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Jan 17, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossarya31

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

American Commodities Exchange 美国商品交易所
American Express Bank Limited 美国运通银行
American Stock Exchange 美国证券交易所
amortization 摊销
amount due from banks 存放银行同业的款项
amount due from banks abroad 存放海外银行同业的款项
amount due from holding companies 控股公司欠款
amount due from local banks 存放本港银行同业的款项
amount due to banks 银行同业的存款
amount due to banks abroad 海外银行同业的存款
amount due to holding companies 控股公司存款
amount due to local banks 本港银行同业的存款
amount due to outport banks 外埠银行同业的存款
amount for note issue 发行纸币的款额
amount of bond 担保契据的款额
amount of consideration 代价款额
amount of contribution 供款数额
amount of indebtedness 负债款额
amount of principal of the loan 贷款本金额
amount of rates chargeable 应征差饷数额
amount of share capital 股本额
amount of sums assured 承保款额
amount of variation 变动幅度
amount of vote 拨款数额
amount payable 应付款额
amount receivable 应收款额
Amsterdam Stock Exchange 阿姆斯特丹证券交易所
analysis 分析
ancillary risk 附属风险
annual account 周年帐目;周年帐目报表;年度决算;年结
annual accounting date 年结日期
annual allowance 每年免税额;年积金;年度津贴;年津
annual balance 年度余额
annual disposable income 每年可动用收入
annual estimates 周年预算
annual fee 年费
annual general meeting 周年大会
annual growth rate 年增率;每年增长率
annual long-term supplement 长期个案每年补助金
annual pensionable emolument 可供计算退休金的年薪
annual report 年报
Annual Report on the Consumer Price Index 《消费物价指数年报》
annual return 周年报表;周年申报表;每年报税表格
Annual Return Rules 《周年报表规则》
annual review of consumer prices 每年消费物价回顾
annual roll-forward basis 逐年延展方式
annual salary 年薪
annual statement 年度报表;年度决算表
Annual Survey of Banks, Deposit-taking Companies and Representative Offices of Foreign Banks 银行、接受存款公司及外地银行驻港代表办事处按年统计调查
annuitant 年金受益人;养老金受益人
annuity 年金
annuity contract 年金合约
annuity on human life 人寿年金
antecedent debt 先前的债项;前期债项
ante-dated cheque 倒填日期支票
anticipated expenditure 预期开支
anticipated net profit 预期纯利
anticipated revenue 预期收入
anti-inflation measure 反通货膨胀措施
anti-inflationary stance 反通货膨胀立场
apparent deficit 表面赤字
apparent financial solvency 表面偿债能力
apparent partner 表面合伙人
application for personal assessment 个人入息课税申请书

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