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Mar 18, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-Self-service Bill Payment

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

Self-service Bill Payment
☆ Introduction
An ICBC service offered to pay fees of yours or others such as mobile fee, telephone, water, and electricity through Internet Banking, Telephone Banking, Mobile Phone Banking, ATM or other self-service devices.
  ☆ 服务简介

☆ Features
This is a service 24*7. Money is accurately credited into account under normal situation, choices of payment for nationwide or local services. Enquiry can be made on the online payment details for all kinds of nationwide services ICBC represented.
  ☆ 服务特色

☆ Service Channel
Internet Banking, Mobile Phone Banking, Telephone Banking, ATM and other self-service devices.
  ☆ 服务渠道

☆ Operation Guide
I. Steps in online bill payment through Internet Banking Flow Chart>>
II. Steps in paying bill through Mobile Phone Banking Flow Chart>>
Example of short message format:
Pay telephone bill: JFDH#61234567#李钱孙
Pay mobile fee:JFSJ#13912345678
III. Steps in enquiring the online payment details of nationwide services Flow Chart>>
  ☆ 操作指南
  1. 网上银行在线缴费 查看流程>>
  2. 使用手机银行缴费 查看流程>>
  3. 您还可查询全国范围缴费服务的缴费交易明细 查看流程>>

IV. Registered Customer of Telephone Banking (registered at the Counter/through self service) uses registered Money Link Card, E-Age Card, Elite Club Account Card to pay Flow Chart>>
V. Non-registered customer of Telephone Banking uses passbook to pay (maximum payment limit is RMB 5,000) Flow Chart>>
  4. 电话银行的注册客户(包括柜台注册和自助注册)请使用注册的灵通卡、e时代卡、理财金账户卡进行缴费 查看流程>>
  5. 非电话银行注册客户请使用存折缴费(缴费最高限额为5000元) 查看流程>>

☆ Helpful Tips
I. Registration card is not restricted whether the card has authority to make outward transfer or not.
II. In general, all payments will be credited into account. Call 95588 if there are questions.
  ☆ 温馨提示
  1. 在办理各类缴费业务时,您的注册卡将不受是否具有对外转出权限限制。
  2. 各项缴费资金正常情况下资金实时到账,如出现异常,请及时致电95588。

III. ICBC will deduct from the account of default payment card registered under Mobile Phone Banking (short message) when mobile is used for payment. Daily cumulative paid cannot over RMB 1,000. Payment will be void if short message cannot be delivered to "95588******" within 24 hours.
IV. Print invoice at ICBC business office or self-service devices if needed.
  3. 使用手机支付时,银行将从您注册手机银行(短信)时默认支付卡的账户中转出资金。缴费金额累计每日不得超过1000元。如果您未能在24小时内转发短信至“777795588******”,将导致您的交易失效。
  4. 如您需要发票请到工商银行营业网点或自助设备上打印。

V. Payment functions offered by ICBC in different provinces and cities vary. Call customer service hotline 95588 of local ICBC for details.
VI. Customer not registered under Telephone Banking can pay bill through Telephone Banking, but is restricted by maximum limitation which is set differently by ICBC in different places. Check details from local 95588.
  5. 工商银行各省市提供的电话银行缴费功能不尽相同,客户如需使用此功能请拨打当地工行客户服务热线电话95588进行咨询。
  6. 非电话银行注册的客户可以使用电话银行缴费,但受最高缴费限额限制。我行各地设置的最高缴费限额各不相同,请您拨打当地95588查询详情。

VII. Credit card cannot be used to pay bill through Telephone Banking.
VIII. Payment amount will be deducted from basic account of registration card if paid through Telephone Banking.
  7. 使用电话银行办理缴费时,信用卡不具备交费功能。
  8. 使用电话银行办理缴费时,缴费金额将从注册卡的基本账户中扣除。

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