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Feb 20, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-"Bank-Securities Link" Securities Investment

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

"Bank-Securities Link" Securities Investment
A service where ICBC entrusted by securities company to inter-connect customer's ICBC account (current/savings account or Peony Credit Card Account) with securities company's system for trading securities at real time through ICBC Telephone Banking or Internet Banking.

☆ Features
1. No need to trade at Stock Exchange Just place order online or dial Telephone Banking (95588), easy and saving time.

2. Stock information in ICBC Internet Banking includes voluminous analysis and charts. You can make timely investing decisions based on these patterns and trends.

☆ Service Channel
"Banking@Home" Personal Internet Banking, Telephone Banking.

☆ Conditions
1. Before trading stock through Internet Banking, sign up the service at ICBC business office first and register under Personal Internet Banking"Banking@Home", then logon Bank-Securities Link using Shareholder Code (or Bank Account Number) and password.
1. 如欲使用网上银行银证通功能,您需要首先在我行营业网点开通银证通业务,并注册“金融@家”个人网上银行,凭股东代码(或资金账号)和密码登录银证通才能在网上银行中进行股票买卖。

2. Non-registered customer of Internet Banking can also sign up the service at ICBC business office. Directly enter Personal Internet Banking and logon "Bank-Securities Link Logon" on the right (This service is provided by the ICBC branch where you sign up the service).
2. 非网上银行注册客户只要在我行营业网点申请了银证通业务,也可以直接进入个人网上银行登录页面右侧的“银证通登录”使用此功能。(该服务由您的银证通注册开通分行提供)

3. Open a trading account in the securities company specified by ICBC. Then register under Personal Telephone Banking at ICBC business office using Peony Money Link Card, Elite Club Card or E-Age Card and sign up the service. Later, you can use Shareholder Code (or Bank Account Number) to trade stock and make enquiry through Telephone Banking.
  3. 如欲使用电话银行银证通功能,您需要在我行指定证券公司开有交易账户,并使用牡丹灵通卡、理财金卡或e时代卡到我行营业网点办理个人电话银行注册手续,同时开通银证通业务。此后您即可凭股东代码(或资金账号)通过个人电话银行进行股票买卖以及相关查询业务。

4. Bank-Securities Link Operation Guide
(1) Through Internet Banking: Flow Chart>> (Chinese Version)
(2) Steps in buying stock through Telephone Banking: Flow Chart>> (Chinese Version)
(3) Steps in selling stock through Telephone Banking: Flow Chart>> (Chinese Version)
(4) Steps in canceling order through Telephone Banking: Flow Chart>> (Chinese Version)
(5) Steps in changing trading password through Telephone Banking: Flow Chart>> (Chinese Version)
  1. 使用网上银行:查看流程>>
  2. 使用电话银行买入股票:查看流程>>
  3. 使用电话银行卖出股票:查看流程>>
  4. 使用电话银行进行撤单:查看流程>>
  5. 使用电话银行修改交易密码:查看流程>>

☆ Helpful Tips
1. Same service hours in Stock Exchanges in China, Monday to Friday (except national holidays), 9:30-11:30a.m., 1:00 -3:00p.m..

2. Internet Banking Bank-Securities Link service also supports trading of Stock Exchange A Shares and B Shares. Multi-currency current account (Current All-in-one) must be used if the market placed is a B Shares market.

3. Allowed balance is the balance that can be withdrawn in cash immediately. Available balance is the sum of allowed balance and bank balance (not posted into account yet on the day) gained from selling the stock on a day.
  1. 银证通的服务时间与我国证券市场的服务时间相同,为每周一至周五(法定节假日除外),每天上午9:00至11:30,下午13:00-15:30。
  2. 网上银行银证通业务同时支持证券市场的A、B股交易。交易市场为B股的,您必须使用多币种活期账户(活期一本通)。
  3. 可提余额指可以即刻按现金提取的余额;可用余额指可提余额加当日已卖出股票所获得的资金余额(但当日尚未入账)。

4. Input Stock Code, order price and buy (sell) quantity for buying (selling) stock through Telephone Banking.

5. Input Order No. for canceling order through Telephone Banking.

6. Contents can be enquired through Telephone Banking including current balance, available balance, closing details, order information, stock information (Name and Code), market news and allotment no.

7. Fax order through Telephone Banking involves stock balances, intra-day order details, stock closing list.
  4. 电话银行银证通的买入(卖出)交易输入要素为:股票代码、委托价格、买入(卖出)数量。
  5. 电话银行银证通的撤单交易输入要素为:委托编号。
  6. 电话银行银证通的查询功能包括:当前余额、可用余额、成交明细、委托信息、股票信息(名称和代码)、市场行情以及配号信息。
  7. 电话银行银证通的传真交易包括的内容为:股票余额、当日委托明细、股票成交清单。

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