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Apr 9, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-AirAsia-Checked-in baggage Handling Charge

(Translated by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- website translation)

Now you only need to pay for what you use. This will help keep fares low for everyone and you can save by traveling light on your next trip. Other terms and conditions apply.

Frequently asked questions
1. Why is AirAsia introducing the fee?
AirAsia believes that guests should be given the option to choose the services they require and pay only for those services. This approach helps keep AirAsia's basic fares low, which is our main priority.


Previously, the cost of check-in baggage was automatically included in every fare; meaning those travelling with only hand luggage were subsidising those travelling with heavier, check-in bags.
此前,托运行李的费用被自动分摊至每张机票; 那些只有随身行李的乘客其实在补贴那些携带大量行李的乘客。

Now, each guest will pay only for the bags they wish to travel with, enabling us to keep our basic fares low for all.

Fewer check-in bags improve airport efficiency and will eventually lead to shorter check-in queues.

2. When will I be charged for baggage?
The fee will apply to all AirAsia flights booked from 00:01hrs on 21 April, 2008 onwards. This fee will not be applicable for bookings made before 21 April 2008.


3. Other airlines do not charge for baggage, so why is AirAsia?
AirAsia's primary aim is to continue to keep costs low for all our guests. This means guests will only pay for services they use. With the cost of flying rising (due to increasingly higher fuel costs), we are looking to change consumer behaviour and encourage people to travel lighter.


It is a common policy for low cost carriers in Europe and the US to charge for check-in baggage. The traditional carriers who charge higher ticket prices already have this cost built into the ticket price. At AirAsia, our guests have the choice of paying for this service if they want to use it.

4. How much am I going to be charged?
Check-in baggage will be charged on a per piece basis up to a maximum combined weight of 15kg. Anything over 15kg will be charged as excess in addition to the per piece check-in baggage fee.


Guests should pre-book their check-in baggage to save costs and time at check-in. A discount will be given for check-in baggage booked more than 24 hours prior to departure. The rates are as shown below:
Baggage Handling Charge Pre-book Airport
QZ IDR8.500 IDR14.000


行李托运费 预购 机场
AK 3林吉特 5林吉特
FD 30泰铢 50泰铢
QZ 8.500印尼盾 14.000印尼盾

5. Can I still pre-book for check-in baggage if I didn't do so at the point of flight booking and receive the discount?
Guests must pre-book their check-in baggage more than 24 hours prior to departure to receive the discount. This can be done at any of AirAsia's sales office, airport sales counter and call centres.

6. Do I pay this check-in baggage fee at the airport?
Guests should pre-book check-in baggage to receive a discount. This can be done conveniently at the time of flight booking; via www.airasia.com, AirAsia's call centres, airport sales counter and sales office.


Guests, who require the service at the airport on the day of departure, will be charged a higher fee. AirAsia believes in offering convenience to our guests. Our aim is to encourage guests to pre-book check-in baggage to avoid long queues at the airport counter and save time when they are about to travel.

7. Do I still pay excess baggage as well?
Excess baggage can be paid upon check-in at the airport terminal and will only be charged if the check-in baggage exceeds 15kg.


8. Is AirAsia trying to make more money out of this exercise?
With increasingly rising fuel costs, AirAsia is introducing this fee in order to continue to strive to keep our fares as low as possible. Lighter baggage weight onboard the aircraft means burning less fuel, hence, less pollution and a better environment.


Guests who travel light should not be subsidising others who require this service. This will lead to savings and help keep basic fares low for everyone. AirAsia's aim is to encourage guests to travel light and pay only for the service they require.

9. How much hand luggage am I allowed?
Guests (except infants) are allowed only one (1) piece of hand carry luggage on board provided that it does not exceed the dimensions of 56cm X 36cm X 23cm and does not weigh more than 7kg.


Such baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin. Items determined by AirAsia to be of excessive weight or size or of an offensive nature will not be permitted on board.

10. How do I transport my toiletries in hand luggage if regulations say I can't take them in my hand carry luggage?
There are measures in place that allow guests to carry toiletries in their hand luggage. Guests are advised to consult international security regulations on hand luggage before travelling.


11. How can AirAsia keep fares low when this new fee is introduced?
AirAsia strives to maximise efficiency and optimise costs in order to ensure that we are able to continuously offer low fares. With the implementation of the check-in baggage fee, AirAsia fares are still lower than other airlines.


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