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Jan 24, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary c51

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

controlling officer's report 管制人员报告
controlling shareholder 控股股东;持有控股权的股东
Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nations of Other States 《关于解决国家与他国国民之间的投资争端的公约》
conventional lending 传统放款;常规放款
conversion 兑换;换算;转换〔证券〕
conversion factor 换算因数
conversion of stock 公债的转换
conversion rate 兑换率;换算率;转换价格〔证券〕
convertibility 可兑性;兑换性;自由兑换
convertibility undertaking 兑换保证
convertible 可兑换
convertible currency 可兑换货币
convertible debenture 可转换债券
convertible loan stock 可转换股的债权股额
convertible subordinated unsecured loan stock 可转换股的次级无抵押债权股额
conveyance 转易;转易契;财产转让证书
conveyance of property 财产转让
conveyance on sale 售卖转易
conveyancing fee 业权转易费
conveyancing scale charges 物业转易标准收费
cooling-off period 冷静期
co-owner 共同拥有人;分权共有人
co-partner 共同合伙人
co-partnership 共同合伙
Copenhagen Stock Exchange 哥本哈根证券交易所
core capital 核心资本
Core Operational and Financial Risk Management Controls for Over-the-Counter Derivatives Activities of Registered Persons 《适用于注册人的衍生工具场外交易活动的核心运作和财务风险管理机制》
Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision [Basle Committee] 《有效监管银行业的主要原则》〔巴塞尔委员会〕
cornering "夹仓";轧空;囤积居奇
corporate borrower 借款公司;借款机构
corporate business 公司企业
Corporate Communications Department [Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited] 企业通讯部〔香港联合交易所有限公司〕
corporate customer 公司客户
corporate dealer 公司交易人
Corporate Finance Division [Securities and Futures Commission] 企业融资部〔证券及期货事务监察委员会〕
Corporate Finance (D.T.C.) Limited 协联财务有限公司
Corporate Finance Fees Rule 《与公司财务有关的费用规则》
corporate governance 公司管治
corporate income tax 公司所得税
corporate investment adviser 公司投资顾问
corporate member 法团会员;公司会员〔香港联合交易所有限公司〕
corporate plan 公司计划
corporate practice 执业法团
corporate profits tax 公司利得税
corporate savings 公司储蓄
corporate service tax 公司服务税
corporate signature 法团的签名
corporation 法团;公司
corporation bond 公司债券
corporation stock 公司股证;地方债券〔英国〕
corporation tax 公司税
correction phase of stock market 股市调整阶段
Correctional Services Industries Suspense Account 惩教工业暂记账
corrective affidavit 修正遗产申报誓章
correspondent bank 代理银行
Cosmos Finance Limited 宇宙财务有限公司
cost 成本;费用;价格
cost centre 成本中心

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