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Jan 17, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary a32

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

application of fund 资金应用
application to release as liquidator and to destruct the books of accounts and documents 申请免除清算人职务及销毁帐簿与文件
appointed actuary 委任精算师
appointed auditor 委任核数师;委任审计师
appointed trustee 委任的受托人
appointer 委任人
apportioned pro rata 按比例分摊
apportionment 分配;分摊
Apportionment Act [United Kingdom] 《分摊法令》〔英国〕
apportionment formula 分摊方程式;分摊公式
apportionment of estate duty 遗产税的分摊
appraisal 估价;评估
appreciable growth 可观增长
appreciable impact 显著影响
appreciable increase 可观增长
appreciation 增值;升值
appreciation against other currencies 相对其他货币升值
appreciation of the exchange value of Hong Kong dollar 港元汇值上升
appreciation tax 增值税
appropriation 拨款;拨用;拨付
appropriation account 拨款帐目
Appropriation Bill 拨款法案
appropriation-in-aid system 补助拨款办法
approved assets 核准资产
approved basket stock 认可一篮子证券
approved budget 核准预算
approved charitable donation 认可慈善捐款
approved charitable institution 认可慈善机构
approved currency 核准货币;认可货币
approved estimates 核准预算
approved estimates of expenditure 核准开支预算
approved overseas insurer 核准海外保险人
approved overseas trust company 核准海外信托公司
approved pooled investment fund 核准汇集投资基金
approved provident fund scheme 认可公积金计划
approved provision 核准拨款
approved redeemable share 核准可赎回股份
approved regional stock 认可地区性证券
approved retirement scheme 认可退休金计划
approved subordinated loan 核准附属贷款
arbitrage 套戥;套汇;套利
arbitrageur 套戥者;套汇者
arbitrary amount 临时款项
arrangement 措施;安排;协定
arrears 欠款
arrears of pay 欠付薪酬
arrears of revenue 逾期未收税款;逾期未收的帐项
articles of association 组织章程;组织细则;组织章程细则
Asahi Finance (Hong Kong) Limited 旭日财务(香港)有限公司
ascertainment of profit 确定利润
"Asia Clear" "亚洲结算系统"
Asia Commercial Bank Ltd. 亚洲商业银行有限公司
Asian Development Bank [ADB] 亚洲开发银行〔亚银〕
Asian Development Fund [ADF] 亚洲发展基金
Asian dollar bond 亚洲美元债券
Asian dollar market 亚洲美元市场
Asian dollar rate 亚洲美元利率
Asian Securities Analysts Council [ASAC] 亚洲证券分析员公会
Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation [APEC] 亚太区经济合作组织〔亚太经合组织〕
asked price 沽盘;喊价;索价;卖方报价
assessable income 应评税入息
assessable loss 应评税亏损

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