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Feb 19, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-"rollover" account services

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

"Rollover" Account Services

☆ Introduction
"Rollover" Account Service is a service to manage cash and investment effectively by linking customer's current savings deposit to low-risk funds such as money market and short-term debt. Idle money in customer's current deposit will be automatically used to buy those money market funds or short-term debt funds specified by customer. This should add more value to the idle money rather than earning interest from current savings. On the flip side of the equation, when customer's current account is in need of cash, "Rollover" account can automatically redeem money market funds or short-term debt funds to allow timely use of money.


☆ Functional Diagram
After opening a Fund Trading Account and TA Account in ICBC, using the Fund Trading Card (local Elite Club Account Card, Peony Money Link Card •e-age or Peony Money Link Card) to sign "Rollover" Account Agreement to link Personal Settlement Account with Fund Account for cash and investment management, as follows (direction of fund flow is indicated by arrows)


1. "Rollover" account can be set with "Balance for Subscription" and "Balance for Redemption" for determining when account should start to subscribe or redeem. When the available balance in "Rollover" account is greater than "Balance for Subscription", excess amount will be transferred into bank account for buying designated funds next day (working day). When the available balance in "Rollover" account is lower than "Balance for Redemption ", funds shares (counted at 1 Yuan of unit net worth) will be redeemed to eke out to "Balance for Subscription".

  1. 客户可对“利添利”账户设定“发起申购余额”和“发起赎回余额”,分别用于判断账户何时发起申购和赎回申请。当“利添利”账户的可用余额高于“发起申购余额”时,则将多出金额转入基金/理财产品资金账户保留后,于次日(工作日)申购指定的基金/理财产品;当“利添利”账户的可用余额低于“发起赎回余额”时,则发起赎回申请,赎回份额(以1.00元基金/理财产品单位净值计算)补足到“发起申购余额”(理财产品补足至发起赎回余额)。

2. To realize higher yield from idle money in current account, sign up Schedule Transfer Account (maximum 4 such accounts) when entering "Rollover" Account Agreement. "Minimum Reserved Balance" can be set respectively for Schedule Transfer Account 1 to 4. When the balance in Schedule Transfer Account is higher than "Minimum Reserved Balance", excess amount will be transferred into "Rollover" Account to trigger subscription through the latter.

2. 客户若想将更多活期账户里的闲置资金获得更高收益,可以在签订“利添利”理财协议时,签订协定转账账户(最多不能超过4个)。对于协定账户1至协定账户4,客户可以分别设置“最低保留余额”,当协定转账账户余额高于“最低保留余额”时,则将多出金额转入“利添利”账户中,通过“利添利”账户,触发申购。

3. "Rollover" Account and Schedule Account 1-4 are all current savings accounts. A customer can assign any current accounts under own name to be "Rollover" Account and Schedule Account.

  3. “利添利”账户及协定账户1-4,均为客户的活期储蓄账户。客户可以将其名下的任意活期账户指定为“利添利”账户和协定账户。

For instance: Main income account such as payroll account can be used as "Rollover" Account. Main payment account such as housing loan, water and electricity are Schedule Account 1, daily expenditure account is Schedule Account 2.


Balance for Subscription and Balance for Redemption in main income account can be set to RMB 2000 and RMB 1000 respectively. When the balance in main income account is greater than RMB 2000, excess amount will be used to buy specified funds in the next day (working day). Redeem fund shares to eke out the balance in main income account to RMB 2000 when the balance in the account is less than RMB 1000. Customer set the minimum reserved balance in main payment account 1 as monthly payment for housing loan, water and electricity bill (such as RMB 2500). Balance higher than this monthly amount will be automatically transferred into the main income account. Minimum reserved balance in payment account 2 (daily expenditure) is set to RMB 1000. Balance higher than RMB 1000 will be automatically transferred into the main income account.


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