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Feb 26, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-Defined Fund Investment Plan-List of Products

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

☆ List of Products
ICBC Credit Suisse Core Value Fund (Fund Code: 481001)
Guang Fa Stable Fund (Fund Code: 270002)
Rong Tong Blue-chip Growth Fund (Fund Code:161605)
   基金代码 基金名称
481001 工银瑞信核心价值基金
270002 广发稳健基金
161605 融通蓝筹成长基金

Nuoan Balanced Fund (Fund Code:320001)
Boshi Selective Stock Fund (Fund Code:050004)
China Southern Baoyuan Bond Fund (Fund Code: 202101)
320001 诺安平衡基金
050004 博时精选股票基金
202101 南方宝元债券基金

Guang Fa Wealth Fund (Fund Code:270001)
SYWG BNP Paribas Shengli Selective Fund (Fund Code: 310308)
Huaan MSCI China A Share Index Strength Fund (Fund Code: 040002)
270001 广发聚富基金
310308 申万巴黎盛利精选基金
040002 华安MSCI中国A股指数增强型基金

Allianz Desheng Stable Fund (Fund Code: 255010)
China Southern Stable Growth Fund (Fund Code: 202001)
Rong Tong Shenzhen Stock Exchange 100 Index Fund (Fund Code: 161604)
255010 国联安德盛稳健基金
202001 南方稳健成长基金
161604 融通深证100指数基金

Baoying Pan-Coastal Areas Growth Stock Securities Investment Fund (Fund Code: 213002)
Soochow-Golden Harvest Advantaged Selection Balanced Open-end Securities Investment Fund (Fund Code: 580001)
Fullgoal Tianhui Selection Growth Balanced Securities Investment Fund (Fund Code: 161005)
213002 宝盈泛沿海区域增长基金
580001 东吴嘉禾优势精选基金
161005 富国天惠精选成长基金

ICBC Credit Suisse Selected and Balanced Hybrid Fund (Fund Code: 483003)
GF Jufeng Stock Securities Investment Fund (Fund Code: 270005)
UBS SDIC Core Companies Equity Fund (Fund Code: 121003)
483003 工银瑞信精选平衡基金
270005 广发聚丰基金
121003 国投瑞银核心企业基金

China Universal Advantaged Selection Balanced Securities Investment Fund (Fund Code: 519008)
INVESCO Great Wall Burgeoning Growth Stock Securities Investment Fund (Fund Code: 260108)
Nanfang Listed Open-ended Fund (Fund Code: 160105)
519008 汇添富优势精选基金
260108 景顺长城新兴成长基金
160105 南方积极配置基金

Lion Stock Securities Investment Fund (Fund Code: 320003)
Penghua Industrial Growth Fund (Fund Code: 206001)
RongTong JvChao 100 Index Securities Investment Fund (Fund Code: 161607)
320003 诺安股票基金
206001 鹏华行业成长基金
161607 融通巨潮100指数基金

SYWG BNP Paribas New Dynamical Stock Securities Investment Fund (Fund Code: 310328)
E Fund Value Selection Stock Securities Investment Fund (Fund Code: 110009)
BOC International Chinese Selections Balanced Open-end Securities Investment Fund (Fund Code: 163801)
310328 申万巴黎新动力基金
110009 易方达价值精选基金
163801 中银国际中国精选基金

☆ Service Channel
Please come to ICBC business office to sign up the Plan.

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