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Feb 26, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-Defined Fund Investment Plan-Operation Guide

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

☆ Operation Guide
1. With your valid ID document, Elite Club Account Card or Money Link Card (E-Age Card) , you can complete necessary procedures at ICBC business office.
  1. 您只需携带个人有效身份证件,持理财金账户卡或灵通卡(e时代卡)到网点柜台办理有关手续即可。

2. Minimum purchase is RMB 200 every month. Difference in investment amount class is RMB 100. Currently, ICBC introduces types of products, 3-year term and 5-year term (Product Code: 361 and 601) respectively. Transfer periods for each are both one month.
  2. 基金定投业务的每月最低申购额为200元人民币,投资金额级差为100元人民币。目前,工行推出投资期限为3年、5年和8年的三种基金定投品种(分别对应的基金定投品种代码为361、601和961),划款期限皆为一个月。

3. Fund shares successfully purchased and confirmed through Defined Fund Investment Plan can be redeemed at anytime. Investor uses valid ID document and Fund Trading Card to process redemption at the ICBC business office where fund service available during processing hours.
  3. 对通过基金定投申购并确认成功的基金份额,投资人可以在业务受理时间内随时持本人有效身份证件和基金交易卡到当地工行代理基金业务网点办理基金赎回业务。

4. Buying fund under Defined Fund Investment Plan must follow the same principles of "Unknown Price" and "Amount Purchased" as in all other fund purchases. "Unknown Price" means that NAV of fund shares on the actual deduction day is used as benchmark for calculation.
  4. 与一般申购一样,基金定投申购需遵循“未知价”和“金额申购”的原则。“未知价”是指投资人办理基金定投申购业务后,以实际扣款当日的基金份额净值为基准进行计算。

5. No additional charge. Charge rate under Defined Fund Investment Plan is the same as all other fund purchases (except in promotion activities).
  5. 基金定投业务不收取额外费用,各基金的基金定投具体收费方式及费率标准与一般申购相同(优惠活动除外)。

6. If the application is lodged within official trading hours, ICBC system will draw from the bank account designated by investor on the date of application. If the application is lodged after official trading hours, ICBC system will draw on the next day, starting from the first working date of second fixed period after investor signed up the plan. If the balance in the account designated by investor is insufficient during official trading hours, ICBC system will continue to make deduction automatically on the next day, and use NAV of fund on the actual deduction day to calculate confirmed shares.
  6. 投资人申请开办基金定投后,如开通申请在法定交易时间内,则银行系统于申请当日从投资人指定的资金账户扣款;如开通申请在法定交易时间之后,则银行系统于交易申请次日从投资人指定的资金账户扣款。从投资人开办基金定投业务第二个固定期限的首个工作日起,银行系统开始从投资人指定的资金账户扣款,如当日法定交易时间内投资人指定的资金账户余额不足,银行系统会自动于次日继续扣款,并按实际扣款当日基金份额净值计算确认份额。

7. Two ways for investor to stop the plan: One is that investor takes the initiative to apply to Fund House through ICBC. Plan stops after confirmation from Fund House. The other is that after investor signed up the plan, balance in the account for deduction specified by investor is insufficient. Moreover, investor did not make up the shortfall timely as agreed. The plan cannot continue. System will record how many times investor default, and will automatically terminate the plan if investor defaults over 3 times. The default times is calculated in the following way: if investor's account balance within this period is not enough, deduction for purchase of this period is unsuccessful. Add 1 to the number of default times. In the next period, System not only makes deduction for the previous period, but also dose for current period. The number will be subtracted once if both deductions are successful, or the number remained unchanged if deduction for previous period is successful but unsuccessful for current period. Add once again if both deductions are unsuccessful. The same rule is applicable to all the forth going periods.
  7. 投资人退出基金定投业务有两种方式:一种是投资人通过中国工商银行向基金管理公司主动提出退出基金定投业务申请;并经基金管理公司确认后,投资人基金定投业务计划停止。二是投资人办理基金定投业务申请后,投资人指定的扣款账户内资金不足,且投资人未能按照约定及时补足申购资金,造成基金定投业务计划无法继续实施时,系统将记录投资人违约次数,如违约次数达到三次,系统将自动终止投资人的基金定投业务。违约次数计算方法如下:若投资人本期内的资金账户余额不足,则本期扣款申购不成功,违约次数加一。在下一期次内,系统不仅要补扣上期申购款,还要扣取本期申购款,若补扣申购和本期扣款申购两者都成功,违约次数减一;若补扣申购成功且本期扣款申购不成功,违约次数不变;若补扣申购和本期扣款申购两者都不成功,违约次数再加一;依此类推。

8. If deposit has not been made timely for deductions within the period, investor can deposit into specified bank account for both previous and current period. NAV of fund on the actual deduction day is used to calculate confirmed shares.
  8. 若投资人在计划期内未及时交纳基金定投业务计划所规定的款项时,投资人可将上期未交款项与本期应扣款项同时存入指定的资金账户,并均按实际扣款当日基金份额净值计算确认份额。

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