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Jan 24, 2008

English Chinese Financial Glossary c43

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

contango 交易延期费;延期交割费;期货溢价
contingencies warrant 紧急拨款令;应急支款授权书
contingency 应急费用;意外开支准备金
contingency allowance 应急准备金
contingency sum 应急费用;意外开支准备金
contingent assets 或有资产
contingent debt 或有债权;待确定债务
contingent interest 待确定的权益
contingent liabilities 或有负债
contingent profit 或有利润
contingent right 或有的权益
continue to hold a deposit 继续持有存款
Continuing Member [Hong Kong Association of Banks] 永久会员银行〔香港银行公会〕
continuing rent 连续租金
continuing trustee 留任受托人
continuous licensing system 长期持牌制度
Continuous Net Settlement System [CNS System] 持续净额交收系统
contra account 对销帐户
contra flow 资金回流
contra item 对销项目
contra transfer 对销转拨
contract 合约
contract for difference 差价合约
contract for service 服务合约
contract for settlement 平仓合约
contract note 成交单据
contract of copartnery 合伙合约
contract of indemnity 弥偿合约
contract of insurance 保险合约
contract of reinsurance 再保险合约
contract price 合约价格
contracting party 订约人;立约人;缔约方
contractual agreement 合约协议
contractual commitment 合约承担
contractual joint venture 合约式联营企业
contractual mutual fund 合约互惠基金
contractual right 合约权利
contractual savings fund 合约储蓄基金
contributed surplus 实缴资本盈余
contribution 出资;供款;捐款;分担款项
contribution account 供款帐户
contribution to gross domestic product 在国内生产总值中所占比例
contribution to investment 出资额
contribution to pension fund 退休金供款
contributor 供款人;出资人;捐助人
contributory 分担额;捐款人
contributory scheme 供款计划
contrived cessation of business 有预谋的停业;人为的停业
control 控制权;控制;管制
control of a company 公司的控制权;公司控股权
control of business 业务的控制权
controlled company 受控制公司
controller 控制人;控权人;会计
controller of an authorized institution 认可机构控权人
controlling company 控股公司
controlling interest 控制权益;控股权益
controlling officer 管制人员

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