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Jan 24, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary c52

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

cost competitiveness 成本竞争
cost control 成本控制;成本管制
cost convention 原值成本法;成本惯例
cost effectiveness 成本效益;经济效益
cost efficiency 成本效率
cost element 成本要素
cost flow 成本流转
cost input 投入资金
cost management information system 成本管理信息系统
cost of an asset 资产成本
cost of borrowing 借贷成本
cost of capital 资本成本;资金成本
cost of installation 安装成本
cost of issue 招股费用;发行股份费用
cost of living 生活费用
cost of transmitting 传送费用
cost overrun 成本超支
cost price 成本价格
cost price structure 成本价格结构
cost to the revenue 政府收入的损失;政府减少的收入
cost-benefit analysis 成本效益分析
cost-benefit study 成本效益研究
cost-book company 以成本帐原则组成的公司
cost-effectiveness analysis 成本效益分析
costing 成本计算;成本计算法
costing and pricing policy 成本及定价政策
costing exercise 成本计算工作
costing review 成本回顾
cost-of-living allowance 生活津贴
cost-of-living index 生活指数;生活费用指数
cost-plus pricing 成本加成定价法
cost-push inflation 成本推动的通货膨胀
cost-recovery basis 收回成本的原值
cost-related charges 依成本而定的收费
cost-related fee 依成本而定的收费
co-surety 共同担保人
co-trustee 共同受托人
cotton futures 期棉
Council of SEHK 联交所理事会
Council of the Hong Kong Society of Accountants 香港会计师公会理事会
counterclaim 反申诉
counterfoil 联页〔收据〕;存根〔支票〕;票根
counter-guarantee 反担保
counter-inflationary policy 反通货膨胀政策
countersignature 副署签名;连署签名
country debt provisioning 债务国坏帐准备
country of beneficial ownership 实益拥有权国家
coupon 息票
coupon rate 息票利率
cover 保证金;承保范围
cover note 临时保单
cover short position 补仓;填平空仓
coverage 保额;承保范围
covered call 备兑认购期权
covered option 备兑期权
covered warrant 备兑认股权证
crash 狂泻;暴跌;崩溃
creation of new heads and subheads 开立新总目及分目
credit 信用;信贷;信用证;贷项
credit advice 贷项通知书
credit agency 征信所;信用调查机构
Credit Agricole Indosuez 东方汇理银行
credit arrangement 信贷安排
credit balance 贷方结余
credit card 信用卡

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