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Jun 8, 2012

Biking & Hiking Trails in Utah(在犹他州徒步和骑车旅行)

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.

Eden(伊甸园), Utah (elev. 4,947) is a town located in northern Utah, 14 miles from the city of Ogden(奥格登市). The town is home to Powder Mountain Ski Resort, Utah's largest overall skiing area. Eden is also located near Pineview Reservoir, a popular recreation spot for boating, fishing, hiking, ice fishing(冰钓) and snowkiting. In the summer, Eden offers many camping(露营) and hiking(远足)​​ opportunities.
North Fork Park Trail(公园小径)
North Fork Park Trail offers a relaxing, scenic hike on a gravel/dirt(砾石/泥土)road. The trail meanders through the park(蜿蜒穿过公园) and past campgrounds, stables(马厩) and meadows(草地). The trail, a 3.3-mile loop, is rated easy by the Weber County Pathways Organization, a nonprofit organization(非营利性组织)dedicated to the promotion and construction of public trails in the area. There is a slight elevation gain from 5,440 feet to 5,800 feet. In the winter, the trail is a popular destination(目的地)for cross-country skiing(越野滑雪), and is maintained by The Utah Nordic Alliance(由犹他州的北欧联盟); it was a nominee(提名) for the Nordic and Biathalon events of the 2002 Winter Olympics2002年冬季奥运会)(nearby Snowbasin Ski Resort was the site of the 2002 Super Gand Downhill(超级大回转和速降滑雪) skiing events).

Skyline Trail(蓝天之旅)
Arguably the most challenging trail in the greater Ogden area, the Skyline Trail is a apart of the Great Western Trail, which stretches from Montana(蒙大拿州) to Arizona(亚利桑那州). The trail can be accessed at the North Ogden Divide Trailhead. Across the road from the North Ogden Divide parking lot, you'll find the Northern Skyline Trail(北天际线小路). The trail climbs 11.4 miles up to the top of Ben Lamond and Willard peaks. It is a strenuous(艰苦) dirt hike that rises from 6,180 feet to 9,764 feet. The route is popular with hikers, mountain bikers(山地自行车), equestrians(骑马) and motorcyclists, and can be crowded at peak times. It's known as a challenging but rewarding hike that opens up beautiful, far-reaching views of the valley below. On the parking-lot side of the road, you'll have access to the Southern Skyline Trail, a 9.5-mile, one-way route(单程路线)that is rated difficult. The Southern Skyline Trail eventually ends across the road from the Pineview Reservoir, near the Pineview Trailhead, so a shuttle hike is easy to coordinate. The elevation(海拔高度) rises from 4,920 feet to 8,100 feet.

Pineview West TrailPineview西部小径)
The Pineview Trail can be accessed via the Pineview Trailhead or North Arm Trailhead, both along Route 158 on the way into the main section of Eden. The trail is an easy but scenic trail that follows the shoreline(海岸线) of Pineview Reservoir. There is minimal elevation gain from 4,910 feet to 4,960 feet. The trail is a good destination for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

Wolf Canyon Trail(狼峡谷步道)
Located right off of Eden's main artery, Route 158, Wolf Canyon Trail is easy to access from town. You'll see the trailhead on your left after crossing through the gates on the way to Powder Mountain. This is a 3-mile, one-way route that parallels(平行)158, climbing gradually up to Powder Mountain Ski Resort. The trail is overgrown in parts, but offers great views of the valley below. Weber Pathways rates it a moderate(温和) hike and it climbs from 6,020 feet to 7,600 feet. The organization recommends it for spring or fall due to its southern exposure.

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