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Feb 18, 2008

English Chinese translation sample-about ICBC

(Edited by freelance Chinese translator li – English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation services- financial translation)

I. About ICBC
In 2006, ICBC provided a broad range of financial products and services to over 2.41 million corporate banking customers and 170 million personal banking customers through its 16,997 domestic institutions, 98 overseas branches and 1,326 agent banks around the world.


The listing promoted effectively the conversion of ICBC's operation strategy and the innovation of all ICBC's businesses. ICBC's profitability, risk control capacity and capability for sustainable development have markedly increased. The group has maintained a rapid increase in after-tax profit for 3 consecutive years, which, with a y-on-y growth of 30.3%, reached RMB 49.336 billion in 2006 (According to IFRS, the after-tax profit reached RMB 49.880 billion and the y-on-y growth was 31.2%). The main reason for the growth is the RMB 16.511 billion increase of net operating revenue and a 10.2% y-on-y growth. The income tax expense decreased by 11.3%, and the bank's effective tax rate was reduced with relevant tax incentives in restructuring and listing. Due to the robust growth in after-tax profits and the large amount of equity raised, the weighted average net assets yield rate reached 15.16%, and the average return rate of total capital reached 0.71%, an increase of 0.05% against the previous year. The cost-income ratio remained 36.0% -- at a favourable level.


By the end of 2006, the total capital balance was RMB 7.509118 trillion, with an increase of 1.051879 trillion yuan, or 16.3%, against the previous year. Calculated from the perspective of structure, the net loans took 47.1% of the total capital, a 2.5% continuous decline, the net securities investment accounted for 38.1%, a 2.4% increase, and other assets accounted for 14.8%. By the end of the year 2006 and the balance of all loans reached RMB 3.631171 trillion, a steady growth of RMB 341.618 billion, an increase of 10.4%; the non-performing loans balance and ratio continued to decrease -- the non-performing loan was RMB 137.745 billion, the non-performing loan ratio 3.79%, a decrease of 0.9%; loan loss allowance was RMB 97.193 billion, and the NPL ratio was 70.56%, an increase of 16.36%. Net securities investment was RMB 2.862060 trillion, a y-on-y increase of RMB 554.726 billion, or an increase of 24.0%, which was mainly due to the growth in net investment in debt instruments. Among them, central bank bills increased by RMB 255.759 billion, or by 50.6%, and the policy-oriented bank bond investments increased by 74.762 billion yuan, or by 24.4%.


By the end of the year, the total liabilities were RMB 7.037685 trillion, which was an increase of RMB 841.430 billion, or a growth of 13.6%. Among them, deposits increased by RMB 614.557 billion, which took 73.0% in liabilities growth and was the main component of capital source. Deposits and inter-bank borrowing from the same trade and other financial institutions increased by RMB 167.408 billion, or an increase of 71.9%, which was mainly due to the impact of year-end issuing of new shares.


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