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Jan 24, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary c53

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

credit card scheme 信用卡计划
Credit Committee 贷款委员会
credit control 信贷管制
credit conversion factor 信贷换算因数
credit easing 放宽信贷
credit exposure 信贷风险
credit facility 信贷安排;信贷融通;信用透支
Credit Guarantee Scheme 信贷保证计划
credit item 贷项
credit limit 信贷限额
Credit Lyonnais 里昂信贷银行
Credit Lyonnais Hongkong (Finance) Limited 香港里昂财务有限公司
credit rating 信贷评级
credit rating agency 信贷评级机构
Credit Review Committee [Hong Kong Monetary Authority] 信贷检讨委员会〔香港金融管理局〕
credit risk 信贷风险
credit sale 赊销
credit side 贷方
credit squeeze 信贷紧缩;收紧信贷
credit to... 记入……帐户
credit to be given against tax 税款抵免
credit transfer 信贷转帐;信用转账
credit union 储蓄互助会
Credit Union League of Hong Kong 香港储蓄互助社协会
creditor 债权人
creditor's petition 债权人的呈请书
creditworthiness 信誉;信用可靠程度
creeping inflation 爬行式通货膨胀;温和通货膨胀;渐升通胀
criminal bankruptcy 刑事破产
criminal bankruptcy order 刑事破产令
criminal bankruptcy petition 刑事破产呈请书
criterion for credit 授信原则
critical path analysis 关键路线分析法;要径分析
cross rate 套价;套汇汇率;交叉汇率
cross-currency settlement risk 跨国货币结算风险
crossed cheque 划线支票
crossed trade 交叉买卖;交叉盘买卖
Cross-Harbour Tunnel Passage Tax 海底隧道使用税
cross-holding 相互持股;交叉持股
cross-margining 跨市场保证金制度
cross-referencing system 相互参照系统
cross-subsidization 互相资助;互相津贴
Crown Agent 英联邦代理
crude activity rate 粗略经济活动率
crude econometric model 粗略计量经济模式
culpable insider dealing 应受谴责的内幕交易
cum dividend 股票带息
cumulative appreciation 累积升值;累积增值
cumulative deficit 累积赤字;累积亏损
cumulative dividend 累积股息
cumulative financial position 累积财政状况
cumulative realized investment 累积的已实现投资

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