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Jan 17, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary a23

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

agreement for a settlement 授产协议
agreement for assignment 转让协议
agreement for sale 售卖协议;买卖协议
agreement for sale and purchase 买卖协议
agreement for the payment of interest 支付利息协议
agreement for the repayment of money 还款协议
agreement of reinsurance 再保险协议
Agricultural Bank of China 中国农业银行
air passenger departure tax 飞机乘客离境税
Air Services Negotiations Unit [Economic Services Bureau] 民航运输谈判组〔经济局〕
airport tax 机场税
alcohol duty 酒精税
alienation 让与;让渡;转让
alimony 生活费;赡养费
All Ordinaries Index [AOI] 所有普通股指数
all risks 全险;综合险
All Sales Record for Stock Market 《股票市场成交报告》
Allied Capital Resources Limited 新联财务有限公司
all-items index [Consumer Price Index] 总指数〔消费物价指数〕
allocation letter 拨款信件
allocation of fund 分配款项;预留款项
allocation of profit 利润分配;溢利分配
allocation warrant 拨款令
allotment 分配;配股
allotment notice 股份配售通知;配股通知
allotment of shares 股份分配
allowable 可获宽免;免税的
allowable business loss 可扣除的营业亏损
allowable expenses 可扣税的支出
allowance 免税额;津贴;备抵;准备金
allowance for debts 债项的免税额
allowance for depreciation by wear and tear 耗损折旧免税额
allowance for funeral expenses 殡殓费的免税额
allowance for inflation 为通货膨胀而预留的款项;通胀准备金
allowance for repairs and outgoings 修葺(修缮)及支出方面的免税额
allowance to debtor 给债务人的津贴
alteration of capital 资本更改(变更)
alternate trustee 候补受托人
amalgamation 合并
ambit [head or subhead of expenditure] 涵盖范围〔开支总目或分目〕
ambit of charges 征税范围;收费范围

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