPPING标志的专用退税支票(Global Refund Cheque)和购物收据。

3. When in China, apply for tax rebate at designated ICBC business office. Submit original and copy of passport, Global Refund Cheque stamped by customs of the country and shopping receipt. Fill in "Personal Overseas Sales Tax Rebate Application Form (ICBC Beijing Branch)" and sign to confirm.

☆ Helpful Tips
1. Ratio of overseas sales tax refund, minimum refundable amount (total shopping amount of same customer at the same shop in one day) varies in different countries, in general, 15-20% of the merchandize price.

2. You (domestic resident or foreign resident) shop at shops labeled with Global Refund TAX FREE SHOPPING in Europe, get Global Refund Cheque and shopping receipt and have them stamped by the customs of the last departure EU country.
3. Regardless of the currencies used in overseas shopping, all refunds will be converted to USD at ICBC rate of the day and returned to the customer.
  2、您(国内居民、外国居民均可)在欧洲有GLOBAL REFUND标志的商店购物,获得GLOBAL REFUND退税支票和购物收据,在欧盟范围内离开欧盟最后一个国家时需在退税支票上加盖海关图章。

4. Global Refund Cheque in question has to be confirmed again by Global Refund Company. ICBC will inform you to get the refund at the original ICBC business office or credited into specified account when it is ready.
5. Global Refund Cheque without customs stamp is void.
  4、有疑问的退税支票,须经Global Refund公司再次确认,待我行收妥退税款后,再通知您到原受理网点领取或将退税款项划入您指定的工行账户中;

6. Get the refund at ICBC one month before the refund cheque is expired.
7. No banking charges for refunding.

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