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Jan 29, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary e22

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

European Options Exchange [Amsterdam] 欧洲期权交易所〔阿姆斯特丹〕
European Social Fund [ESF] 欧洲社会基金
European Union [EU] [developed from the European Community] 欧洲联盟〔欧盟〕〔前身为欧洲共同体〕
Euroyen 欧洲日圆
Euroyen loan 欧洲日圆贷款
evade payment of tax 逃缴税款
evidence of payment 付款证据
ex all [x.a.] 除净
ex coupon [x.c.] 无息票
ex dividend [x.d.] 除息;除股息
ex gratia extinguishment allowance 特惠结业津贴
ex gratia grant 特惠补助金
ex gratia payment 特惠津贴;特惠金
ex rights [x.r.] 除权;除认股权
ex warrant 除证;不附认股权证
examination 审查;讯问;研讯
excess 盈余;超出额;免赔额
excess liquidity 额外流动资金
excess tax paid 多缴的税款
excess value 超额价值
excessive interest rate 过高利率
exchange 兑换;汇兑;交易所
exchange account 兑换账户
exchange bank 外汇银行
Exchange Banks' Association, Hong Kong 香港外汇银行公会
exchange broker 外汇经纪
exchange clearing agreement 外汇结算协定
exchange company 交易所公司
exchange compensation allowance 汇率补偿津贴
exchange contract 外汇合约
exchange contract cancellation note 外汇合约撤销单
exchange control 外汇管制
Exchange Fund 外汇基金
Exchange Fund Advisory Committee [Hong Kong Monetary Authority] 外汇基金谘询委员会〔香港金融管理局〕
Exchange Fund bill 外汇基金票据
Exchange Fund Bills Programme 外汇基金票据计划
Exchange Fund Debt Certificate 外汇基金债务证明书
Exchange Fund debt instrument 外汇基金债务票据
Exchange Fund Guarantee Scheme 外汇基金保证计划
Exchange Fund Investment Limited [EFIL] 外汇基金投资有限公司
Exchange Fund note 外汇基金债券
Exchange Fund Notes Programme 外汇基金债券计划
exchange gain 汇兑增益
exchange loss 汇兑损失
exchange market 外汇市场;汇兑市场
Exchange Member 交易所会员
exchange memo 兑换水单
exchange position 外汇头寸
exchange premium 外汇升水;汇兑溢价
exchange quotation 外汇行情
exchange rate 汇率
exchange rate contract 汇率合约
exchange rate fluctuation 汇率波动
exchange rate index 汇率指数
exchange rate mechanism 汇率机制
exchange rate movement 汇率变动
exchange risk 外汇风险
exchange surcharge 汇兑附加费;汇兑附加税
exchange transaction 兑换交易
exchange value 汇兑价值;交换价值
exchange value of the Hong Kong dollar 港元汇价
exchange-based short selling activity 经交易所进行的卖空活动
exchange-traded derivative 在交易所买卖的衍生产品

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