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Feb 20, 2012

Music of Hawaii(夏威夷的音乐)From Traditional to Contemporary

By Freelance Chinese Translator Li – English to Chinese translation services - based in China.The roots of Hawaiian music go back a thousand years and you can still hear echoes in today’s rhythms, percussion instruments(打击乐器), chants(圣歌), and vocal styles. Traditional music is generally simple in its structure and both reverent(虔诚) and haunting(难以忘怀) in the way that it’s presented. But today it’s also possible to hear variations of Hawaiian music that are diverse as the islands’ mix of cultures – everything from rock ‘n roll(摇滚乐) and rap(打击乐) to jazz(爵士) and a Hawaiian form of reggae(瑞格舞) known as Hawaiian.Music Festivals Every year, Hawaiian music is celebrated in music festivals that celebrate the uniqueness of Hawaii instruments, musicians, and songs.The Ukulele Festival (四弦琴节,尤克里里琴节)(July) at Kapiolani Park Bandstand(卡皮欧拉尼公园的室外音乐演奏台) in Waikiki(威基基) honors what many visitors believe to be a hand-me-down(旧物) from ancient Hawaii, but in reality, the ukulele was brought here by Portuguese immigrants(葡萄牙移民) at the end of the 19th century. Today, the uke(尤克里里琴) is still a fundamental part of the musical landscape(景色), not simply on stage but also at family picnics or on the beach.The Big Island’s Kona Slack Key Festival (September) pays tribute(致意) to a uniquely local way of playing the guitar – another Hawaiian music staple. Slack key is a “slacked”(缓慢的) or loosened(松弛的) tuning(调节) or technique that reflects the breezy(轻松愉快的), flowing quality of both local climate and culture.To get you started, you’ll find a sampling of Hawaii music festivals, contests, live venues, and more below.

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