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Feb 19, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-rollover account services-operation guide

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

☆ Operation Guide
1. Customer applying for "Rollover" Account Services must open Fund Trading Account at ICBC and specify a TA account for buying fund products.

  1. 客户申请“利添利”账户理财业务时,须开立我行基金交易账户或理财产品交易账户,并已经开立了指定购买基金产品的TA账户。

2. When applying for "Rollover" Account Services, a current settlement account (RMB) opened at ICBC business offices in the same city must be specified as the "Rollover" account. One "Rollover" account can be applied for every signed "Rollover" Account Agreement, however, customer must specify a different "Rollover" account from the bank account opened at intra-city ICBC business offices for trading funds.

2. 客户申请办理“利添利”账户理财业务时,须指定我行同城营业机构开立的人民币活期结算账户为“利添利”账户,每签订一份“利添利”账户理财业务协议,可申请一个“利添利”账户,但客户指定的“利添利”账户不能与其在我行同城营业机构开立过的用于基金交易或理财产品交易的资金账户一致。

3. Customer can opt for a "Schedule Transfer" account for "Rollover" Account Services. If the choice is made, such an account has to be set during signing of "Rollover" Account Agreement in order to make transfer between "Rollover" account and "Schedule Transfer" account.

  3. 客户办理“利添利”账户理财业务时,可以根据需要,选择是否指定“利添利”账户理财业务的“协定转账”账户。如果选择开立“协定转账”账户,客户须在办理“利添利”账户理财业务协议时进行设置,以实现“利添利”账户与“协定转账”账户之间资金划转。

(1) "Schedule Transfer" account must be current settlement account (RMB) opened by customer at ICBC business offices in the same city. Elite Club Account Card (Peony Money Link Card • e-age, Peony Money Link Card or passbook of current deposit) under "Schedule Transfer" account must be surrendered when setting the account. One "Rollover" account can have a maximum of 4 "Schedule Transfer" accounts.


(2) When the available balance in "Schedule Transfer" account reached the agreed minimum, system automatically transfers the amount over the minimum reserved in "Schedule Transfer" account to "Rollover" account.


4. When signing "Rollover" Account Agreement, customer must produce own valid identity document, passbook or bank card under "Rollover" Account (Elite Club Account Card, Peony Money Link Card • e-age, Peony Money Link Card opened in ICBC business offices in the same city under own name) and Fund Trading Card (Elite Club Account Card, Peony Money Link Card • e-age, Peony Money Link Card opened in ICBC business offices in the same city under own name).

  4. 签订“利添利”账户理财业务协议时,客户必须出示本人有效身份证件、“利添利”账户所对应的存折或银行卡(本人同城营业机构开立的理财金账户卡、牡丹灵通卡•e时代卡、牡丹灵通卡)、基金交易卡或理财产品交易卡(本人同城营业机构开立的理财金账户卡、牡丹灵通卡•e时代卡、牡丹灵通卡)。

5. Customer sets the "Balance for Subscription" and "Balance for Redemption" during opening of "Rollover" account services by ICBC. When the amount in "Rollover" account is greater than "Balance for Subscription", system automatically uses the excess portion of "Balance for Subscription" to buy funds. When the amount in "Rollover" account is lower than "Balance for Redemption ", system automatically initiates to redeem funds to eke out the amount to "Balance for Subscription". After customer signs the "Rollover" Account Agreement, ICBC will open the automatic subscription and automatic redemption services for customer in the next day (must be a trade date).

  5. 我行为客户开通“利添利” 账户理财业务时,由客户设定“发起申购余额”与“发起赎回余额”。当“利添利”账户中的资金额度高于“发起申购余额”时, 系统自动将超过“发起申购余额”部分资金用于申购基金或理财产品;当“利添利”账户中的资金额度低于“发起赎回余额”时,系统自动发起赎回基金或理财产品补足至“发起申购余额”( 理财产品补足至发起赎回余额)。客户与我行签订“利添利”账户理财协议后,我行在次日(必须为基金或理财产品交易日)为客户办理自动申购或自动赎回业务。

6. Termination of "Rollover" account services can be applied at the ICBC business office where the agreement is signed, together with Fund Trading Account Card, own identity document and a duly filled "Rollover" Account Services Form. ICBC system terminates the services after all formalities completed. Relationship between customer and ICBC will be terminated after cancellation of the "Rollover" account.

  6. 客户可持基金/理财产品交易账户卡、本人身份证件及填写好的“利添利”账户理财业务书到我行协议签订网点申请终止“利添利” 账户理财业务,我行为客户办理相关业务手续后,系统终止客户“利添利”账户理财业务。客户对“利添利”账户进行销户后,客户与我行的理财业务关系将终止。

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