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Jan 29, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary f21

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

financial exposure 财务风险
financial futures 金融期货
financial guideline 财政准则
financial implication 财政影响;财政负担;财政承担
financial information system 财务资料系统
financial infrastructure 金融基础建设;金融基础设施
Financial Infrastructure Section [Financial Services Bureau] 财经基建组〔财经事务局〕
financial institution 财务机构;金融机构
financial instrument 金融工具;金融票据
financial intermediary 金融中介机构
financial intermediation service 金融中介服务
financial journalist 财经新闻工作者
financial liberalization 金融市场自由化
financial loss 财政损失
financial management 财务管理
financial management and budgeting system 财务管理及预算系统
financial market 金融市场
financial model 财政模式
Financial Monitoring Unit [FMU] [Economic Services Bureau] 财务监察组〔经济局〕
financial objective 财政目标
financial obligation 财政承担;债务
financial performance 财政状况;财政业绩
financial planning 财政计划;财务规划
financial planning guideline 财政计划准则
financial position 财政状况;财务状况;经济状况
financial pressure 财务压力
financial provision 财政拨款
financial prudence 审慎理财;稳健财政政策
financial requirement 财政需求;资金需求
financial resources 财政资源
Financial Resources Rules: Notes for the Use of Securities Dealers 《财政资源规则:供证券交易商参考的注释》
financial return 财政收益
Financial Secretary 财政司司长
Financial Secretary Incorporated [FSI] 财政司法团
Financial Secretary Incorporated Suspense Account 财政司法团暂记帐
Financial Secretary's Office 财政司司长办公室
financial service 金融服务;财经服务
Financial Services Bureau [FSB] [Government Secretariat] 财经事务局〔政府总部〕
financial services complex 金融服务综合大楼
Financial Services Liaison Committee 金融事务联络委员会
financial services sector 金融服务处
financial sheet 财务报表
financial situation 财务状况
financial statement 财政报告;财务报告
financial support agreement 财务支持协议
Financial Times Index 《金融时报》指数
Financial Times, The 《金融时报》
financial transaction 财务交易
financial vehicle 筹资工具
financial year 财政年度
financing 融资;提供资金;资金融通
financing cost 集资费用
financing package 融资方案
financing study 融资研究
fine 罚款
fineness 纯度;成色
fine-tuning 精确调整;仔细修改
fire insurance 火险
fire risk 火险
firm 商号;事务所
firm market 市况坚挺
firm name 商号名称

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