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Jan 17, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary a21

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

actual profit 实际利润
actual quotation 实盘;实际价位;实际报价
actual year basis 按实际年度计算
actuals 实货;现货
actuarial investigation 精算调查
actuarial principle 精算原则
actuarial report 精算师报告
Actuarial Society of Hong Kong 香港精算学会
actuarial valuation 精算师估值
actuary 精算师
ad referendum agreement 暂定协议;有待覆核的协定
ad valorem duty system 从价税制
ad valorem fee 从价费
ad valorem tariff 从价关税
additional allowance 额外免税额
additional amount for unexpired risk 未过期风险的额外款额
additional assessable profit 补加应评税利润
additional assessment 补加评税
additional commitment 额外承担
additional commitment vote 额外承担拨款
additional dependent grandparent allowance 供养祖父母或外祖父母额外免税额
additional dependent parent allowance 供养父母额外免税额
additional provision 额外拨款
additional stamp duty 附加印花税
additional tax 补加税罚款;补加税款
Additional Tax Demand Note 缴纳补加税罚款通知书;缴纳补加税款通知书
adjudged bankrupt 被裁定破产
adjudicated bankrupt 裁定破产人
adjudication fee 裁定费;评定印花税额手续费;评估契据费
adjudication of bankruptcy 裁定破产;宣告破产
adjudication of insolvency 裁定无力偿还债务
adjusted actual 经调整的实数;调整后的实数
adjusted current assets 经调整的流动资产;调整后的流动资产
adjusted figure 经调整的数字;调整后的数额
adjusted liabilities 经调整的负债;调整后的负债
adjusted loss 经调整的亏损;调整后的亏损
adjusted net admissible assets 经调整的可接纳资产净值;调整后的可接纳资产净值
adjusted profit 经调整的利润;调整后的利润
adjusted surplus 经调整的盈余额;调整后的盈余额
adjusted value 经调整的价值;调整后的价值
adjustment 调整;修订;理算〔保险〕
adjustment centre 调剂中心;调度中心
adjustment lag 调整过程的时间差距;调整时差
adjustment mechanism 调整机制
adjustment of loss 亏损调整
adjustment process 调整过程;调整程序
adjustment range 调整幅度
administered exchange rate 受管制汇率
Administration Division [Hong Kong Monetary Authority] 行政处〔香港金融管理局〕
administration expenses 行政费用;管理费用
administration fee 手续费;行政费
administration in bankruptcy 破产管理
administration order 遗产管理令
administrator 管理人;遗产管理人
administrator of the estate 遗产管理人
admission of debt 债项承认书
admission of proof 接纳债权证明
advance 放贷款项;垫付款项;预支款项;预付款项
advance account 暂支帐目;预付款帐户
advance compensation 预付补偿金
advance from shareholder 股东垫款
advance pending reimbursement 预支以待日后付还

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