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Jan 22, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary c22

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

change of domicile 迁册;场所变更
change to estimates 修订预算
change to the approved estimates of expenditure 核准开支预算的变动
charge 费用;押记;抵押
charge number 税单号码
charge on assets 资产的征费
charge upon general revenue 从政府一般收入中拨款支付
chargeable 可予征收;应课税的
chargeable agreement for sale 可予征收印花税的买卖协议
chargeable income 应课税入息
chargeable normal trading receipt 应课税的一般营业收入
chargeable profit 应课税利润
chargeable to tax 应课税
charged to... 记入……帐户
chargee 承押记人
charge-holder 受押人
Charges Section [Companies Registry] 押记注册组〔公司注册处〕
charging order 押记令
chargor's right 押记人的权利
charitable donation 慈善捐款
charitable trust 慈善信托
charity property 慈善财产
Charoen Pokphand Finance Company Limited 卜蜂财务有限公司
charter 章程;特许权
charter of incorporation 成立章程
chartered accountant 特许会计师
Chartered Institute of Bankers [United Kingdom] 特许银行学会〔英国〕
Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy [United Kingdom] 特许公共财政及会计学会〔英国〕
charterer 承租者
Chase Manhattan Asia Limited 美国大通亚洲有限公司
Chase Manhattan Bank 美国大通银行
chattels 实产;动产
Chau's Brothers Finance Company Limited 周氏兄弟财务有限公司
Che Hsing Finance Company Limited 浙兴财务有限公司
check-and-balance system 制约平衡制度
Chekiang First Bank Limited 浙江第一银行
cheque 支票
Chiao Yue Finance Company Limited 侨裕财务有限公司
Chiba Bank, Ltd. 千叶银行
Chicago Board of Options Exchange 芝加哥期权交易所
Chicago Board of Trade 芝加哥交易所
Chicago Mercantile Exchange 芝加哥商品交易所
Chief Executive of Hong Kong Monetary Authority 香港金融管理局总裁
Chief Executive of Stock Exchange of Hong Kong 香港联合交易
Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Futures Exchange 香港期货交易所行政总裁
Chief Executive's Committee [Hong Kong Monetary Authority] 总裁委员会〔香港金融管理局〕
child allowance 子女免税额
China & South Sea Bank Limited 中南银行
China Affairs Committee [Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited] 中国事务委员会〔香港期货交易所有限公司〕
China concept stock 中国概念股
China Construction Bank 中国建设银行
China Development Division [Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited] 中国发展科〔香港联合交易所有限公司〕
China Economic News 《中国经济新闻》
China Securities Regulatory Commission [CSRC] 中国证券监督管理委员会〔中国证监会〕
China State Bank Limited 国华商业银行
China trust Commercial Bank, Limited 中国信托商业银行
Chinese Association of Deposit-taking Companies 华资接受存款公司公会
Chinese Bankers Club, Hong Kong 香港银行华员会

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