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Jan 17, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary a41

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

assessable profit 应评税利润
assessable value 应评税值
assessed profit 估定利润
assessed value 经评估价值
assessment 评税;评定;估价;评税单
assessment number 评税编号;估价编号
assessment of additional tax 补加税评税
assessment of performance 业绩评估;实绩评价
Assessor 评税主任
asset price bubbles 资产价格泡沫
asset-backed securities 具资产保证的证券
assets accretion 资产增值
assets and liabilities 资产与负债
assets betterment statement 资产递增表;资产改进表
assets lending 实物放款;有抵押贷款
assets of the company passing on the death 死者去世时转移的公司资产
assets pledged as security for liabilities 用作负债抵押的资产
assets portfolio 资产投资组合
assets price 资产价格
assets quality 资产素质;资产质量
assets realization 资产变现
assets refinancing arrangement 资产再集资安排
assets securitization 资产证券化
assets situated outside Hong Kong 在香港以外地方的资产
assets stripping 削减资产;拆卖资产
assets value 资产值
assignee 承让人
assignment 转让;转让书;转让契
assignment of interest 权益转让
assignment of letters patent and trade mark 专利证书及商标转让
assignment of property 物业转让;物业转让书
assignment right 转让权
assignor 转让人
associate 有联系的人;有关连人士;相联者;合伙人;联系人
Associate Clearing Housing Amsterdam B.V.
associate member 附属会员
associated body corporate 相联法人团体
associated company 相联公司;联属公司
associated corporation 相联法团
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants [ACCA] [United Kingdom] 公认会计师公会〔英国〕
Association of Futures Exchange Brokers 香港期货经纪协会
Association of South-East Asian Nations [ASEAN] 东南亚国家联盟〔东盟〕
association of underwriters 承保人组织
assumption of control 接管
assurance 担保;保险;转易;转易书
assurance of interest 权益的转易;权益保证
at 19XX price 按一九XX年价格计算
at a discount 按赔价计算;按贴水价格计算;打折扣
at a premium 按溢价计算;按升水价格计算
at call 通知付款;按通知
at constant market price 按固定市价计算
at constant price 按固定价格计算
at cost 按成本计算
at current market price 按当时市价计算;按现时市价计算
at current price 按当时价格计算;按现时价格计算
at factor cost 按要素成本计算;按生产要素成本计算
at money-of-the-day price 按付款当日价格计算
at or better 按指定或较佳价位〔买卖指令〕
at par 按面值计算;平价
at sight 见票即付
at the close 按收市盘
at the opening 按开市盘

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