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Jan 29, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary e21

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

equity share capital 权益股本
equity trading system 股票买卖制度
equity warrant 股本认股权证
equity-related contract 与股权联系的合约
escape clause 免责条款;例外条款
escrow account 托管帐户;记帐帐户
established fiscal policy 既定财政政策
established securities market 具规模的证券市场;成熟的证券市场
establishment ceiling 编制上限
Establishment Subcommittee [Finance Committee of the Legislative Council] 人事编制小组委员会〔立法会财务委员会〕
estate 遗产;产业;财产
estate duty 遗产税
estate duty account 遗产呈报表
Estate Duty Office [Inland Revenue Department] 遗产税署〔税务局〕
estimated additional assessable income 估计的(预估)补加应评税入息
estimated additional assessable profit 估计的(预估)补加应评税利润
estimated annual rental 预计每年租值
estimated assessment 估计评税
estimated assets 估计资产
estimated expenditure 预算开支;估计开支
estimated expenditure by service 按服务分类的预算开支
estimated growth rate 估计增长率
estimated income 估计入息;估计收入
estimated liabilities 估计负债
estimated net profit 估计纯利
estimated revenue 预算收入;估计收入
Estimates for the year ending 31 March 19XX Volume IA--General Revenue Account 《截至一九XX年三月三十一日为止的财政年度预算卷一甲部──政府一般收入帐目》
Estimates for the year ending 31 March 19XX Volume IB--General Revenue Account 《截至一九XX年三月三十一日为止的财政年度预算卷一乙部──政府一般收入帐目》
Estimates for the year ending 31 March 19XX Volume II--Fund Accounts 《截至一九XX年三月三十一日为止的财政年度预算卷二──基金帐目》
estimates of expenditure 开支预算
Estimates of Gross Domestic Product 《本地(国内)生产总值估计》
Euro 欧罗;欧元
Eurobond 欧洲债券
Euroclear 欧洲结算系统
Euroclear Clearance System Co-operative 欧洲结算系统公司
Eurocurrency credit market 欧洲货币信贷市场
Eurodollar 欧洲美元
Eurodollar bond 欧洲美元债券
Eurodollar deposit rate 欧洲美元存款利率
Eurodollar futures 欧洲美元期货
Eurodollar market 欧洲美元市场
Eurodollar rate 欧洲美元利率
Euromoney 欧洲货币
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development [EBRD] 欧洲复兴开发银行
European Commission 欧洲委员会
European Common Market 欧洲共同市场〔共市〕
European Community [EC] 欧洲共同体
European Council 欧洲理事会
European Currency Unit [ECU] 欧洲货币单位
European Development Fund [EDF] 欧洲发展基金
European Economic Community [EEC] 欧洲经济共同体〔欧共体〕
European Futures Clearing Corporation B.V.
[Amsterdam] 欧洲期货结算有限公司〔阿姆斯特丹〕
European Investment Bank 欧洲投资银行
European Monetary System [EMS] 欧洲货币体系
European Monetary Union 欧洲货币联盟
European Options Clearing Corporation Holding B.V.
[Amsterdam] 欧洲期权结算控股有限公司〔阿姆斯特丹〕

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