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Jan 29, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary f22

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

firm of certified public accountants and public auditors 执业会计师及注册审计师事务所
firm quotation 实价
firm up 回升
first and paramount lien 首要留置权
first buy order 首次买盘
first calculation 第一计算法
First Commercial Bank 第一商业银行
first demand for rates 首次征收差饷通知书
First Fund 第一基金
first in, first out method [FIFO method] 先进先出计算法
first legal mortgage 首次法律按揭
First Metro International Investment Company Limited 首都国际财务投资有限公司
first mortgage 第一按揭;第一抵押
first mortgage debenture stock 第一抵押债权股证
First National Bank of Chicago 芝加哥第一国民银行
First Pacific Bank Limited 第一太平银行有限公司
first participant 第一参与人
First Quarter Economic Report 19XX 《一九XX年第一季经济报告》
first sell order 首次卖盘
First Union HKCB Asia Limited 首华亚洲有限公司
fiscal drag 财政拖累;财政障碍;税项负荷加重
fiscal policy 财政政策
fiscal reason 财政理由
fiscal requirement 财政需求
fiscal reserve 财政储备
fiscal restraint measure 财政紧缩措施
fiscal system 财政制度
fiscal year 会计年度;财政年度
fisheries loan 渔业贷款
Fit and Proper Criteria, The 《适当人选的准则》
Five Rams Finance Company Limited 羊城财务有限公司
five-year forecast of revenue and expenditure 五年收支预测
five-year forecast return 五年预测报表
fixed amount of interest 固定利息数额
fixed assets 固定资产
fixed capital formation 固定资本形成
fixed capital investment 固定资本投资
fixed charge 固定费用;固定押记
fixed concessionary rate 固定优惠率
fixed cost 固定成本
fixed cumulative dividend 固定累积股息
fixed deposit account 定期存款帐户
fixed exchange rate 固定汇率
fixed interest investment 定息投资
fixed interest loan stock 固定利息贷款债券;定息贷款债券
fixed interest rate securities 固定利率证券;定息证券
fixed interest securities 固定利息证券;定息证券
fixed parity 固定平价
fixed rate bond 定息债券
fixed rate certificate of deposit 定息存款折
fixed rate liabilities 固定利率负债
fixed rate mortgage 定息按揭
fixed term deposit 定期存款
fixed value 固定价值
fixed-price lump-sum contract 固定总价合约
fixed-price offer 固定价格要约
flat market 市况呆滞
flat rate 划一收费;统一费用
flat rate allowance 划一免税额;定额津贴

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