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Feb 2, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary g12

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

gilt-edged securities 金边证券
Gini Coefficient 基尼系数
global allocation 总拨款;拨款总额
global costing 整体成本计算法
go private 私有化;私营化
go public 上市
godown warrant 仓单
going concern 经营中的机构;持续经营
gold 黄金
gold bullion 金条;黄金
gold bullion held on an allocated basis 特别划分方式持有的黄金
gold bullion market 黄金市场
gold coin 金币
gold coin certificate 金币证明书
gold coin coupon 金币配给票
gold exchange standard 黄金汇兑本位制
gold futures 黄金期货;期货
Gold Identity Marks Registry 黄金标记注册处
gold market 黄金市场
gold on paper 黄金券;纸黄金
gold, silver and platinum held in physical form 实金、实银及实白金
gold standard 金本位;金本位制
good book debt 可收回的帐面债项
good delivery 合格交货;合格交付
good year 丰年
goods and services 商品及服务;货物与服务
goodwill 商誉;信誉
government bond 政府债券
government consumption expenditure 政府消费开支
government conveyancing 政府产权转易
Government Economist 政府经济顾问
government expenditure 政府开支
government lotteries 政府奖券
Government Lotteries Management Committee 政府奖券管理委员会
government mortgage institution 政府按揭贷款机构
government property 政府财产
government property assets 政府物业资产
Government Regulations 《政府规例》
Government rent 地租
government reserve 政府储备
government revenue 政府收入
government securities consultant 政府证券业顾问
government trading department 参与商业活动的政府部门
government utility 政府公用事业
graduated rate 渐进税率

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