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Jan 29, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary f31

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

flat rate charge 划一收费;统一收费
flexibility arrangement 弹性措施
flexible exchange regime 弹性汇率制度
floatation of shares 股票上市;股票挂牌买卖
floating charge 浮动押记
floating currency 汇率浮动的货币;浮动货币
floating loss 浮动损失;浮动亏损
floating profit 浮动利润
floating rate 浮动利率;浮动汇率
floating rate bond 浮息债券
floating rate certificate of deposit 浮息存款折
floating rate liabilities 浮动利率负债
floating rate note 浮动利率票据;浮息票据
floating rate regime 浮动汇率制度
floor broker 出市经纪;场内经纪人
Floor Procedures Working Group [Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited] 市场委员会工作组〔香港期货交易所有限公司〕
floor ticket 交易所买卖券
floor trader 出市代表;出市员;场内交易员
floor trading system 大堂交易系统;场内交易系统
flow chart 流程图
fluctuating overdraft 不定数额透支
fluctuation 波动
folio of ledger 分类账
foolproof system 万全办法;万全之策
forced liquidation "斩仓";强制清仓
forecast figure 预测数字
forecast period 预测期
forecast return 预测报表
forecast submission 呈报预测
forecast trend growth rate 预测趋势增长率
forecast year 预测年度
foreclosure 止赎权;丧失赎回权
foreclosure order 止赎令
foreign bank 外地银行
foreign bill 外地汇票
foreign credit 海外信用证;海外信贷
foreign currency 外币
foreign currency assets 外币资产
foreign currency deposit 外币存款
foreign currency funding centre 外币融资中心
foreign currency holding 外币持有量;外币储备
foreign currency reserve 外汇储备
foreign currency sovereign debt 外币国债
foreign exchange [forex] 外汇
foreign exchange agreement 外汇协议
foreign exchange allocation 外汇分配
Foreign Exchange and Market Practices Committee 外汇及市场惯例委员会
foreign exchange bought 买入外汇
foreign exchange certificate 外汇兑换券
foreign exchange contract 外汇合约
foreign exchange market 外汇市场;汇市
foreign exchange quotation 外汇报价;外汇牌价
foreign exchange reserve 外汇储备
foreign exchange resources 外汇资源
foreign exchange risk 外汇风险
foreign exchange sold 卖出外汇
foreign exchange turnover 外汇市场交投总额(成交总额)
foreign investment 海外投资;外来投资
foreign note 外地承付票据
foreign ownership 外资拥有权
foreign partnership 外地合伙
foreign remittance 国外汇款
foreign stock exchange 外地证券交易所
foreign tax 外地税款
forex dealer 外汇交易商
forex futures 外汇期货
forex option 外汇期权
forfeit 没收物品
forfeiture 没收
forfeiture of contribution 没收供款
forfeiture of sum 没收款项
forged signature 假冒的签字(签名)
forgiveness of a debt 免偿债务
formal contingent liabilities 正式或有负债
Fortune Magazine 《财富杂志》
forward assets purchase 远期资产购置
forward contract rate 远期合约成交率
forward exchange rate 远期汇率;期货外汇汇率
forward exchange sold 卖出远期外汇
forward foreign currency assets 远期外币资产
forward foreign exchange contract 远期外汇合约
forward forward deposit 远期有期存款
forward purchase 期货购买
forward rate 远期汇率;期汇率
forward trading 期货交易;远期交易
founding member 创办会员;创办会员国

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