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Mar 3, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-Certificate T-Bond

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

Certificate T-Bond
☆ Introduction
Certificate T-Bond is a debt security issued by Ministry of Finance which ICBC represented. Its initial amount is RMB 100, must be an integral multiple of RMB 100 if it is over. Ceiling is RMB 500,000. Since it is guaranteed by government, it has very high credit rating and can be viewed as zero-risk investment. Certificate T-bond is issued by year and in issues, in deposit period of 2 years, 3 years or 5 years. ICBC business office issues T-Bond receipt certificate when you buy T-Bond. This is a registered certificate which can be reported loss, can be withdrawn in the same city; principal and interest can be withdrawn at maturity or redeemed before maturity. Further, interest income from Certificate Treasury is tax free. Certificate Treasury cannot be partially redeemed before maturity. Banking charge for redeeming T-bond before maturity is 1‰ or 2‰ of the redeemed principal.

☆ Features
1. Easy to buy. ICBC business offices around the country bring great convenience in buying or withdrawal of Certificate Treasury.
2. Can be pledged for loan. Certificate Treasury held in hand can be used to apply for pledge loan in case of urgent need of money.
  1. 购买方便。工行遍布全国的营业网点将为您购买和兑取凭证式国债提供极大的便利。
  2. 可质押贷款。您持凭证式国债可在我行申请办理质押贷款,满足您的应急需求。

☆ Service Channel
1. ICBC business office: Buy, withdraw, transfer, enquiry or formal report of loss.
2. Internet Banking: enquiry or verbal report of loss.
3. Telephone Banking: enquiry or verbal report of loss.
  1. 营业网点:您可在营业网点办理购买、支取、转账、查询和正式挂失等业务;
  2. 网上银行:您可通过网上银行办理查询、口头挂失等业务;查看操作步骤:购买、兑付、查询余额
  3. 电话银行:可办理查询、口头挂失等业务。

☆ Operation Guide
1. Buy. At any ICBC business office with own valid ID document. If some buy on behalf, ID document of this person has to be surrendered as well.
2. Withdrawal and transfer. Just use bond certificate and reserved password to withdraw or transfer at ICBC Counter.
3. Enquiry. At ICBC business office, Internet Banking or Telephone Banking.
4. Report loss.
  1. 购买。您持本人有效身份证件即可在我行任一网点办理购买手续,如委托他人代理,还须同时出示代理人的有效身份证件。
  2. 支取与转账。您凭国债凭证和预留密码,即可到网点柜台办理支取或转账。
  3. 查询。您可在营业网点、网上银行和电话银行办理查询。
  4. 挂失。

☆ Helpful Tips
Fee is charged for reporting loss and redeeming before maturity
1. Report loss: Report loss of Certificate Treasury: 10 Yuan each time, 30 Yuan for account balance over RMB 50,000; report loss of password: 10 Yuan each time.
2. Banking charge for redeeming before maturity: 1‰or 2‰ of redeemed principal (1‰ of principal amount drawn on Certificate Treasury issued after 2002, 2‰ of principal amount drawn on Certificate Treasury issued before 2002).
  1. 挂失:凭证挂失10元/笔,账户余额超过5万元的30元/笔,密码挂失10元/笔。
  2. 提前兑付手续费:按兑付本金数的1‰或2‰收取手续费(对提前兑取2002年度以后发行的凭证式国债的,按兑取本金金额的1‰收取手续费,提前兑取2002年度以前发行的凭证式国债,仍按兑取本金金额的2‰收取手续费)。

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