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Mar 18, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-Auto-transfer-Cases

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

☆ Cases
I. Auto-transfer – Recurring
Madame Zhao, Vice President of a Beijing Company. Her son studies in Peking University. She gives a fixed sum for his living expenses every month to let him know how to manage money.
In the past: On the first day of each month, Madame Zhao goes to ICBC to transfer a sum to her son's Peony Money Link Card.
Now: Through this service, ICBC will transfer a specified amount to her son's account on the first day of each month. Madame Zhao does not need to go to the bank every month any more.
  ☆ 服务案例
  1. 固定周期型自动转账

II. Auto-transfer – Balance top-up
Mr. Zhang a typical family where income entirely comes from Mr. Zhang's salary and bonus, and Madame Zhang, as a full-housewife, takes care of all the expenditure. Mr. Zhang, in consideration of safety and convenience, applies a Peony Money Link Card for his wife as the expense account of the family. He wants to always have a balance of around RMB10, 000 in this card to make sure his wife can have money to spend and withdraw in cash.
In the past: Mr. Zhang and Madame Zhang have always to check the balance of Peony Money Link Card. When balance below RMB 10,000, Mr. Zhang has to go to the bank to transfer money from his payroll account.
Now: Through this service, ICBC checks the spending account in Madame Zhang's Peony Money Link Card each day. When the money in the account is less than RMB 10,000, ICBC automatically transfers a certain sum from an account specified by Mr. Zhang to make up the shortfall.
  2. 余额补足型自动转账

III. Auto-transfer – Trigger
Mr. Ding, Professional writer, monthly income is about RMB 20,000. A special current account is opened under Elite Club Account to receive money from publisher and magazine house.
In the past: Mr. Ding too busy to manage his idle fund. Large amount of income stood still in current account. Every 6 months, he will transfer all his income to deposit as 1-year fixed deposit. Assume Mr. Ding collects his income on the first and fifteenth day of each month, RMB 10,000 each time. From January 1 till July 1, interest on his income will be: 10000*0.72*80%/24*(12+11+……+1)= RMB 187.2.
Now: Through this service, ICBC will automatically check Mr. Ding's receiving account each day. Once money in the account is over the specified amount, ICBC automatically transfers the exceeded amount to deposit as 1-year fixed deposit. Now Mr. Ding's income will be automatically transferred and deposited as 1-year fixed deposit on the day of income credited into account. Interest accrued on 6 months' income will be: 10000*2.25*80%/24*(12+11+……+1)= RMB585, 3.125 times of before.
  3. 起点触发型自动转账
  现在:丁先生通过办理“起点触发型自动转账”,银行将自动每天检查丁先生的收款账户,当收款账户资金超出过指定金额时,银行自动将超出金额转存为一年期的定期存款。现在丁先生的稿费收入在入账当天即自动转为一年期定期存款,半年内的稿费收入利息为: 10000*2.25*80%/24*(12+11+……+1)=585元,是以前的3.125倍。

☆ Service Channel
At ICBC business offices, through Internet Banking.
  ☆ 服务渠道

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