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Jan 22, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary c21

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

cash settlement 现金结算
cash surplus 现金盈余
cash with order 订货付现;凭票即付
cashier's order 银行本票
cashier's order outstanding 未承兑的银行本票
cash-limited subhead 有现金支出限额的分目
cash-sweep 现金彩票活动
casual client "散客";"散户"
CCASS Depository 中央结算系统证券存管处
CCIC Finance Limited 中芝兴业财务有限公司
ceding company (再保险)分出公司
ceding insurer 分出保险公司
ceiling 上限
ceiling price 最高限价
central bank 中央银行
Central Bank Bilateral Repurchase Agreement 《中央银行双边回购协议》
central banking 中央银行业务
central banking function 中央银行职能
Central Clearing and Custodian System 中央结算及托管系统
Central Clearing and Depository System 中央结算及存管系统
Central Clearing and Settlement System [CCASS] 中央结算及交收系统〔中央结算系统〕
central clearing house 中央结算所
central clearing system 中央结算制度;集体交收系统
central custody system 中央托管系统
central depository 中央存管处
central depository system 中央证券存管制度
Central Money markets Unit [CMU] 债务工具中央结算系统
central rate 中央汇率;中心汇率
Central Registration Hong Kong Limited 香港中央证券登记有限公司
Central Tender Board 中央投标委员会
Centrale de Livraison de Valeurs Mobilieres [CEDEL] 中央证券交收系统;世达结算系统
centralized budgetary and payments system 集中预算及支付制度
centred 12-month moving average 十二个月定位移动平均数
certificate of approval 批准证明书
certificate of beneficial entitlement to property 资产权益证书
certificate of compliance 合格证明书;合约完成证明书
certificate of deposit [CD] 存款证明
certificate of exemption from estate duty 豁免遗产税证明书
certificate of incorporation 公司注册证书;法团注册证书
certificate of incorporation of registered trustees 注册受托人法团证书
certificate of indebtedness [CI] 负债证明书
certificate of insurance 保险证书
certificate of interest 权益证明书;息票
certificate of means 资产证明书
certificate of participation 参与证明书
certificate of payment of profits tax 缴付利得税证明书
certificate of preference 特惠税证
certificate of rateable value 应课差饷租值证明书
certificate of registration 登记证书;注册证明书
certificate of satisfaction 清偿证明书
certificate of transfer 转让证明书
certificate to bearer 不记名证明书
certification 核证
certification fee 核证费
certified cheque 经银行证明可兑现的支票
certified public accountant [CPA] 执业会计师
certified statement 经证明的报表
cessation of business 停业
cession 分保
Finance Company Limited 浙一财务有限公司
chance 机会;中彩机会
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank, Ltd. 彰化商业银行

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